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Covid Protocols
Covid Protocols
  • Players will be expected to be double-vaccinated against Covid-19, although we will not be asking for proof of this.
  • Players will be asked to stay away from the bridge sessions if they are exhibiting any signs of illness, including colds, coughs and loss of taste or smell.
  • Although not mandatory, players will be invited to take a Covid test on a regular basis.
  • Players will have their temperature taken on arrival and will be asked to go home if it is 37.8C or greater.
  • Players will be expected to wear a face mask at the table if asked to do so by their partner/opposition.
  • Given the limited amount of space in the playing room, initially each session will be restricted to seven tables (14 pairs). This will enable us to maintain distance between each of the tables and help with movement from one to the next. Once we are up and running (and assuming there is demand) we will look at ways to expand the number of tables.
  • To play in a session players will be required to book in on the web site. The system will automatically allow up to 14 pairs to be registered, after which it will maintain a waiting list in case players withdraw. You will only be able to book up to one week in advance.
  • All equipment (tables, bidding boxes etc.) will be sanitised before each session and players will be requested to sanitise their hands after each round.
  • Each player will use the same bidding box throughout the session, with East/West taking theirs with them when they move between tables.
  • Only North will handle the Bridgepal machines, but they will be expected to let the opponents see any entries they make.
  • Initially, at least, the kitchen will not be available for use. If required, players will be expected to provide their own refreshments.
  • No cash will be taken at the table. We will be introducing an online payment facility to allow for the collection of table money.



All these constraints will be under constant review with the ultimate aim that we should return to normal as soon as it is safe to do so.

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