Alpharetta Duplicate Bridge Club
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All of our game are played at the Messiah Church

4765 Kimball Bridge Rd
Alpharetta , GA

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Dianna Norris

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14th Jul 2021 19:36 EDT
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Alpharetta DBC is closed.

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Jill with Nikki and Brady

Welcome to Alpharetta Duplicate Bridge Club


Alpharetta is finnally OPEN for Face to Face Games at the same location 
Monday – Open Game– 11am with a short lunch break
Tuesday – 750 – 11am with a short lunch break
Wednesday – Open Game – Noon 
Thursday – 750 – Noon  
Friday – Open Game – 11am with a short lunch break

Messiah Church, 4765 Kimball Bridge Rd,Johns Creek, GA 30005

We are back at playing Bridge in Alpharetta. To help combat the heat we will be meeting in the very cool Sunday School rooms. It might be a little crowded but it will be cool, so if you get cold easily you might want to bring a sweater. No, really. It gets cold in those rooms and many like it that way and many don’t. So bring something to cover your armIf you need a partner for any of our games, please let us know by phone or email.Bob - - 770-401-5319.            Dianna - - 404.245.4032.

  • IMPORTANT REMINDERS: Please DO NOT go to the church office unless the building is on fire.  They are working and we don't want to bother them. We are not their mission...we merely rent space from the church. If you have a question about anything; lost and found, club hours, toilet paper, etc. tell me, Dianna. I will take care of the problem.If we want to continue playing at the church please respect their wishes. 

  • Vaccination cards required showing both vaccinations. If you forget it, you can’t play. If you haven’t had a shot you can’t play. No excuses to play without proof of vaccinations.

    ·Temps are no longer required.

    To make life easier you can email a copy of your vaccination card to me in advance of the first game you attend. We will keep a file of players who present cards. Email to me at

  • NEW MASK INFO: I will meet you half-way. You may wear a mask or face shield if you wish but they are not required. However, if anyone at your table indicates that they want masks to be worn, while at that table each player will wear a mask. Therefore; you will need to bring a mask. If your partner wants you to wear a mask all the time, you will have to work it out between you. J·We will not be having snacks.
    ·On days we start the game at Noon there will be a 10 min break at 1.
    ·When we start at 11 we will have a 15 min lunch break at 12.
    ·The kitchen is off limits except for water and coffee. You may keep your lunch and drink in the refrigerator.

    See you all this week!

    Dianna Norris

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Tue 27th July 2021
Wed 28th July 2021
Thu 29th July 2021
Monday Morning Pairs
Director: Dianna Norris
Friday Morning Pairs
Director: Bob Duval
Director: Dianna Norris

"When the game is over, the Kings and the Pawns go in the same box." -Bastet




Dianna Norris, Owner/Director                                                              

750 Games, Tues, Thur.      

404 245 4032    


 Bob Duval, Director 

 Open Games, Mon.,Wed., Fri.                                           

 770 401 5319