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During the official 30 day mourning poeriod in 2017, an English polyglot decided to learn to recite and write the Thai national anthem in toto.

Did I succeed? Sceptics canwere able to come and challenge me to the ultimate test:  To see if I could write the anthem without any help - and without making a mistake. The challengers merely had to pledge a donation to one of HRH Princess Bajrakitiyabha`s charitable foundations. She is King Bhumibol`s eldest grandchild and the lady who sponsored the bridge Cup competition in October that made the achievements of my Samui bridge pupils possible.

Two years on, the challenge remains open. To show Thais that foreign guests are also keen to ensure the late King's tireless`work for children is never forgotten. 


Next stop FRANCE

World Schools Championships

Fifteen Samui youngsters currently aged 7 to 13 have been officially invited by the French Bridge Federation to participate in this event. To demonstrate their skills in front of journalists and TV cameras from around the globe. Same place & same time as the World`s top bridge players compete for the famous      
Bermuda Bowl   


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  Important Information
Important Information


We would like to extend our condolences to all of our Thai friends on the passing of their beloved king. He was revered especially for the 70 years he spent tirelessy helping poor and underpriveleged Thai children.

It was fitting therefore that, the day after he passed away, the Samui Times published an article detailing the extraordinary achievements of Samui`s bridge youngsters in Bangkok the previous weekend. The article is particularly timely given that the national bridge competition in which the children were competing was sponsored by his Majesty`s eldest granchild,  HRH Princess Bajrakitiyabha.

The children broke many records in a very competitive bridge world. They and other very young Samui bridge students will undoubtedly continue to break records. Something of which his Majesty would have been very proud. :


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A humorous look at some of the member`s pet names. I list only the defining characteristics of the Hog, the Chimp and the Walrus. Because, apart from the hideous few, they are mostly a lot of old charlies and right walllies in this club.

  • Rueful Rabbit
  • Colin the Corgi
  • Oscar the Owl
  • Peregrine the Penguin
  • Molly the Mule
  • Timothy the Toucan
  • Hideous Hog (HH), by far the club's best player, but also an insufferable shark who seeks to humiliate opponents for their mistakes
  • Charlie the Chimp would rather post mortem the last hand than play the next. He is an exponent of sharp practice at the table, once famously producing a remarkable (and impossible) quadruple squeeze against himself by retaining a small card to conceal his own revoke
  • Walter the Walrus, whose expertise in and devotion to the point count are matched only by the utter mess he makes of bidding and play
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  STOP PRESS News Item

As my contribution to a WBF intergenerational bridge project at Stirling University, I am now forming a new club in Spain with the help and support of the European bridge Federations. The main aim of the new ACES BRIDGE & CHESS ACADEMY in Los Bolliches is to extol the merits of bridge to people of any age and any mental ability. From four years to 104 years old.

Such ambitions are certainly not pie in the sky. I have not only had fun playing bridge regularly with enthusiastic Russian and Thai four year olds together with ten year old Mikel (also Russian) suffering from multiple sclerosis, but I had the privelege of playing against a centenarian at the St Raphael club in Southern France. Incidentally, after finishing the tournaments behind this remarkable lady so many times, I worked out that the only way to win would be to partner her. By then Madeleine was 102 years old!!!     Trevor 14/1/19


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Youngest player (8 years) to complete an adult open pairs tournament at HQ of a WBF federation. Youngest to play all 48 boards in one day in a national competition. With Pae (10), youngest pair in any national tournament and, with their elder sisters Kafair & Pin, youngest team (average age 10 yrs 2 months) to compete in a WBF event. 

KAFIELD. 8 years 3 months. For sure they will remember her at Bangkok`s Polo Club.

It all started at the Royal Sports Club
It all started at the Royal Sports Club

Warm welcome from the President of the Asia Pacific zone of the World Bridge Federation

CBLT staff with the nation`s future champions.
CBLT staff with the nation`s future champions.

UNDAUNTED by screens or their opponents.

8 boys and girls flying the flag for SAMUI
8 boys and girls flying the flag for SAMUI
Through the PEEPHOLE
Through the PEEPHOLE

Big advantage for the very young: You can see your partner!