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RealBridge Instructions
RealBridge Instructions

Step 1 (getting ready – special camera and microphone test, takes 3 mins)

Make sure your camera and microphone are working. Log out of any other applications.

Do the test here (allow time to do this, if it doesn’t work,  let me know).

Step 2 (in order to play on RealBridge)

Click the link on our webpage to join or use the link you have been sent by email. 

Put your name in (first name and surname please), enter your EBU number or email address in the space for ID number  and click LOGIN.

Sit at a table (by clicking Sit E, for example). 

You cannot use an iPad and Chrome, and you cannot use an iPAD which is older than 5 years.

You must use current browsers (not Internet Explorer, or the old version of Edge)

If you are on a Mac and have Chrome then use that browser if possible.  Safari will work but NOT if you have Big Sur  with an earlier veersion than 11.2.0

Information you need to read:

  • List of computers and browsers which can be used  – everyone
  • Special information for Apple users only
  • List of controls for sound, video, how to leave, call the TD – everyone

There are some constraints on the type of device you can use to access RealBridge:

Can Use

Can’t use

  • Windows laptop
  • Windows tablet
  • Windows desktop
  • MacBook or other Apple laptop
  • iPad (from 2015 or newer)
  • iMac or other Apple desktop
  • Chromebook
  • Android tablet
  • Smartphone

  • Old iPads, older than 2015.

You must use one of these web browsers (you probably are using one of them!):

Can Use

Can’t use

Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

The logo must look like one of these – exactlyas below. If it looks different, you are using an out of date version.

Internet Explorer (notice the gold band)

The old EDGE (see shape of the e)



In Chrome, and Edge, you need to click the three little dots in the top right corner. Alternatively:

For Chrome  chrome://settings/help

For Edge  edge://settings/help


- You can use Chrome as an alternative to Safari. [Its web video support may be better.]

- In Safari there is a menu item "Safari > Settings for the website...". In that window for RealBridge, select "Allow all auto-play" media, and set the camera & microphone permission to "Allow".