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The Benefits of Minibridge

Minibridge is a simplified form of the card game of bridge, devised to introduce newcomers to playing techniques without the burden of learning a detailed bidding system. It was first introduced in France and the Netherlands in the 1990s.

Whilst usually used as a stepping stone to the full game of bridge, with nothing learnt going to waste along the way, it does stand alone as an enjoyable game in its own right.

Benefits of Minibridge

Whilst it may take a while to master the finer points of the play, anyone can learn the mechanics of how to play Minibridge in a matter of moments. As a new player you can still be playing a real, competitive game right away.

It's such an enjoyable and entertaining game, that you could easily overlook the skills and abilities that Minibridge helps to develop. It necessitates concentration, decision making, partnership, cooperation and teamwork. It requires skills in mental arithmetic, analytical thought and logical deduction and an understanding of probabilities. Imagination, judgement and memory are all developed by playing bridge and Minibridge. Quite a list really!

The best thing about Minibridge is that you can learn all about the play of the cards without having to worry at all about the bidding...