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Unit 533 Annual Awards

Unit 533's Annual Awards Program and Unit Game takes place every Spring. In 2022, we held an Annual Awards Party and Royal STaC Game and a number of awards were presented, while others are on hold until next year. 
To see a list of the 2021 Winners, click on Awards and Races  at the upper left of this page, and visit the Annual Awards page, and the Mini-McKenney, Ace of Clubs, and WIN Awards pages.

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Annual Awards
Unit 533's Annual Awards

Some of Unit 533's Annual Awards are "on hold" for 2021-2022

Our most recent awards winners:

Unit 533's Volunteer of the Year Award for 2021 was presented to Bev Hartin. Bev has been unselfish in her commitment to sanctioned duplicate bridge in the Coachella Valley. She served as Unit 533 Secretary in 2009-10.  As Bev led the efforts to establish the Duncan Bridge Center, she continued to support Unit activities and initiatives. She was appointed to the District Goodwill Committee in 2010 and the National Goodwill Committee in 2018. Her involvement and leadership in the Coachella Valley Bridge Foundation is an important legacy: board member for over eleven years president for over seven years. Most recently, you can find Bev in her lovely home mentoring newer players on BBO, or at the tables face to face. Thank you Bev!

The Barbara Sonsini Memorial Award for 2021 went to Norman Isaacs.
(Unit 533's top 499er masterpoint winner Palm Springs Regional)

The Lucy Mitchell Award for 2019 went to Jim Darvey, Abe Pineles, Neil Stern and Jim Weeks.
(Unit 533's top masterpoint winner Spring Sectional)


The Barbara Mondo Award for 2019 went to to Lee & Gerry Bergen.
(Unit 533's top 299er masterpoint winner Spring Sectional)


The Jana McCormick Award for 2019 went to Phil Syrdal.
(Unit 533's top 299er masterpoint winner Fall Harvest Sectional)


The Audrey Currie Award for 2019 went to Jim Darvey.
(Unit 533's top masterpoint winner Fall Harvest Sectional)



Other Annual Awards

The Palm Springs & Cathedral City Bridge Club presented the 2019 Edith Hirschman Sportsmanship Award to Kim Burtle.