SUMMER BRIDGE DAY - Thursday 11th July  

for Morning and/or
Afternoon Session
and/or Lunch

"Having none, Partner?"

Familiar words from Dummy to Declarer. But recent advice is that Defenders should ask the same question when their partner doesn't follow suit.

Release 2.19q
Playing BCL Duplicate
  • After agreement of SSD, it is important that you WAIT until the system pairs you with another partnership.  This can take some time. Do not try to move yourselves
  • Wait for the clock to tick over to 7:00pm (Tuesday) 9:45am (Thursday) when the session will automatically start with the first set of boards. Note: even though there are four people at the table, play will not start until 7:00pm/9:45am.  Keep an eye on the message area, the system may issue instructions
  • Once the clock ticks around to the start time, the system will announce (in the message area) that play can start. As normal, you should press “READY” to start the hand. Play normally as you would in (say) the Social Room
  • You will play a set number of boards (2 or 3) against your first opponents after which the system will automatically move you to the next pair. If the next opponents are not yet available then you will have to wait until they are
  • When you complete a round, you will get a chat message informing you of next opponents.  If you will be moving to a new table you will be informed of the table number (no mention of a table implies you will remain at this table awaiting currently playing opponents)
  • This can be a scary moment, especially if you have to wait for your next opponents to complete their previous boards. It can look as though the system has frozen (especially if you have to wait in the Lobby). Also, as a new table is set up by the system, a lot of things can flash up on the screen. DO NOT EXIT OR TRY TO JOIN ANOTHER TABLE - THE SYSTEM WILL DO ALL MOVEMENTS AUTOMATICALLY. The secret is to TRUST the system and just wait until you are at a table with opponents 
  • If you suspect you have a problem, please call the Director rather than trying to sort it out yourself
  • We are scheduled to play 20 boards on Tuesday and 18 on Thursday.  The system will tell you when you have completed the session
  • The results will be published on the Addington Bridge Club website in the usual way



Other things

  • Our duplicate rooms will be available from 6:30pm/9:15am onwards and you can arrive anytime after that, although you should arrive as early as possible.  Play will not start until 7:00pm/9:45am but any pair arriving after 7:20pm/9:35am may not be able to play
  • Your SSD and the opponents’ SSD can be viewed at all times by clicking on the link at the bottom of the playing screen
  • On BCL you alert your partner’s bid in the normal way.  It is NOT the self-alerting system used on BBO.  As in the club, all conventional bids should be alerted, even if they are on your SSD
  • SPEED OF PLAY IS IMPORTANT.  We can only go as fast as the slowest pair (again as in the club)


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