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If you wish to play, and need a partner, please send a request by email to all members, or call Veda Crane at 01728 452059

The Club runs a Whatsapp where you can post an entry to find a partner. Contact Sue Cook to register your mobile number

This site is managed by Perry Hunt. If you have any comments or amendments, please contact him at 01728603463 or

or call Sue Cook at 01728603242  Email:

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News Page
This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
Ranking and Life Master Points


All those who play in an EBU registered Duplicate session have their scores recorded and these are used to calculate a running percentage and it is that percentage which places you in the National Grading System [NGS] and you will be placed somewhere between A of spades and 2 of clubs. You can find your ranking by logging in to the EBU website. EBU run a National Handicap pairs event each year and there are many events locally and at club level where entry and scoring may be limited or adjusted by grade. Keep an eye out for these

Master Points

EBU has published their latest list of Life Master Points, 

For some these represent a lifetime of playing Duplicate Bridge but Master Points are not easy to come by, particularly where table numbers are low when first place will typically earn 30 Master Points. For most Members the challenge is to achieve promotion to the next rank and everyone should have this challenge in mind when they sit at a table on a Tuesday evening. The twelve highest ranked Members are [E&OE]:

John Pearson              33645pts 2  Star Regional Master

Sue Bentley                  26722pts 4 Star Master

Janet Easton                 21516pts 3 Star Master

Elizabeth Matthias        19109pts 2 Star Master

Graham Evans              16282pts 2 Star Master 

Janet Poll                        16030pts 2 Star master 

Perry Hunt                      15393pts 2 Star Master

Carol Smith                      14929pts 1 Star Premier Master

Carl Ib                               11386pts 1 Star Master

Dylis Hall                            9701pts Advanced Master

Sue Johnston                      9373pts Advanced Master

Sue Cook                        9067pts  Advanced Master

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