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Real Bridge Trial
RealBridge Trial

I will be running a brief trial session for anyone who hasn't experienced RealBridge and wants to play in my Monday 2pm tournament.  The trial will begin at 10am and will last about 30 to 40 minutes.

Before you join the trial first test your camera and microphone by clicking HERE

Once you've succesfully done that then, at 9:45am on Monday 2nd Nov click HERE and you will see virtual tables which offer you the chance to Sit N, S, W or E.

Simply click on one of the seats and wait for the trial to start.  It will help if you have a partner but it's not crucial.

I will visit your table before the start and during the trial to make sure you find all the available options.  There is also a help page on how to use RealBridge on my website which you find by clicking HERE