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All of our game are played at the Messiah Church

4765 Kimball Bridge Rd
Alpharetta , GA

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Previous Bridge Tips


1.   After either partner bids a natural 1NT or 2NT, 4NT is natural and invitational, not Blackwood.

             2.   After a 4th suit bid, a leap to 4NT is natural and strong.

3.   After a 2/1 response followed by 3NT, 4NT is natural.

4.   After an opponent opens 3 of a major, a jump to 4NT is for the minors (unusual).

5.   After a 4 Heart opening by an opponent, 4NT is for the  minors.


6.   After a 4 Spade opening  by an opponent, 4NT is a two suited takeout, and may include Hearts.

7.   An opening of 4NT is standard Blackwood and asks for specific Aces.  5C shows none, 5of anything else shows the Ace in that suit, 5NT shows any two Aces, and 6 Clubs shows Clubs

8.   After a natural opening of a minor suit, and second hand overcalls 4 Spades, 4NT by the responder is for takeout and show a good hand with the other three suits.  Bid 4NT with a hand such as S.--,  H.AKxx,  D. Qxx,  C. AQJxx.   










1.   Never forget you are playing with a partner.  Not an enemy.


2.   You cannot defend properly if you don’t know what system the opponents are playing.


     3. You cannot defend properly unless you  remember the bidding.


4.    You cannot defend properly unless you watch the cards.


5.   You cannot defend properly unless you count.


6.   You cannot expect your partner to defend properly if you make faces or show other signs of disapproval.


7.   Make sure you and your partner are on the same wave-length concerning leads and signaling conventions.


8.  When partner makes a good play, a kind word at the end of the hand goes a long way.


9.   If you can see the winning defense, take charge.


10.   Keep partners skill level in mind.  Lead a weaker player by the hand.


1.   When playing Key Card Blackwood, do not bid slam unless you have at least four of the five “Aces”.

2.   It is dangerous to count extra points for short or long suits before the bidding starts.  Wait and see if they help.

3.   It is dangerous to use Blackwood holding a void.  It is better to cuebid.  Do not count a void as an Ace.  With one or three Aces and a void, jump to six in the void suit, unless it is  higher than the trump suit.  Then, jump in the trump suit.  With two Aces and a void, bid 5NT.

4.    When the opponents bid and support each other, and you have the Jack or Queen of their suit, do not count points for those honors.  Secondary honors take tricks on defense but seldom when you are the declarer.

5.   When all your honor cards are in your two long suits, add 1 extra point to your total (called “purity” points).

6.    When the opponents use conventional calls (Stayman, Blackwood, etc.) double the suit bid as “lead directing”. Do not do this unless you have some length in the suit as they may redouble with length in that suit

7.   In general, the lead of a low card in a suit shows strength, while the lead of a high card (not a sequence) denies strength.