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Welcome to Agile Bridge Club

This Week: (updated Apr. 18)

Friday: 10am April 19 Open499r/299r/49r with Paul & Carol

Our next bridge cruise is to New Zealand April 5, 2025 on the Celebrity Edge.  Round Trip to Sydney, Australia.  We sail around both the southern and northern islands with six stops plus a day of cruise 3 sounds.  See flyer in the special events section.  Our new travel agent is Mui Roberts (760) 797-7866.  32 have booked with a 33rd pending.  Book now while we still have some selection.

One Week ahead: 

STARTDUST Week (25% Gold) April 22 - 26

Monday 10am April 22 Stardust Open +$1 + Easybridge! 19r.  Next week starts Easybridge II -- the Blue Book

                 6:30pm - 8:00pm start of Easybridge! Online.  Complimentary Orientation Required.  8 sessions $150.  May pay $20 for the first lesson to try it out.  

Tuesday 10am April 23 Stardust for 25% gold.  Today will be upstars in Room 7 & 8 at St. Cross +$2

               2:15pm  April 30: Start of our five week 2/1 series.

Wednesday 12:30pm Open Game

Friday 10am Stardust Open/499r/299r/49r +$2



19th April 2024
Open/499r/299r/49r Game
St. Andrew's Church Redondo Beach 10:00am
Director: Jeff Grotenhuis
21st April 2024
Beach Cities Unit Game Lunch then game at noon
South Bay Bridge Club 11:30am
Director: Leo
22nd April 2024
Open Game: Stardust for Gold Points + Novice 19r
St. Andrew's Church Redondo Beach 10:00am
Director: Jeff Grotenhuis
Open Game
Director: Jeff Grotenhuis
Open Game
Director: Jeff Grotenhuis
Mentor/Mentee Game
Director: Jeff Grotenhuis