Release 2.19r
BBO Host Instructions
  1. Log on and under “Play and Watch” press Casual

  2. Under “Find your own Game” press Start a Table

  3. Privacy options: Slide the top two to the left (off) and slide “Permission required to

    Play” to the right (on)

  4. Enter the names of the players at your table in the respective seats and ok them. You

    will then see all the seats reserved. Then press Start Table - Relaxed Game.

When players for your table log on, they will have received an invitation which they will

accept and when all four are present the cards will be dealt and off you go.

If connection for a player is lost, you will see the name disappear from the seat and a stranger may try to sit there. Reject them, go to that seat, press and select “Reserve” and re-enter the name. When they log back in the invitation will have been sent and you carry on. The hand stays static whilst this is going on.

If connection for the host is lost, another player at the table becomes the host (a crown appears by name) and it becomes their responsibility to reserve the seat for the original host - go to that seat, press and select “Reserve” and enter their username.

All players should note the BBO usernames of their partner/opponents before play commences.

On completion of 22 boards, will the host please refresh scores and agree with opposition before logging off. You may need to refresh several times until the scores are stable; thereafter they disappear and cannot be confirmed or rectified later.

Please email scores to Laurence.