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Carol Churchill
Claude Hazan
Stephanie Murillo
Scott Sonken

Rank Changes


Grand Life Master
(10,000 and a National Championship)

Patti Hartley

Sapphire Life Master
David Lodge
David White

Silver Life Master
W Hay
Bronze Life  Master

Kathy Rodeman
Judy Searle

Club Master
Barry Korn
Doris Ziemba

Junior Master
Arlene Goldstein
Jim Groves
Sharon Groves
Debra Star
(*Joined ACBL before/after 1-1-2010)


Kudos to All!


Sadly, we learned of the passing of Irv Kostal at the beginning of April. Irv was 89. He and his wife, Shawnee, were wonderful bridge players and friends to our community for many years. Shawnee died in 2018, and Irv moved to Ohio a couple of years thereafter to live with his sister. Irv grew up in the Los Angeles area in a musical family--his Dad (also Irwin Kostal) received Academy Awards as well as Grammy & Emmy awards for his work on shows like "Westside Story" and "The Sound of Music". Irv himself loved to play the piano as well as bridge.  We send our condolences to his family and friends.

                Irv and Shawnee

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Unit 533's Annual Awards

Unit 533 presents its Annual Awards in the Spring of each year. To see the complete list of current winners, click on the "Awards and Races" tab on the upper left side of our home page.  You'll find the winners of the Mini-McKenney Award, Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs Award and our Volunteer of the Year Award, along with a description of the basis for each award.

Ace of Clubs

2023 Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs Award Winners

0-5 MPs: Barry Korn
5-20 MPs: Leonard Danon
20-50 MPs: David Marks
50-100 MPs: Robert Mahan
100-200 MPs: Ulrich Eckel
200-300 MPs: Christine Andrews
300-500 MPs: Phillip Robzyk
500-1000 MPs: Diana Seeb
1000-1500 MPs: Laura Gherman
1500-2500 MPs: Guy Brackett
2500-3500 MPs: Lou Goldsmith
3500-5000 MPs: Valerie Aron
5000-7500 MPs: Janice Randles
7500-10,000 MPs: Martin Blain
Over 10,000 MPs:  Ross Grabel

The Ace of Clubs Awards were created in 1984 to annually recognize the top masterpoint winners in local club competition in 15 categories based on number of masterpoints held at the beginning of each year, from 0-5 up to over 10,000.  Only black masterpoints won in ACBL-santioned club games are counted.  In 2011, the Awards were named after Helen Shanbrom because of her exceptional performance in club games - she was the most successful club player in ACBL history - a Grand Life Master with nearly 19,000 of her masterpoints won at club games.

Helen Shanbrom