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YouTube videos about playing online


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I have produced a number YouTube videos to help you see how to register for BBO and how to use the various functions.

There are also videos relating to setting up team matches and other BBO related  items.

When viewed on a computer screen they are in three columns 

The first relates to getting started, the second to things you need to know before playing in a tournament and the third is advanced topics


1. Registering to play on  BBO    14. Direct your chat  27. Viewing Results in your History
2. Play in the Acol Players Club 15. Save Chat Messages for repeated use 28. Viewing historic hand records on BBO
3. Adding your name to your profile 16.Claiming the remaining tricks 29. Play hands from a Vugraph match
4. Changing your settings 17. Asking for an undo in the bidding 30. Dealing sample hands for teaching on BBO
5. Adding a basic system to your profile 18. Buying BB$ 31. Replaying hands on a teaching table
6. Start a table  19. Sending hands from Bridgewebs results 32. Practising your bridge play on your own using BBO
7. How to kibitz (spectate) 

20. Ensure that your friends can rejoin your 

casual table if they lose connection

33. Creating a Team Match
8. Invite your partner to play in a tournament 21. View other tables whilst playing in a tournament 34. More tips on creating team matches
9. Entering a pairs tournament without a partner 22. Invite a friend to play on BBO 35. How to create a team match when you get repeated refusals from a player
10. How to Call the Director 23. Sending hands played on BBO to someone else 36. Entering your team's scores on My EBU
11. Create an Online Convention Card 24. Viewing Scores at other tables whilst in a tournament 37. Adding and removing Friends to your profile

12. Using the partnership desk to enter a 

Pairs Tournament on BBO

25. Replaying a Board in your History on BBO

13. Self Alerting  26. Replaying a board using the results on bridgewebs  



R1. Replaying Hands on RealBridge    


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