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Are you from out of town and need a partner?
 Contact Shirley: 


She will help you find a partner!

Know someone looking for bridge lessons? Click this Link!

Contact us from anywhere at:

I know, we can't read it either :(

Know Someone That Needs A Hug?

Please email our Hospitality Committee, or call 705.946.5566 and leave a message if you are aware of someone who needs to know we are thinking of them. The more messages the better.

"Shuffle, Deal, and Play Nice!"

Our club will now be offering three BBO games on the following days and times:

Tuesdays at 7:25 PM,
Wednesdays at 1:25 PM, and
Thursdays at 7:25 PM

NEW - Registration will now be closed 5 minutes prior to the aforementioned start times when we have a full number of tables. Register early to avoid disappointment.


In order to Register as a pair in one of our BBO games you and your partner MUST be online at the SAME TIME. You CANNOT successfully invite someone to play if they are not online (even if you are paying for both players). Make sure your partner is online to accept your invitation to play in our BBO game before attempting to Register as a pair.

Registration begins 2 HOURS before the start of each game listed above. Please have both partners logged in to BBO at the same time, and have one of the partners do the following (at least 30 MINUTES before game time) while the other one waits in BBO to accept the Registration Invitation:

1) Log in to BBO (making sure your partner is online as well),
2) Click on the line that says Virtual Clubs near the bottom of the list on the left hand side,
3) Click on the line that says ACBL - North America,
4) Scroll down the list of Pending Games until you see a line that contains the words SAULT BRIDGE,
5) Click on the word SAULT BRIDGE (NOT the VACB163154 portion of the line!!!),
6) Type in the exact BBO nickname of your partner (and check the 'I will pay for both' checkbox if you are paying for both partners),
7) Click on the Invite button,
8) Wait for you partner to accept your invitation (Our game will turn yellow if your Registration has been successful)
9) Make sure that you and your partner are sitting in front of your computers logged in to BBO 5 to 10 Minutes before the game begins so the software can seat you at your table at the beginning of the game.

If you have any technical problems Registering or getting in to our game then Message 
our Director (in BBO) whose BBO nickname is VACB163154, and let him know your exact problem - early Registration gives our Director time to resolve a lot of these technical difficulties.

Partial List of Eligible Online Game Partners

The following is a list of some members who are eligible to play in our online games, and their BBO Usernames. There are others as well, but not all eligible BBO Users have given their permission to display their names.

The best thing to do is call your desired partner, whether or not they have a BBO Account, and arrange to play a game with them on some future Tuesday or Thursday night, and if either of you don't have a BBO Account call Don or Mark for help setting up a BBO Account and/or buying $BB:

Name BBO User Name
Pat Allan lairdalg
Peter Apostle apostle_p
Bill Boston wllmb
Mark Brown dinntime
Dave Chiasson djj19
Suzanne Chiasson svc19
Shirley Cooper SAC205
Ruth  Crispell Crisperu
Claudio Demarco c_demarco
Ray DeWitt rdewitt
George Duncan GeorgeDunc
Steve Furr rsfurr1942
Wendy Galey CardCaddy
Ruth Hopson django969
Kai Kang wild roses
Gunnar Kristiansen xski
Liz Kristiansen lpporter
Jerry Kroetsch J_Man_58
Doug Lawson JDL1959
John Marrack marrack
Ian McKay shakeytwo
Art Pezzutto Pezzutto
Bruce Richmond larich
John Robertson robjwr
Bernie Runde Sooboy
Brian Seccareccia ?
Dan Sharp Dano56
Linda Sheehan LCS51
Bob Sheehan cooper1119
Greg Simpson opto1974
Arlene Smith asqueak
Lyle Smith lylesoo
Don Walls azezel
Bruce Yendell byendell
UPDATE: Covid-19 Bridge Suspension
UPDATE: Covid-19 Bridge Suspension

Dear members of the Algoma-Cambrian Bridge Club:

I hope this update finds you happy, healthy and coping well during this difficult time.

For health reasons our Board has decided our bridge games and lessons will be on hold for at least April, most likely May, and possibly much longer. We feel the Bridge club must remain closed until the risks of infection and spread of Covid-19 are all but eliminated.

This may take quite a while, but our Board will be reviewing the situation as information changes. We will let you know when we are going to start playing again.

In the meantime stay home, stay healthy, stay in touch, enjoy some online play, and lets all take care of each other and beat this thing together.

Yours sincerely,
Doug Lawson, President.

Special Announcements
Special Announcements

ACBL Phone List: Anyone who would like to receive an Official Algoma-Cambrian ACBL Member Phone List which includes ACBL Member Name, Phone Number, and Masterpoint Total please contact Mark, preferably by email at markandrewbrown333[at], so he can email it to you.

N.B. If you are a PAID UP ACBL Member, and DO NOT want your name (and information) included on the distributed ACBL Phone List, please let Mark know ASAP by emailing him or calling him at 942-61six8.

Table Tips
Table Tips

Any Time Your RHO Makes a Skip Bid: 

  • Take a deep  breath,
  • Think... about what you are going to bid with your bidworthy hand, OR think about how crappy your lousy hand is,
  • Then... either bid, or pass.
News from the Board of Directors
News from the Board of Directors

Arrive Early Please: In order to start each game on time please make sure that at least one member of your partnership/team arrives at least 15 minutes before the start of the game. Thank you.

BBO Tue Jan 19
Director: Mark
BBO Thu Jan 14
Director: Mark
BBO Tue Jan 12
Director: Mark
Director: Don
BBO Thu Jan 7
Director: Mark
BBO Wed Jan 6
Director: Mark
BBO Tue Jan 5
Director: Mark
BBO Wed Dec 30
Director: Mark
BBO Tue Dec 29
Director: Mark
BBO Wed Dec 23
Director: Mark
BBO Tue Dec 22
Director: Mark
BBO Thu Dec 17
Director: Mark
BBO Wed Dec 16
Director: Mark
BBO Tue Dec 15
Director: Mark