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The competition sessions (excluding the individual) will now take place on the first week of the month.

The Tuesday sessions are now excluded from club competitions due to the frequency of less than 3 tables..

If necessary, the results of the following week will be used dependent on whether there are three or more tables attending.The Wednesday sessions will continue to be included in club competions until such time that frequency of less than 3 tables decides otherwise by committee decision.
Competition Winners
Competition Winners 2017-2018

Kimco Championship Pairs Trophy 2018-2019


1st David Thompson & Mike Savage 65.15%

2nd Kesorn Kaenphuak & Len Bird 56.80%

3rd Doris Bailey & Wendy Smith 49.82%


John Ratcliff Championship Pairs Trophy 2018-2019


1st David Thompson & Judith Howitt 65.58%

2nd Denise Ffitch & Mike Savage 62.04%

3rd Joany Randall & John Hobson 60.24%


Keith Gilbert Handicap Pairs 2018-2019

1st David Thompson & Judith Howitt 54.34%

2nd Joanny Randall & John Hobson 54.22%

3rd Len Bird & Kesorn Kaenphuak 53.28%


Muff Knight Individual Trophy 2018-2019


1st David Thompson 60.36%

2nd Mike Savage 58.58%

3rd Judith Howitt 58.53%