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News Bulletin


SKI and BRIDGE 2023

Join us 16 to 21 April in Sierra Nevada


1  Mme Spazzolo / Mme Bonnaud 65,00%
2  M. Wilson & Mme Escudero        61.00
3  M. Reynolds & Mme Pereira        55.00
4  M Gaudre & M. Courrias              42.00
5  Mme Espinasse & M. Espinasse 40.00
6  Mme Dandy & Mme Bonnafous   37.00
1. Mme Espinasse & M. Espinasse 62.00
2  M. Wilson & Mme Escudero        58.00
3  Mme Spazzolo / Mme Bonnaud   55,00
4  M. Reynolds & Mme Pereira        52.00
5  M Gaudre & M. Courrias              38.00
6  Mme Dandy & Mme Bonnafous   35.00
1  M. Reynolds & Mme Pereira      57.00%
2  M. Wilson & Mme Selles             54.00
3  Mme Spazzolo / Mme Bonnaud  53.00
4  M Gaudre & M. Courrias             52.00
5  Mme Espinasse / M. Espinasse  52.00
6  Mme Dandy & Mme Bonnafous  32.00
1st   Ron & Richard                   57.14%
2nd  Teresa & Bernie                 51.19
3rd   Brian & Yew No Hoo          50.00
4th   Francine & Jenny              48.81
5th   Silvie & Jacques                47.62
6th   Juanita & Ricky                 45.24
1st      Jenny & Francine          65.75%
2nd     Sylvie & Jacques           57.33
3rd      Ricky and Richard         52.08
4th      Juanita & Ron                45.83
5th      Teresa & Bernie             40.62
6th      Suzie and Brian             38.78
1st     Ian & Richard I              59.72%
2nd    Ron & Richard M.           53.65
3rd     Sylvie & Jacques            50.00
4th     Bernie & Marie                48.78.
5th     Juanita & Ricky               48.61
6th     Aubrey & Brian                40.24
1st      Jenny & Richard            61.8%
2nd=   Juanita & Ricky              55.55
2nd=   Richard and Ian             55.55
4th      Jacques & Sylvie           52.77
5th      Bernie & Aubrey             49.31
6th      Marie and Ron               48.61 
7th      Teresa and Brian            42.36
8th      Suzie and Loraine          34.03
1st =   Jenny & Marie              60.42%
1st =   Sylvie & Jacques           60.42
3rd      Ricky & Juanita              48.91
4th      Brian & Aubrey               47.88
5th      Richard & Ron                46.83
6th      Neil & Nancy                  37.45
1st      Marie & Ron               61.96%
2nd     Neil & Nancy                 57.51
3rd      Suzie & Loraine             51-09
4th      Aubrey & Teresa            47.83
5th     Juanita & Ricky               41.30
6th     Jacques & Sylvie            38.04

Non skiers can enjoy the views in the warm spring sunshine.

(Picture below taken same day as the one above!!!)

Beautiful views above Granada 21/4/22
Beautiful views above Granada 21/4/22


IG2 Educational benefits
Boys will be boys



Click on link to see Youtube videos


Part 1

This young man was in my team chosen to represent Thailand in the world schools (under 14) bridge championships in 2017. Aged 6 years, 3 months, he was already fluent in Russian, Chinese, English and Thai. Here you can see him starting his French test just two weeks after starting to learn that language in preparation for the trip to France. Note the concentration required:

Part 2

Having overcome the initial concentration problem, my star pupil was given the speed test. Trying to break the record for naming all 52 cards in French, he actually managed to do it faster than any of the French adult members of the club! As for the tricky bridge question he was then required to answer at the end of the session, he also passed that test with flying colours. Extraordinary. The more so given that his headmaster confided that he had a concentration problem at school.


The ideal place to teach bridge, chess and a couple of languages: A hypermarket cafeteria!

This was the introuction to the bridge game for mute twin girls (aged 8 but both unable to speak) and their big sister.  They had simply gone shopping with dad. Until, that is, I bumped into them and called up infant reinforcements to help give a totally unplanned lesson. Improvisation can often produce spectacular results as you will see here:.

Puzzled passers-by were able to witness first hand the many educational benefits of learning to play bridge. A game that most had never heard of. 


If you are wondering what happened to the boys who became over excited and had to be banished from the bridge table at the end of the top video, you will find the answer here:

Developing an impressive speed of thought is yet another advantage of playing both chess and bridge in the case of these youngsters.   

Learning and teaching bridge & chess should always be fun. Like shopping for groceries!!!





can be 


Good news travels fast and far it seems. No sooner had this site been set up than I was summoned to a dining room 30km from base camp in Fuengirola. To give a German family their first bridge lesson.

The three knew nothing about bridge whatsoever. Nor did the Polish friend who had invited them for their first visit to southern Spain. Agi had however heard that her country won the Bridge World Championships in 2015 - and that the game is now taught in Polish schools to children from the age of 8. They were curious to know why that could be.

The lesson lasted a total of just 20 minutes. Long enough nevertheless to not only illustrate many of the educational benefits, but also the social benefits as the different age groups interact and help each other to complete the challenge in a makeshift classroom.

A video of the lesson and more photos will be added to this page shortly.

Trevor 12/2/19




German lesson
German lesson

Improvements in

Concentration, confidence and discipline

are just three of the benefits to look out for when watching the video of the lesson.


But also improvements in logical reasoning and speed of solving mathematical equations. And somewhat unusually in this case, improvement in language skills: Ben had only started learning English at school just after his 8th birthday five months ago 


Understandably nervous but excited at the start of a lesson in an alien language, Ben soon settles into the right concentration mode as the photo shows. Able then to benefit on all counts from that short lesson. Starting in German but, towards the end after he had got used to the new foreign bridge words, conducted almost entirely in English.



Playing their 1st hand
Playing their 1st hand

It is often a good idea to get complete beginners to play this hand as soon as they start learning. In order to illustrate the fact that bridge is a game of skill. As opposed to other card games where success is largely dependent on the cards you are dealt.

This particular hand demonstrates how a pair can win all thirteen tricks with only five points between them. Bizarre that millions of experienced players do not know that is possible. Especially when 21 year old Tim can actually perform the feat after just 20 minutes of learning about the game!!!

For the curious who are sceptical of the fact that a pair can conceivably win thirteen tricks when one of the opponents holds THIRTY TWO points, the hand will be reproduced at the bottom of this page.





Although Mum and 8 year old Ben performed brilliantly, big brother was the star of the show. A short lesson was all that the young man needed to be able to go back to Berlin and teach his other brother and father the beauty of bridge! And that is precisely what he intends doing.

But before he got home, he was going to get Agi plus his young brother and mother to practise how to make those 13 tricks with five points. In the airport departure lounge!!!

Teachers might like to note that fact when reading the article on the “Pyramid” system explained on the Teaching techniques page. This case study provides an excellent example** of how that system works to bridge the gap when there are too many students and not enough qualified teachers.  

Well done Tim? The new pupil turned teacher who probably learned a lot about his own (hitherto unknown) qualities and skills that day. Which in turn, along with Ben`s sudden interest in the game, was almost certainly another nice surprise for Mum.



** Yet another good example of the effectiveness of my Pyramid system of teaching is the Youtube cafeteria lesson shown via the link at the top of this page. You will see there how a ten year old living 200 metres away and called in to help, is able to take over the teaching when she arrives. Watch again and see how she tunes in immediately to the speed of learning of her new 9 year old pupils. Without any advice or help from me. Yet she had never previously met them - and two of her pupils were unable to talk. 

On this occasion she was only teaching the correct pronunciation of Thai, but she was equally adept at teaching bridge basics up to and including Jacoby etc. So whenever she and her equally gifted sister (aged 11) came, I was able to go and have a cup of tea whilst they finished the lesson.

I was able to hand over the reins even when I was teaching the adults the Jacoby transfers at the club. And they did it far better than me. That`s because I don`t have their patience when it comes to teaching adults who, as we all know only too well, invariably have a concentration problem. Like me nowadays.

Trevor 6/3/19






I am not joking




At one end of the age scale, in the video (part 3 at top of this page) we see the

educational benefits of bridge for a 6 year old player

A little lad who started playing chess and bridge at the age of FOUR


and at the other end, you can read on the next page (IG health benefits) about a doyenne of bridge, Madeleine, who was 

still learning about life playing at 104 years of age!.  






If you have digested the entire contents of this page and noted my comments regarding child teachers in the footnote, you will  enjoy looking for a second time at the impromptu hypermarket lesson. 

This time in the knowledge that, by the end of the following week, those lovely twin girls


to their teachers

Their teachers being the supergirl who took over my lesson that day, and her super supportive sister who was by her side as she gave it.


Explanation: the twins (living in Surrey) suffer from an impairment that I had never previously come across. They can speak normally with the family at home, but find it impossible to speak to anyone they don`t know extremely well. I have never heard them talk. Not one word. Which means....

Their teachers deserve medals for performing the cure in record time

after starting the course of treatment at the bridge and chess tables

in a Bophut hypermarket cafeteria


Not wanting to take the gloss of that story, it could not be classed as a miracle due to the fact that there is clearly a rational explanation. However, in my thinking, the final bridge story I am about to tell is a miracle. To this day, I have heard no rational explanation of how I came back from the dead.

In fact it was the one and only time in my life when I actually said to myself "That`s it. That`s the end. Goodbye...." before starting to recite the names of all the people dear to me. I hadn`t got far down that list before losing consciousness. In the sea, in the pitch dark, unable to shout for help any more. 

The next thing I remember as I recovered consciousness lying on my back, was genuinely thinking I was in the after life. Until someone kneeling by my head said "Did you not see the Red Flag?" If I had not had an oxygen mask on and if I had my wits about me, I would have said something like " I suffer from colour blindness when I go for a twilight dip".

I remembered I had gone for a swim whilst waiting for the others to arrive for St Tropez bridge club`s annual dinner and dance at the restaurant on Pampellone beach.

The first miracle is that I lived to tell the tale, The second is that, the following day I was able to go with the other members of my St Tropez bridge team to play the regional finals of the Interclub comperition in Aix on Provence. Not only that, I played my best ever bridge for the two days and we qualified for the final in Paris a fortnight later. 

I am not going to tell the whole story myself. Instead I am going to wait for one of the 80 plus bridge players at St Tropez to come forward and tell their version of what happened in the middle. How and why I came back to join the bridge party and prizegiving at 11PM. In only my hospital gown!  

In the meantime I would say that the only explanation I can think of was that Buddha must have sorted it.  I say that because my next outing after the weekend in Aix was to have a chat with a delightful lady* affectionately called "Vitamin". She ran a restaurant in the Port at St. Trop. When I told her the story,  she suggested I go to Thailand to teach the kids bridge whilst I recover from the shock. Buddha will look after you, she said. So that`s what I did. To show the Thais the educational beneifts of bridge.  

Trevor 7/3/19

*Vitamin asked me to bring her back a present. I won`t tell you just yet what the present was that I bought in a Temple out there. The clue is that every Thai person knows which day of the week they were born  - and I was required to tell the monk her birth day (as opposed to her birth date) to get it.