SUMMER BRIDGE DAY - Thursday 11th July  

for Morning and/or
Afternoon Session
and/or Lunch

"Having none, Partner?"

Familiar words from Dummy to Declarer. But recent advice is that Defenders should ask the same question when their partner doesn't follow suit.

Release 2.19q
Accessing the Duplicate Session
  • From the initial BCL home Page select the Members tab and then select Clubs
  • Either click  next to “Enter your Club Page” or select Addington Bridge Club UK from the list on the right
  • Select the Play Bridge button on the left side of the page (under F2F online Club Sessions) for the relevant session.  Note: this is the Play Bridge button on the Addington Bridge Club page, not the one on the initial home page
  • Press Enter your F2F Club Room
  • Enter the room labelled ADDIBC 2-A-3 (Tuesday) ADDIBC 4-C-1 (Thursday). Please make sure you entrer the correct room! 
  • If your partner is already seated, sit opposite him/her
  • If your partner is not seated, sit at the empty table (top left) and wait for your partner to join you (do NOT join a table where members are already seated)


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