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BBO Instructions

Log in with your user name and click ‘Casual’. Your host for the evening will have set up the table and you will see an ‘invitation’ which you accept. You will then see your name seated at a position and you do nothing else.

When everyone has logged in and seated the game will start automatically.

Whenever your name is highlighted in yellow it is your turn to bid/play.

There may be times when a player disappears from the game. This is usually from loss of internet connection or too many players on the system, but that is unusual. Simply wait until you are reconnected and go through the same log- in procedure. Your host will have sent another invitation and you carry on as though you were uninterrupted.

If the system says ‘too many players’ just keep trying to log in. You will get there in the end.

If you would like to review the hands you have just played then go to ‘History’ and they are all there.