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Adur Valley
Bridge Clubs

(EBU affiliated)
Storrington. Shoreham, Keymer
Partridge Green (teaching)

Welcome to Adur Storrington Bridge Club



Please note that we are not affiliated to the English Bridge Union.


We provide a relaxed, friendly environment where an enjoyable afternoon's game of bridge is our top priority. All players with at least a basic understanding of the game and some experience of playing in a club environment are welcome.


We look forward to seeing your name in our results pages


Coronavirus Outbreak

until further notice


Mary & Mike sent me the following over ther weekend and I'm afraid
I have been remiss in not posting it earlier, I'm hoping there will be another one tomorrow...

Just wondered if this live freebie series from. Bernard McGee might be of interest to Arun club members, currently stuck at home?

First of his live interactive streamed sessions (Mon, Wed, Fridays) is due to start tomorrow at 11 am
(you'll probably need to open this on your iPad/iPhone or android equivalent)

Hope to see you and Kathy again in not too many months.   Keep well! Mary

Mary Jagger & Mike Turner



With all bridge activity at Adur Valley clubs now cancelled until further notice thanks to the nasty virus, here is your chance to win a stay-at-home prize. All you need to do is to submit your answers to the questions below, which involve this hand from a recent game at Shoreham :





You deal and open One No Trump (12-14). Your partner responds Two Hearts, a transfer bid showing five or six spades. You rebid Two Spades and your partner now jumps to Three No Trumps. You have a choice of bid now - either you bid Four Spades or you Pass Three No Trumps.

Questions 1 and 2 :

1) what do you think your percentage chance of success is in Four Spades ?  (ie 50%, 80% or whatever)

2) what do you think your percentage chance of success is in Three No Trumps ?

Now let us change your hand to this :





Questions 3 and 4 :

3) what do you think your percentage chance of success is in Four Spades ?

4) what do you think your percentage chance of success is in Three No Trumps ?

Hint : partner's jump to Three No Trumps strongly suggests he has a 5332 shape hand (with 5 cards in spades and 332 distribution of the other suits). Point-wise, partner will have about 13-16 high-card points.

A friend of mine very kindly ran a computer simulation of this situation and it is these results that I will compare your answers to.

Please e-mail your answers to :

Good luck .. and keep safe.

Mike Whittaker


Kathy & I are both keeping well, cacooned and sealed (apart from my daily walk!) at home but we miss our bridge of course - and those of you reading this page
We hope that you are all avoiding the virus and keeping safe and isolated!
Do let us know how things are going with you, even if it's just as a means of helping each of us to remember one anothers' names!




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