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News Bulletin

El mejor club de bridge del mundo

Real Casino de Tenerife



See update of SWEDISH SUPERBOY article to find out which famous bridge player might be visiting the Club in 2024

The article is on Conquering a Bridge World page in the site menu above

Latest News from FRANCE


Date: 23/9/23

Venue: Ste Esteve, South West France

Event: Tournoi du Roussillon

71 Tables - 284 players

Latest News from FRANCE
Club Stéphanois

A few days after the tournament ended, I visited the local club's premises where I was able to personally thank them for their organisation. I was told that, for the 2024 edition of the Tournoi de Roussillon end September, the number of tables will be limited to 80 = 320 players. You therefore need to book your place well in advance if you want to join the party. 

What a great day that was!

Club Stéphanois

Félicitations à Régine, Jean Marc, Patrick et Michel du Club Stéphanois pour avoir organisé un si bel événement.

Une chance pour moi de retrouver mes amis français de l'époque où j'enseignais le bridge dans les écoles françaises. 15 ans après le début de ce projet, il existe un nombre incroyable de 560 clubs de bridge enregistrés dans les écoles en France.

Le superbe dîner dansant m'a donné l'occasion de discuter avec Luc, le directeur du tournoi,  comment atteindre en Espagne le succès que nous avons tous deux connu : Luc était entraineur de l'équipe française des moins de 13 ans en même temps que moi. j'étais le coach de l'équipe thaïlandaise des moins de 13 ans!


Winning Chang Rai under 16 team
Winning Chang Rai under 16 team

At the end of the Thai National under 16 championships, the winners invited some of my (slightly shorter) youngsters competing in the same event to join them for the photo call.

Chang Rai was where the 12 cave boys and their teacher were dramatically rescued in 2018. Some of those boys trapped underground for a week in a flooded cave were bridge players!   


Felicitaciones a Sofía y Carmen.

Las Campeonas en Icod el Alto

Pictured with Manuel who everyone agrees is....

The best President in the world

Christmas lunch 2022 at Barcelo Occidental in Fuengirola
Christmas lunch 2022 at Barcelo Occidental in Fuengirola

We are not just a social club here at ACES. We can also...

-Find good, reasonably priced accommodation

-Arrange pick-ups from the airport

-Help solve your mobility problems

-Advise what to do – and not do – on the island

-Offer recommendations re places of interest

-Give guidance on Brexit related problems

That`s what friends are for

SKI & BRIDGE April 2024
SKI & BRIDGE April 2024

A five night bridge break starting 10 April staying at the Mirasol Hotel in Sierra Nevada

Non skiers can enjoy the walks in the warm Spring sunshine. 

Ski and lift passes FREE for over 70´s

Beautiful views above Granada
Beautiful views above Granada


Self Help Information
Let`s help others


One word not mentioned below is the word beginning with S and ending in E. It is a subject too sensitive to deal with on a website that tries to cheer people up by diffusing only "good news" in these trying times. 

However, I feel compelled to record here my admiration for all the volunteers who have been working tirelessly for the Samaritans during the pandemic. Especially at the UK centres. The statistics speak for themselves. Without their 24 hour counselling service, goodness knows how many more lives would have been lost needlessly. It is a statistic that cannot be measured. But, for sure, they have saved thousands of lives. 

I know from experience what a fantastic job these unsung heroes do in normal times. But what they have achieved as the pandemic rages is quite remarkable. 

If anyone feels, like me, that we should reward the work they do by offering free accommodation in Tenerife* to allow them to unwind, please let me know. I plan to approach the organisation to discuss my ideas and make the offer official at the end of August. Anyone with any other ideas on how Samaritans might be rewarded, please let me know.

Thank you. Trevor 6/8/21

(*Either by offering B & B to indviduals or allowing couples to have an apartment for a week when it is otherwise left empty. Any time of year)


All the articles on the other pages of this website are somehow related to bridge and/or chess players. Where those articles relate to a physical handicap of some form or other, detail is kept to the minimum to get the right balance. i.e. enough information to get the message across. but not so much information that it is not worth reading from beginning to end. Unless, that is, you are one of the afflicted - or know someone who needs help. 

Feedback since this site was set up, suggests to me that it would be a good idea to have at least one page like this. A forum where I can put information given to me by bridge and chess players. Whether it  be the contact address for a self help group in their area, or a story about how playing a mindsport helped a member of their family etc.

Any player with a helpful tale to tell on any of the following disabilities / illnesses that afflict them or another player in their club or family can send me a mail at any time via the contact page.   

The list of subjects already mentioned on this site in alphabetical order:



Blindness / Visually impaired



Cerebral Palsy

Cystic Fibrosis



Muteness (dumb / speech impediments)




I look forward to hearing from you on these and other illnesses / handicaps not mentioned thus far. 

Trevor 3/3/19 - updated 6/8/21