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Pro-Am Mentor Games
Pro-Am Mentor Game Information

Amended January 30, 2021

Come Play!  Adobe-Duncan-Barr Pro-Am Mentor Games

Wednesday February 17 and

First and Second Tuesday of the Month

When:  1st and 2nd Tuesday of the month
Time:  10:35 am (AZ time); 9:35 am (CA time)
Cost:   $10 for the mentee who pays for mentor ($5) and self ($5)
Only mentor/mentee pairs can sign up for these games. Signup links are below. A BBO game will be scheduled ONLY if 8 pairs sign up before the deadline. If there are fewer than 8 pairs signed up by the deadline, the game will be cancelled. If the game is a go, new pairs can sign up after the deadline or can register to play on the day of the game.
If you are a mentor who does not have a mentee, and you want to volunteer to play, click on the mentor sign-up link. If you are a mentee who does not have a mentor, you can find a list of available mentors by clicking on the link below. Contact the mentor to confirm his/her availability before signing up as a mentor/mentee pair.
Sign up for February 2nd game: Deadline for signup is January 31

Mentor/mentee PAIRS signup:  Click here

Mentor signup:  Click here

List of available mentors:  Click here

Sign up for February 9th game: Deadline for signup is February 7

Mentor/mentee PAIRS signup:  Click here

Mentor signup:  Click here

List of available mentors:  Click here

For Information on the Wednseday February 17 Game Click Here

Mentor/mentee PAIRS signup by Febraury 14