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Accessing the Duplicate Session
  • From the initial BCL home Page select the Members tab and then select Clubs
  • Either click  next to “Enter your Club Page” or select Addington Bridge Club UK from the list on the right
  • Select the Play Bridge button on the left side of the page (under F2F online Club Sessions) for the relevant session.  Note: this is the Play Bridge button on the Addington Bridge Club page, not the one on the initial home page
  • Press Enter your F2F Club Room
  • Enter the room labelled ADDIBC 2-A-3 (Tuesday) ADDIBC 4-C-1 (Thursday). Please make sure you entrer the correct room! 
  • If your partner is already seated, sit opposite him/her
  • If your partner is not seated, sit at the empty table (top left) and wait for your partner to join you (do NOT join a table where members are already seated)


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