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West LA Unit Monthly News Column

by Robert Shore.

ABA Game
June 5, 2016, at noon (food) and 1:00 p.m. (bridge)
ABA Los Angeles Unit

ABA Dabba Do!

The ABA’s turn to host the twice-annual ABA/ACBL game is coming up on June 5 at the ABA’s Los Angeles Unit, located at 134 North Market Street, Inglewood, California.  I can testify from personal experience that the food is wonderful at these events.  The members really go all out to make us feel welcome.  Matching their standard is a real challenge.  I hope you’ll join me there.  Food begins at noon, and bridge (a Unit Championship) is scheduled to start at 1:00 p.m.

All Quiet on the Western Front

Not much tournament action this month.  Pam Wittes won the Saturday morning pair game at the Oxnard Sectional, and Adrienne Sarmiento won the Friday morning 299er pairs game at the Lone Cypress Sectional.  Closer to home, our representatives for the Grand National Teams competition at the Washington Nationals in July have been selected.  Our District’s Flight A team will include Viktor Anikovich and Bill Schreiber, and the District’s team in the Championship Flight features Jill Meyers.  Good luck to our representatives.

Kansas City, Here I Come!

One of my favorite annual events is beginning again this month.  Qualifying at the club level is held during June, July, and August for the North American Pairs Competition.  In Flight A, the top three pairs represent our District at the Spring Nationals, to be held next year in Kansas City.  In Flights B (0-2500) and C (0-500 non-Life Masters), the top four pairs enjoy that honor.  Best of all, the ACBL cuts rather sizeable checks to the top two pairs in each flight, to help offset your expenses.  Qualifying games at the club level pay red points on the sectional scale, and you only need to qualify once to participate in the next phase of the event.  Look for a qualifying game near you.

When Opportunity Knocks

Playing at IMPs recently white against red, I held:

♠  J10542    75    void  ♣  A107643.

Left hand opponent opened a 10-12 no trump and partner said double.  RHO bid 2D, alerted and explained as forcing Stayman.  I had my doubts, but my clubs were longer and better anyway, so I bid 3C.  The NT bidder bid 3S, which made its way back to me.

I was pretty sure they weren’t making it.  But I was also pretty confident that the 2D bid was actually natural and RHO had done the ethical thing by refusing to hear his partner’s mistaken explanation and correct to diamonds.  Moreover, I wasn’t sure we were beating 4D.  So I sat for 3S.

The bad news is that partner’s 19-count and club fit meant that I could have brought home 6C.  The good news is that I didn’t need to.  Our counterparts went minus and after partner begin with the club K, he shifted to the AK of trump and then continued the club Q.  Dummy had two black doubletons, including the club J, so I overtook partner’s Q to force out declarer’s trump Q.  She tried to cash a diamond so I ruffed, drew her last trump, and ran the clubs.  In all, we took 6 clubs and 4 spades for down 6 and plus 600.

Welcome Mat

Joining us from other Units this month are J.E. Goerz and Gordon Hubbard.  Please give them a warm welcome when you see them at the table.

Around the Clubs

Club champions last month at Barrington were Anna Benatar and Nelly Gordon.  At Beverly Hills, Herbert Ehrmann and Phyllis Kantar won club championships, as did your Humble Scribe and Joe Viola, along with Andy Vinock and Pete Knee.   For the first time in my memory, no one reached 70% at either club.

That’s not true at the Marina, though.  David Pelka and Alan Daniels scored up a 75% game, good enough to get their names in the Bulletin.  As always, the Marina City Club holds its games Tuesday evenings at 7:15 p.m. at 4333 Admiralty Way.  Call Robin Thayer at (310) 713-8647 for information or for a partner.

Climbing the Ladder

Our Unit’s newest Junior Masters are Michael Bonesteel, Nancy Hamada, Annie Ives, Susan Spivak, and Diane Taub.  Carolyn Brice, Susan Gornel, Harry Levitt, Richard Treiman, and Alex Wiles have become Club Masters.  Barbara Glick is now a Sectional Master.

Bob Chen and Herb Singer have reached Ruby Life Master status.  Bob Kent is now a Diamond Life Master.  Congratulations to all on your accomplishments.

Got news?  Send it to me at

Last updated : May 31, 2016 13:03 CDT