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SKI and BRIDGE 2023

Join us 16 to 21 April in Sierra Nevada


1  Mme Spazzolo / Mme Bonnaud 65,00%
2  M. Wilson & Mme Escudero        61.00
3  M. Reynolds & Mme Pereira        55.00
4  M Gaudre & M. Courrias              42.00
5  Mme Espinasse & M. Espinasse 40.00
6  Mme Dandy & Mme Bonnafous   37.00
1. Mme Espinasse & M. Espinasse 62.00
2  M. Wilson & Mme Escudero        58.00
3  Mme Spazzolo / Mme Bonnaud   55,00
4  M. Reynolds & Mme Pereira        52.00
5  M Gaudre & M. Courrias              38.00
6  Mme Dandy & Mme Bonnafous   35.00
1  M. Reynolds & Mme Pereira      57.00%
2  M. Wilson & Mme Selles             54.00
3  Mme Spazzolo / Mme Bonnaud  53.00
4  M Gaudre & M. Courrias             52.00
5  Mme Espinasse / M. Espinasse  52.00
6  Mme Dandy & Mme Bonnafous  32.00
1st   Ron & Richard                   57.14%
2nd  Teresa & Bernie                 51.19
3rd   Brian & Yew No Hoo          50.00
4th   Francine & Jenny              48.81
5th   Silvie & Jacques                47.62
6th   Juanita & Ricky                 45.24
1st      Jenny & Francine          65.75%
2nd     Sylvie & Jacques           57.33
3rd      Ricky and Richard         52.08
4th      Juanita & Ron                45.83
5th      Teresa & Bernie             40.62
6th      Suzie and Brian             38.78
1st     Ian & Richard I              59.72%
2nd    Ron & Richard M.           53.65
3rd     Sylvie & Jacques            50.00
4th     Bernie & Marie                48.78.
5th     Juanita & Ricky               48.61
6th     Aubrey & Brian                40.24
1st      Jenny & Richard            61.8%
2nd=   Juanita & Ricky              55.55
2nd=   Richard and Ian             55.55
4th      Jacques & Sylvie           52.77
5th      Bernie & Aubrey             49.31
6th      Marie and Ron               48.61 
7th      Teresa and Brian            42.36
8th      Suzie and Loraine          34.03
1st =   Jenny & Marie              60.42%
1st =   Sylvie & Jacques           60.42
3rd      Ricky & Juanita              48.91
4th      Brian & Aubrey               47.88
5th      Richard & Ron                46.83
6th      Neil & Nancy                  37.45
1st      Marie & Ron               61.96%
2nd     Neil & Nancy                 57.51
3rd      Suzie & Loraine             51-09
4th      Aubrey & Teresa            47.83
5th     Juanita & Ricky               41.30
6th     Jacques & Sylvie            38.04

Non skiers can enjoy the views in the warm spring sunshine.

(Picture below taken same day as the one above!!!)

Beautiful views above Granada 21/4/22
Beautiful views above Granada 21/4/22





Article 1 Name and Organisation
The name of the organisation shall be "ACES BRIDGE and CHESS ACADEMY" herein also called "ACES". It shall be a non-profit organisation. Its resources are constituted by members' annual subscripions, gifts, donations, and income from competitions, tournaments and other events organized by ACES. Its funds shall be used solely and exclusively in furtherance of its beneficient purposes and no part thereof shall inure to the benefit of any private person.

Article 2 Purpose
To promote and develop the sport of duplicate bridge. To support and encourage the promotion of sports ethics and fair play. To run a bridge school where all children and students in full time education will be entitled to free lessons.

Article 3 Governance
The administration of ACES will be vested in a committee elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting. The members will elect a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer plus up to two other committee members. The members of the elected committee will themselves choose a vice President from amongst their number.

Article 4 Affiliation

ACES will be affiliated to the Associacion Espanola de Bridge. The AEB is in turn affiliated to the World Bridge Federation. (WBF)


Article 5 Language.
The official languages of the Academy are English or Spanish, but texts in other languages may be accepted by the committee.


Article 6 Procedural matters.
A simple majority is required for motions to be approved at both the AGM and at committee meetings. An extraordinary general meeting can be called at the request of a minimum of 20 members. The committee shall be elected to office for a period of one year only. All outgoing officers are eligible for re-election. Members should be given 14 days notice of the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting and any Extraordinary General Meeting that may be called. Motions for those meetings must be submitted to the President no later than seven days before the meeting. The AGM will normally be held each year between November and January. The financial year will run from 1st January to 31st December.


Article 7 No smoking policy
ACES will enforce a no smoking policy at all club competitions and functions held at its registered address.


Article 8 No animals policy

ACES will enforce a “No pets or other animals” policy at all venues used for its bridge courses, competitions and other bridge related events.


Article 9 Membership
Any person of any nationality and any age may apply for membership and may be elected by the committee.


Article 10 Powers and duties of the committee.
(a) To fix subscription rates and table fees
(b) To manage Academy funds and use those funds and assets for their lawful purposes in the interests of the membership.
(c) To fix the dates, eligibility requirements and conditions for competitions, and to establish appropriate local rules and regulations pertaining to bridge competitions as authorised by the WBF.
(d) To suspend or terminate the membership of any person where appropriate.
(e) To elect / co-opt honorary officers where appropriate.
(f) To recommend any amendment to the constitution to the membership when they consider it appropriate.
(g) To constitute sub-committees from time to time. These committees shall be vested with such powers as the committee see fit. The members of such sub committees to be nominated by the President and the appointments to be confirmed by the senior committee
(h) To keep accurate records of club finances.
(i) To report to the members on any change of procedure that might affect those members.
(j) To furnish a report on the club's performance and its assets and finances at the Annual General Meeting.


Article 11 Amendments to constitution
Any changes to the constitution of the ACES BRIDGE and CHESS ACADEMY recommended by the Committee would have to be approved by the membership and would require a two thirds majority.

Article 12 Registered address
The registered address of the ACES BRIDGE and CHESS CLUB is 44 Avenue Jesus Cautivo, Los Bolliches, Malaga.


For suplementary notes regarding Article 8, see Information (consititution) page