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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
Minutes of the Alnwick Bridge Club Committee meeting held on 4th July 2017 at 6pm


Present: Terry Howells, Linda Dixon, Ray Wood, Rosie Buxton, John Davidson, Jan Ainsley

1.         Committee for 2017-2018

Ray and Terry are standing down. Committee members were asked for suggestions as to who might be willing to succeed Terry as Chairman, and whether any other members might be interested in being part of the Committee in other roles.

2.         Finances

There is a similar amount in each of the accounts. The deposit account accrues little or no interest and requires two signatures which is often difficult for committee members. Therefore, it was decided that this account would be closed and all monies moved into the current account. As the club is fairly healthy financially and the rent is very low we are consequently making more money. Suggestions for spending some of the money included:

  • Investing in some electronic scorers and software. Scores would be available to all as soon as the evening ended for all to see and would preclude the need for manual scoring. These plus a laptop would probably cost up to £2,000. This is independent of Wifi being available at Weavers' Court.
  • A nominal fee (£10?) for life membership and keep fees at £2 per week

3.         External Competitions

Although Terry is standing down from the committee he has agreed to organise events such as simultaneous pairs and be the contact for external competitions.

4.         A.G.M. date

Tuesday 5th September

5.         Club night competitions

Suggestions of teams of four, Swiss Pairs etc

6.         A.O.B.

  • Please note that ANYONE can HELP take out or put back the bridge paraphernalia every week!
  • An updated photocopied list of members will be available after September
  • Suggestions and questions about the website will be taken at the AGM
Last updated : 6th Sep 2017 20:43 BST
Committee Minutes 24th October 2017

Present - Sheila Brown, Linda Dixon, Jan Ainsley and Rosie Buxton

1.  BRIDGEMATE - As approved at the AGM 'Bridgemate' was purchased for Alnwick Bridge Club. It has been working well but there has been a problem uploading the deal to the internet. The Chairman will discuss the problem with Norman Grey from Morpeth who has expertise to solve the problem.

2.  CHRISTMAS PARTY - The date is December 12th and a partner is not required.

  • Need to check with the manager of Weavers' Court as to whether we can bring our own food and drink
  • Find out rough idea of numbers
  • Speak to John Davidson about format of the evening - ordinary duplicate or 'fun' evening
  • Ask Terry Howells about doing the drinks again
  • Jan will order sandwiches
  • Rosie will buy in some sweet nibbles

3.  Next meeting at the end of November

Last updated : 30th Oct 2017 21:17 GMT
Minutes of the Alnwick Bridge Club Committee meeting held on 23rd Jan 2018


Present: Sheila Brown, Rosie Buxton, John Davidson, Linda Dixon, Jan Ainsley, Terry Howells (events organiser)

1.      Events - A decision needs to be taken as to which events Alnwick will take part in this year. Alnwick usually competes in EBU events but the only real charity event is the 'Children In Need' event in the autumn. Events usually work out at £11.50 per table plus 70p per booklet but it is hard to guage how many booklets to order. There is £2,500 in the account so it was agreed that Alnwick Bridge Club would enter one event per quarter. Alnwick also takes part in the chronicle, Gazette and Summer Cups.

2.      Bridgemate - Sheila has attended a tutorial on Bridgemate and it now possible to have a Deal file so that hands can be shown in pictorial fashion on the website. She also learned how to stop an event early and can adjust a score on a handset after it has been submitted. There have been some problems with scores not being registered and a faulty handset is suspected. This has been taken out of use for the time being with the batteries being removed. It will be tried again later as it may reset.

3.      Membership - A discussion took place as to how the club can increase its' membership. Rosie will ensure that a weekly notice goes into the Northumberland Gazette. It was also suggested that we encourage new players to the club by asking existing members to play with them for a short time to give them experience and encouragement.


Last updated : 24th Jan 2018 22:11 GMT
Extraordinary committee meeting 24th April 2018 at 6.15pm

Present - Sheila Brown, Jan Ainsley, Rosie Buxton.  Apologies - John Davidson, Linda Dixon.

1.  A meeting was called to discuss the fact that the EBU are offering money for club purchases such as dealing machines. Alnwick Bridge Club rely on the generosity and goodwill of Morpeth Bridge Club for obtaining dealt hands. They appear to charge Alnwick only for the cost of photocopying. in addition a member from Alnwick has to collect and return boxes on a weekly basis. Dealing machines cost approximately £2,600 and the EBU may pay up to half of the cost.

2.  It was agreed that Sheila would put in the expression of interest, which has to be done by 30th April. The EBU may look favourably at the club as we have just spent £2,000 acquiring Bridgemate.

Last updated : 26th Apr 2018 12:38 BST

AGM - 4th September 2018 at 1815

Present: Sue Lant, Sheila Brown, Linda Dixon, Judy Robson, David Thunder, Billy Bell, Eddie Fitch, Terry Howells, Alex Bond, James Bateman, Rosie Buxton, Merry Thompson, Audrey Vince, Jan Ainsley, David Ainsley, Martin Turner, George Yates-Mercer, Jim Davidson, Pauline Davidson, Liz Bethune, Pam Allen.

Apologies: Julian Bales, Margaret Davidson, John Davidson.

- Membership numbers over the last year have been reasonably static; visitors ususally join as members.

- Bridgemate was bought and despite a few teething problems it now works fairly well. There was only one evening when it did not work and another when the result was disputed. All other events were scored and uploaded.

- Sheila is not on the Director's rota as there are now 5 directors but she is on hand most weeks if necessary.

- The club has met every week except Christmas.

- Alnwick Bridge Club has not participated in any events but have still been promoted out of the bottom league and can play with Darlington, Stockton and Durham.

- A vote of thanks was made to all the committee, the directors, Sheila and Rosie.

- The Treasurer was not present but a statement and report were circulated. There was a profit of £486 over the year helped by the residency at Weavers' Court. Winter attendance has been balanced by that of summer.

- Thanks to all members.

- Meeting closed at 1830



Last updated : 15th Sep 2018 09:49 BST
AGM - 15th October 2019 at 1815

Present: Sue Lant, Sheila Brown, Linda Dixon, Judy Robson, Billy Bell, Eddie Fitch, Terry Howells, James Bateman, Rosie Buxton, Merry Thompson, Audrey Vince,  Martin Turner, Margaret Davidson, John Davidson, Christine Mordue, Phil Walker, Rachel Martin, Susanne Evers, Frank Mansfield, Jenny Pollock, George Stokoe, Sheila Robertson, Helen Richardson.

Apologies: Nil

- The chair started by thanking all members of the committee, all members of the club and all members of staff at Weavers' Court.

- Alnwick Bridge Club has been promoted in the inter-club league and has gone up a division.

- Bridgemate is embedded and has definitely helped with the scoring. A plea went out for anyone who is interested in learning how to use Bridgemate (which is not arduous) in order to relieve the pressure when both Sheila and Rosie are away. Three members volunteered to help.

- Jan Ainsley has resigned from the committee and any other volunteers would be warmly welcomed. Again it is not an arduous task as the committee only meet once a year.

- The club Christmas party is 10th December.

- The Treasurer presented the accounts and a statement was circulated. There are 32 members with £160 subscriptions. With this, table money and guests the income and expenditure were fairly even.

- A suggestion was put forward that in order to avoid turning away members, guests or potential new members that Alnwick Bridge Club should advertise that there is no need to have a partner. The director on the night could sit out and the single player could be paired with the director's partner. The Chair said this would be discussed at committee level and brought back to the club.

- A vote of thanks was made to all the committee, the directors, Sheila and Rosie.

- Meeting closed at 1830


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