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We are using donations to pay down our mortgage,

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2024 Fundraiser
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Dear Adobe Family:

Thank you so much for your generous donations. To date, we’ve accrued roughly $45,000 which is invested in a Treasury backed Money Market fund currently paying 5.02%. ..........

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Help the Club by Donating

The Adobe Bridge Center, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity and is open to the General Public for Duplicate Bridge education and Bridge play.

All donors will receive a confirmation letter that can be used as proof of donation to a 501(c)(3) charity and therefore is tax deductible for State and Federal taxes.

If your estate planning includes charitable giving, please consider Adobe. We can also accept donations of Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Funds.

You can donate to Adobe here and pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal Account.  We are using donations to pay down our mortgage,

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or mail a check to:

Adobe Bridge Club, Inc.

401 E Limberlost Drive

Tucson, AZ 85705

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BBO Q and A

BBO Q and A


To Register on BBO

  • You must belong to ACBL and have a BBO login ID. 

  • Add funds with BB$ using PayPal or a credit card.


To Find a Game

  • To find our games on BBO go to "Competitive" then "ACBL Virtual Clubs", look for  "Adobe-Duncan-Barr" up to 2 hours before game start.

  • Plan to register one hour before play starts and invite your partner to play.  Partner must also be logged in at the same time so they can accept your invitation.  Wait for confirmation.

  • Plan to log again on 10 to 15 minutes before game time. After logging in, click on “Competitive” and then “ACBL Virtual Clubs” and wait for the cards to come on the screen to commence play.

  • For an excellent video BBO Tutorial createdby go to Sagamore Bridge Club website

To Fill Out a Convention Card on BBO 

ACBL has a good writeup on how to fill out a BBO convention card 


To find a partner on BBO


If you are Blocked

Be aware that numerous clubs are reporting players being BLOCKED from ability to sign into BBO games.. There a number of reasons that can be resolved. 

If you are BLOCKED when you try to sign into a BBO game, make sure of the following:

  • BBO Log-in can be a cause. It is necessary to log into their updated site at  just typing in to your browser can get you to the wrong version!!

  •  Your ACBL Member Number is in your BBO Account

  •  You have enough money in your BBO$ and you are registered on BBO

  • To update or enter your ACBL Number, go to the "ACBL World" tab on the left of the screen right after you log in, click on it and then on the Blue tag at the bottom of the page "Update ACBL Number"

  •  Additional help is here > Help with BBO BLOCKED

  • If Adobe added you to our "friends" and "follow" list after the virtual games were started and Unit 356 created the pool of clubs, you are likely to be blocked when you try to enter a game. If you are blocked, please let the director know as soon as possible. S/he will friend you then ask you to log off and log back in again which should resolve the problem.


Don't Get Dropped

Because of the high usage of Bridge Base Online, BBO has an algorithm that searches for long periods of inactivity and drops players. It may send you a message "Are you there?" Make sure you answer it!

If you are dropped before a game, sign out and sign in again and you should be returned to exactly where you were.

If you sign up early (like an hour and a half to two hours) before the game starts, sign out and then sign in again 10-15 minutes before the start of the game. OR play some of the free games, chat with other players, or kibitz. Both of these will keep you signed in until game time.

WiFi dropout at you home or in your internet supplier's system can also disconnect you. Again, just sign in to BBO again and you should immediately return to where you were, even if it was in the middle of playing a hand.