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News Bulletin


SKI and BRIDGE 2023

Join us 16 to 21 April in Sierra Nevada



Non skiers can enjoy the views in the warm spring sunshine.

(Picture below taken same day as the one above!!!)

Beautiful views above Granada 21/4/21
Beautiful views above Granada 21/4/21

Online or Face to Face. Where does bridge go from here?

How can we play competitive F2F bridge NOW?

Will bridge clubs survive?

Will table fees increase when clubs reopen?

When will “clinically vulnerable players” be able to safely return to the bridge table?

In the perceived absence of any sensible and useful guidance from bridge administrators, I endeavour to reassure players via my diagnoses and prescriptiona for resolving common concerns. You can read my analyses on the “Keep Bridge Alive” page.

Trevor 22h40 on 10/1/21


  Allergies to domestic animals

A message from Trevor to explain the inclusion of article 8 in the Statutes. 


Many of my students have breathing difficulties. Not just asthmatics like me, but several who suffer from cystic fibrosis. Including my nephew who died at the age of 17.


Even though we both liked dogs, nearly all persons with lung diseases have an allergy to animals - and dogs in particular. Understandably, most dog owners are unaware of the severe problems that can arise. Partly because sufferers do not like complaining and upsetting dog owners. 


To try and help pet owners understand why the (no pets) rule is in our constitution, here is an extract of a very recent TRIPADVISER review I wrote. I was actually asked by the resort manageress to post this on the site. For the benefit not only of their other asthmatic clients, but to make their staff more aware of this problem.



Review of Ona El Marques apartment Los Gigantes, Tenerife

"All I needed for a pleasurable stay. Meticulously cleaned…
Only minor crisis: there had almost certainly been a dog in the apartment in the fortnight prior to my arrival. As an asthmatic, I could smell the traces of dog hair as I entered. Two hours later, severe breathing problems. I immediately washed all the cushion covers in the lounge and covered the sofa with a sheet as this was the obvious cause given that rest of apartment was spotless. Problem solved and I recovered within hours. Not the fault of El Marques staff as I frequently caught French clients smuggling animals into their rooms at my hotel in France - despite all the notices about animals being banned!"

Date of stay: January 2019



There is another reason for the ban. Although it might sound amusing, it was a very serious incident which occurred during a bridge tournament:


A dog belonging to an elderly Belgian lady was exceptionally allowed into the club. That was because she had just lost her husband who would normally look after the animal. Both the lady and the dog unsurprisingly became more and more agitated during that crowded session at the Ste Maxime club on the French Riviera - and eventually her beloved pet dog bit a lady on the leg. Under my table!


A dog bite that draws blood can be very serious. Requiring hospital surgery to remove the poison and two months of physiotherapy to recover fully.


Enough said. I hope.

TMW 30/1/19