Release 2.19p

A few of our prominent players have passed away. Please visit the News and Photos page or click here to find the information on their lives. 


Due to the low participation and the new rules from the ACBL I have decided to charge only $4 per game and hopefully we will see a larger turnout for our games. We are taking a beating and eating into the reserves of the business. We are still hoping to open at some point. So please stick with us as we work to keep Westside Bridge alive in the near future.

You will no longer just see the Ace's page (or any other local club) but all of the games that are being held within a 2 hour block. If you are looking for the Ace's games just type in ace in the upper right hand corner of the Virtual Club listings. Our games will show up if you are looking in that two hour period of our game on the schedule. Remember that a game with 40 tables isn't going to garner you more points. The results are capped at 2.5 points per game. So, if you find yourself in a game with over 25 tables you are not ensuring that you will get more points. The only thing you will accomplish is more compitition and a chance that you may not place at all. 




Due to a recent incident please don't use the staff email; please use the link below to contact us.

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