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The Adobe Bridge Center, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity and is open to the General Public for Duplicate Bridge education and Bridge play.

All donors will receive a confirmation letter that can be used as proof of donation to a 501(c)(3) charity and therefore is tax deductible for State and Federal taxes.

If your estate planning includes charitable giving, please consider Adobe. We can also accept donations of Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Funds. 

You can donate to Adobe here and pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal Account.   To Donate by Credit Card Click Here or mail a check to:

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Class Schedule


25 conventions you should know with Barbara Rosenthal

Conducted on Zoom and Shark

A Zoom and Shark 6-part class starting Friday, May 20  9:30-11:30.

The classes will consist of:

Week 1; Stayman, Take out doubles, /weak 2 bids
Week 2: Strong 2 club opener, Reverses, Blackwood and Gerber
Week 3: Negative doubles, Jacoby and Texas transfers, Jacoby 2 NT
Week 4: Splinter bids, cuebid raises, Balancing
Week 5: Help suit game trys, Michaels and unusual NT, Reverse Drury
Week 6: Roman keycard Blackwood, New Minor forcing, lead directing doubles

The cost is $12 per class or $70 for the series.

The book we'll use is "25 Conventions you should know" by Barbara Seagram. It can be purchased from Amazon for $15.00. All classes are recorded and available for your review.

This book is currently available at Amazon. Click Here for link to Amazon.

The class is recorded on Zoom, so if you miss a class you can review the recording.

Contact me at to sign up or ask questions.

Barbara Rosenthal

Pay for a class or group of classes with Credit Card or PayPal using the drop down menu below:

Conventions every player should know


New Lessons with Doug Couchman Thursdays 9 AM
April 7 - Necessary Conventions 3: Takeout & Negative Doubles
May 5 - Raises: When & How
May 12 - Should I return Partner's Suit
May 19 - The Power of the Fit
More Lessons with Doug

New Lessons with Sundaresan Ram Thursdays 9 AM
"Improve Your Declarer Play"
April 14 Improve Your Declarer Play -1
April 21 Improve Your Declarer Play -2
April 28 Improve Your Declarer Play -3
May 26 Improve Your Declarer Play -4
Pay for a class or classes with Credit Card or PayPal using the drop down menu below:
More Classes with Ram