Release 2.19p

Due to the low participation and the new rules from the ACBL I have decided to charge only $4 per game and hopefully we will see a larger turnout for our games. We are taking a beating and eating into the reserves of the business. We are still hoping to open at some point. So please stick with us as we work to keep Westside Bridge alive in the near future.

You will no longer just see the Ace's page (or any other local club) but all of the games that are being held within a 2 hour block. If you are looking for the Ace's games just type in ace in the upper right hand corner of the Virtual Club listings. Our games will show up if you are looking in that two hour period of our game on the schedule. Remember that a game with 40 tables isn't going to garner you more points. The results are capped at 2.5 points per game. So, if you find yourself in a game with over 25 tables you are not ensuring that you will get more points. The only thing you will accomplish is more compitition and a chance that you may not place at all. 




Due to a recent incident please don't use the staff email; please use the link below to contact us.

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Happy Hour With Irene

The following documents will be helpful to those who attend Irene's virtual lessons on Monday Afternoons:

Opening Leads, General Principles

Opening Leads vs Notrump

Opening Leads vs Suit Contracts - Page 1

Opening Leads vs Suit Contracts - Page 2

"A Leading Question" - More Principles on Opening Leads

When to Lead Trump


Cuebids - Example Hands

Help Suit Game Tries

Improve Your Declarer Play

Hand Evaluation

Hand Evaluation- Hands

Response To 1NT



Penalty Double

Most Common Bidding Mistakes


Judgment in Bridge 2

Weak 2 Openings

Overcalling Weak 2 Bids


Opening 2 Clubs

Slam Bidding

What's Your Bid?

Locating Stoppers For No Trump

Stopper in NT Hands

Recommendations Not Rules

Visualization of All the Hands

Bid with Me

Common Errors

Trump Promotions

Defend These Hands

More Defense


Roman Keycard

R Is For Reverse

Entries As Declarer

Texas Transfers

Defense Part 2

Defense Part 3

Partnership Defense

Declarer Play

Declarer Play Cont.

Defense Part 4


Finding the Best Lie

Play Of The Hand

Test Your Matchpoint Bidding

What Can I Rebid?

Re-opening Doubles

What Would You Do?

Declarer Play Tips

To Draw or Not Draw

Judgement at Bridge

Bid with Me Part 2

Bridge Facts

Unusual 2NT

D is for Defense

Re-bids by Opener

Similarities of Reverses and Jump Shifts

Playing Too Quickly

Passive Opening Leads

Conventional Interferences

B is for Balancing

Convention Card Continues

Convention Card Review, Pt. 4

Test Your Defense

Play & Defend Better

Play Better Pt. 2

Jacoby 2NT Reviewed

Importance of Singletons and Voids

Game Forcing Bids

Revisiting Cue Bids


When to Bid On

Hardest Part of the Game is DEFENSE

Opening 1NT VS 1 Major

Your Bid?

6 Card Minor When Partner Opens 2NT

Difficult Bidding

What Do You Bid?

Judgment at Bridge 2

Reopening Double

Judgement at Bridge 3

Opener's Rebid

Communication On Defense

Do You Return Partner's Lead?

What is an End Play?

Establish a Discard

Blocked Suits

Why and When You Signal

Bid, Play, and Defend With Me

Marathon for Defenders

Play Better 3

Play of the Hand

Test Your Bidding Judgment

How Far to Push When Balancing

Signals, Leads, and Play

What the Cue?

What is Your Plan?

First End Play

Overlooked Defensive Play

More Than One Way

How to Bid Like an Expert

The Case for Drury

Not a Conventional Double

Why and When You Cue Bid For a Slam

Magic 2 HCP

High Low

Forcing or Not

Forcing or Not Pt 2

Limit Bids

Let's Play Some More

Holding On

Bon Jour

What's Your Bid? 6.12.23

Where is That Extra Trick?

When Right Hand Opp Overcalls 1NT

Review Slam Bidding

More Tricks are Dropped on Defense

Surprise Hands

To Open or Not



E is for Entries