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SKI and BRIDGE 2023

Join us 16 to 21 April in Sierra Nevada



Non skiers can enjoy the views in the warm spring sunshine.

(Picture below taken same day as the one above!!!)

Beautiful views above Granada 21/4/22
Beautiful views above Granada 21/4/22


Conquering a Bridge World



I said at the very beginning of this website that "the youth of today will lead the way". Let me give examples of exactly how the WBF and national organisations - and individual bridgelovers like me - are revolutionising the image of the game. The first is about a young European champion.

Here is a copy of a mail I sent to the Swedish Federation following a bridge tournament at the end of October 2018.


"I am writing to congratulate the SBF on your efforts to promote bridge as an invaluable sport for young people. You will no doubt be delighted to hear what happened when a young man came in to play with his father at the busy club in Fuengirola where I was a director.

As I was not playing, I had the pleasure of being able to discreetly observe Markus`bidding and playing skills. Which led me to realize after just two rounds that he was possibly the best player in the club that day. Despite the fact that two of the players were a former Swedish champion - and a Norwegian champion who still plays almost as well as his friend, recent World Champion Boye Brogeland!

In fact, Markus was in the lead right up until the end of the penultimate round, at which point I made this announcement to all the members present:

"Despite the high general standard of this club, all the members today will be astonished to know that there is a 75 year age gap between the youngest and eldest participant. The experienced players especially will be humbled to know that one of the pair that has been leading all afternoon is only 13 years of age. Not only can we learn from this young man how to play bridge, but his impeccable behaviour all afternoon makes him a wonderful ambassador for youth bridge and for Swedish bridge in particular”


Well done Markus. If anyone doubts that this story is genuine, then you can either check out the results on the internet or ask Micke at Swedish Bridge Federation HQ. He agreed to let me publish that mail. Presumably because he feels, like me, that all people who try blocking the opportunities for kids to play in clubs need to be taught a lesson. A 13 year old Scandinavian being the ideal teacher to give that lesson.

Trevor 13/3/19


Meanwhile in SIAM

A story told in pictures

The adventure started here for eight youngters aged 8 to 12.


One British,  one French, an American and a Russian. The four youngest all Thai.

Two teams / four pairs of intrepid bridge players setting off from Samui airport 

They came back three days later with five world bridge records 




A location fit for Royalty


The view across the golf course from their bridge room balcony


at the Royal Sports Club in Bangkok 






Esther Sophonpanich


of the

World Federation Asia Pacific Zone



The story of how eight youngsters managed to somehow conquer the world


An American partnering a Russian

a British girl partnering a French boy

with the help of 

two pairs of Thai sisters


Having proved that magic formula works round the bridge tables, dare I suggest it might be a good idea for everyone else on Planet Earth to start playing bridge. Then we might be able to solve all the World`s problems