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Bridge Etiquette
Ace Bridge Club - Bridge Etiquette

Ace Bridge Club - Bridge etiquette

1. Greet your new opponents when they arrive at your table in a pleasant and welcoming manner.  Do not continue to discuss the last board.

2. When you remove your cards from the board, always count your cards, face down, before you look at them

3. The Tournament Director (TD) is here to help you, please call them to the table to resolve any issues by calling “Director”.

4. When you have the dummy hand, keep silent (unless preventing a rule breach); don’t touch or move your hand towards any of the cards unless your partner names it

5. Don’t say anything about a hand while it is being bid or played

6. Avoid looking at any other player’s hand, no matter how carelessly he/she exposes it

7. Using bidding boxes, make every call in the same smooth way and at an even pace.  Don’t let your hand hover over the bidding box

8. All artificial bids you make up to 3NT must be alerted or announced (as applicable) by your partner. Any artificial suit bids above 3NT on the first round must also be alerted. Explanation of an alerted bid must only be given if requested by the opponent whose turn it is to bid

9.  When you use the stop card leave it on the table for 10 seconds and then put it back in your bidding box

10. At the end of the auction leave your bidding cards on the table until the opening lead has been made

11. When you are defending try to take the same length of time over the play of each card

12. Always shuffle your cards before returning them to the Duplicate Board after play