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Well Done, Everyone!


We lost one of the leaders of our bridge community this month.  Scott Magged, age 66, passed away peacefully with his wife Susie at his side.  He was an incredibly kind, loving, generous and self-proclaimed “Crazy Guy.”  He lived to make others feel special, and if he could make you laugh along the way, all the better! Scott owned an insurance company and didn't start playing bridge until 2013 - but he was immediately hooked! He became a director, often helped as a tournament manager, co-owned the Palm Springs Bridge Club, and then started the Desert Cities Bridge Club and founded the Desert Cities Bridge Foundation to support bridge education.  His wife Susie was his partner in the day-to-day operations of all.  Despite his busy life, Scott was always the first to say "I'll be glad to help" in relation to any request.  In addition to Susie, Scott is survived by his son Jordan and Jordan's recent bride Lana, his Mom Rena, other family members, and many, many friends.  We will all miss you, dear Scott.  Thanks so much for all you did for us!

Scott and his family at his son's recent wedding

Unit 533 Annual Awards

Unit 533's Annual Awards Program and Unit Game takes place every Spring. This year we held an Annual Awards Party and Royal STaC Game and a number of awards were presented, while others are on hold until next year. 
To see a list of the 2021 Winners, click on Awards and Races  at the upper left of this page, and visit the Annual Awards page, and the Mini-McKenney, Ace of Clubs, and WIN Awards pages.

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Access the online D22Connection magazine by clicking the link above or at the upper left of our homepage. See the latest D-22 news, Tournament information and results, Unit newsletters, helpful bridge tips and more!

Unit Games

2020 Unit Games

Unit Games in Clubs - The unit has designated certain days as "Unit Games in Clubs" in any eligible participating club. All players play for upgraded points while competing at the venue and club of their choice. The Unit pays the difference in ACBL sanction fees for these games as part of our "give back to our members" program. The Unit does not provide lunch for a game identified as "Unit Games In Clubs," but does provide a cake or other dessert at each participating club. 

Unit-Wide Games in Clubs - There is one Unit-Wide Game in Clubs in 2020, in which players compete with all players in all participating clubs (similar to STaC games, but just within our Unit).  The Unit pays the ACBL sanction fees for these games as part of our "give back to our members" program. The Unit does not provide lunch, but does provide a cake or other dessert at each participating club. 

Annual Unit Events and Games - There are three Annual Unit Events, which include a lunch provided by the Unit:  the Annual Meeting and Unit Game in January, the Annual Awards Program and Unit Game in April, and the Annual Holiday Party and Unit Game in December.


Friday, January 17 - Unit-Wide Game (W2001533A)
Sunday, January 26 - Annual Meeting (L2001533B)

Monday, February 3 (L2002533A)
Friday, February 14 (L2002533C)
Saturday, February 15 (L2002533D)
Friday, February 21 (L2002533B)

Saturday, May 23 - Morning (L2005533A)
Saturday, May 23 - Afternoon (L2005533B)

Monday, June 8 (L2006533A)
Wednesday, June 24 (L2006533B)

Tuesday, July 7 (L2007533A)
Thursday, July 30 (L2007533B)

Monday, August 3 (L2008533A)
Friday, August 28 (L2008533B)

Saturday, September 19 (L2009533A)
Tuesday, September 29 (L2009533B)

Wednesday, November 25 (L2011533B)

Sunday, December 7 - Holiday Party (L2012533A)
Saturday, December 26 (L2012533B)