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In Sympathy

We were quite saddened to learn of the passing of one of Unit 533's best-known teachers and directors, Guy Monroe, on April 29th. Guy died at Eisenhower Medical Center following a series of strokes. Guy and his beloved wife, Karol, have been major contributors to the valley bridge community as directors, offering friendly club games, and as teachers, offering classes for players and for directors. Guy made The Monroes' bridge cruises a bucket-list must. He had retired from a career at Boeing, was a tide pool naturalist and state park ranger.  A man of many talents…he will be sorely missed. Karol and family have our deepest sympathy. For a more complete obituary celebrating Guy's life, Click here.
Karol also invites friends to visit
 to read more and leave comments.

Earlier in April, Dona Merritt passed away after battling serious health issues for much of her life--severe pain from both colitis and osteoporosis.  Dona taught first and second grade classes for forty years before retiring to enjoy her love of bridge, her Lady Putters group, and her church.  Dona's mother and grandmother played bridge and Dona frequented several of our Coachella Valley Clubs before COVID.  Her daughter said she could picture her mother now in Heaven bickering with her mother about how to play a hand!  We send our sympathies to Dona's daughter, son and three grandchildren. 

Unit 533 Annual Awards

Unit 533's Annual Awards Program and Unit Game usually takes place every April. Last year, the Awards Program had to be postponed. This year we held an Annual Awards Party and Royal STaC Game and a number of awards were presented, while others are on hold until next year. To see a list of the 2021 Winners, click on  Awards and Races  at the upper left of this page, and visit the Annual Awards page, and the Mini-McKenney, Ace of Clubs, and WIN Awards pages.

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Access the online D22Connection magazine by clicking the link above or at the upper left of our homepage. See the latest D-22 news, Tournament information and results, Unit newsletters, helpful bridge tips and more!

Unit Games

2020 Unit Games

Unit Games in Clubs - The unit has designated certain days as "Unit Games in Clubs" in any eligible participating club. All players play for upgraded points while competing at the venue and club of their choice. The Unit pays the difference in ACBL sanction fees for these games as part of our "give back to our members" program. The Unit does not provide lunch for a game identified as "Unit Games In Clubs," but does provide a cake or other dessert at each participating club. 

Unit-Wide Games in Clubs - There is one Unit-Wide Game in Clubs in 2020, in which players compete with all players in all participating clubs (similar to STaC games, but just within our Unit).  The Unit pays the ACBL sanction fees for these games as part of our "give back to our members" program. The Unit does not provide lunch, but does provide a cake or other dessert at each participating club. 

Annual Unit Events and Games - There are three Annual Unit Events, which include a lunch provided by the Unit:  the Annual Meeting and Unit Game in January, the Annual Awards Program and Unit Game in April, and the Annual Holiday Party and Unit Game in December.


Friday, January 17 - Unit-Wide Game (W2001533A)
Sunday, January 26 - Annual Meeting (L2001533B)

Monday, February 3 (L2002533A)
Friday, February 14 (L2002533C)
Saturday, February 15 (L2002533D)
Friday, February 21 (L2002533B)

Saturday, May 23 - Morning (L2005533A)
Saturday, May 23 - Afternoon (L2005533B)

Monday, June 8 (L2006533A)
Wednesday, June 24 (L2006533B)

Tuesday, July 7 (L2007533A)
Thursday, July 30 (L2007533B)

Monday, August 3 (L2008533A)
Friday, August 28 (L2008533B)

Saturday, September 19 (L2009533A)
Tuesday, September 29 (L2009533B)

Wednesday, November 25 (L2011533B)

Sunday, December 7 - Holiday Party (L2012533A)
Saturday, December 26 (L2012533B)