SUMMER BRIDGE DAY - Thursday 11th July  

for Morning and/or
Afternoon Session
and/or Lunch

"Having none, Partner?"

Familiar words from Dummy to Declarer. But recent advice is that Defenders should ask the same question when their partner doesn't follow suit.

Release 2.19q
Filling out an SSD


  • Your partnership will need an SSD. Unless you already have one in place the system will prompt one member of the partnership to fill out an SSD, stating what systems you will be playing
  • The SSD page consists of 5 pull-down options and a free-text area. You must select an option from each of the five pull-downs but can put as much or as little as you like in the free-text area
  • Once completed, submit the SSD to your partner
  • Partner then must confirm the SSD. If there are problems the SSD can be amended
  • Note: this is a one-off activity and the system will simply ask you to confirm the SSD for your specific partnership at later sessions.  (If you play with a different partner in a future session, you will need to fill out a new SSD.) The SSDs you agree with your partners will also be valid in other areas of BCL e.g. Daily MPS room
  • NOTE - You can actually agree your SSD with your partner in advance of the session if you want to. To do this go to 'The Office' (on the normal rooms page) and sit opposite your partner and the system will ask you and your partner to agree your partnership SSD. This will then be available when you go into the Addington duplicate sessions


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