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Adur Valley
Bridge Clubs

(EBU affiliated)
Storrington. Shoreham, Keymer
Partridge Green (teaching)

Welcome to Adur Storrington Bridge Club

Please note that we are not affiliated to the English Bridge Union.

We provide a relaxed, friendly environment where an enjoyable afternoon's game of bridge is our top priority. All players with at least a basic understanding of the game and some experience of playing in a club environment are welcome.

We look forward to seeing your name in our results pages


Don't get excited!!!


Please don't take too much, if any, notice of the results published here just yet!

The travellers for boards 22,23,24 have gone astray...
we think they might have got buried in one of the storage boxes
but perhaps those of you with handbags could please check in them
and the rest of you, those of you with pockets, check in them. Please.

We will endeavour to complete the results shortly or at least before next week! 

Our apologies



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