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SKI and BRIDGE 2023

Join us 16 to 21 April in Sierra Nevada



Non skiers can enjoy the views in the warm spring sunshine.

(Picture below taken same day as the one above!!!)

Beautiful views above Granada 21/4/22
Beautiful views above Granada 21/4/22


Bridge in Homes
Mecca in a bridge desert

Fuengirola in southern Spain is a bridge mecca for Europeans. All Europeans, that is, except the Spanish themselves. For them it is a bridge desert. And the nearest oasis is 100 kilometers away


Fuengirola Bridge Project

If you live in or near 




To enable aged and infirm bridge players to play competitive bridge

when they are no longer able to visit a club  




To enable Spaniards of all ages to learn and play duplicate bridge.

Whether at school - or elderly/disabled and confined to their homes




It is NEVER too soon or too late to be able ro enjoy the pleasures of playing bridge




In a nutshell, it is a version of a simultaneous competition. A "mobile" bridge teacher visits individuals in their own homes and provides a prepared series of boards to play at their own speed in a relaxed environment. The visiting teacher will then bid and play three of the hands on each board. He will also record the player`s score for each board.

Over a period of two months, the results are then compared to those obtained by players in other locations participating in the scheme. Not only can the individuals get a genuinely fair result, but those results will enable them to be given a club rating which more fairly reflects their standard than those based on more traditional methods of classification.  

Pleae use the contacts page to request further details of the project