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Marcia Hatcher
Catherine Keating
Patricia Mazzone

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Gold Life Master

Guy Brackett

Club Master

Julia Christian
Sid Galton
Bradley Oliver

Junior Master

Deborah Autzeh
Pamela Satterfield
Peter Siderius
Congratulations, Everyone!

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Unit 533's Annual Awards

Unit 533 presents its Annual Awards in the Spring of each year. To see the complete list of current†winners, click on the "Awards and Races" tab on the upper left side of our home page.† You'll find the winners of the Mini-McKenney Award, Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs Award and our Volunteer of the Year Award, along with a description of the basis for each award.

Volunteer of the Year

Bob Wernick

Bobís recognition as Unit 533ís Volunteer of the Year is much overdue and most deserved! ††His role in making Ray Duncanís vision for a bridge center in the Coachella Valley a reality was huge. †Bob found the land for the center, negotiated a 25 year lease at a minimal cost, hired contractors and dealt with permit issues, made a very generous personal donation and then loaned the CVBF the money needed to build the center! ††Thank you Bob for all that you did!