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Dr. Chaya Venkat passed away on September 20, 2023, at her home in Rancho Mirage at the age of 74 (heart disease).  Chaya was born and educated in India—one of just 20 women in her class of 2,000 to earn a master’s degree in chemistry.   With her husband, P.C. Venkat, she emigrated to the U.S.A. where she received her PhD at the University of Michigan.  Her careers included teaching at Michigan and Princeton and a decades-long career at Mobil Oil where she was awarded 26 patents in areas of R&D. Shortly after her retirement in 2000, her husband was diagnosed with cancer, and Chaya’s focus became a supercharged quest to find him the best possible care.  Using the results of her research, she and P.C. founded CLL Topics as a non-profit patient education and patient advocacy website.  When P.C. passed away in 2008, Chaya retired again, and took up duplicate bridge. As a member of the Unit 533 Board, Chaya generously contributed to create and fund Unit 533's unique "WIN" Awards (Welcome Intermediate and Novice players), which awards free plays to our highest achieving newer players.   We join Chaya’s daughter and son-in-law and her many friends in mourning the loss of this remarkable woman.  

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2022 Mini-McKenney Awards

0-20 MPs: James Levitas
5-20 MPs: Jared Trexel
20-50 MPs: Ellie Pynes
50-100 MPs: Frank Beard
100-200 MPs: Steven Carlson
200-300 MPs: Bill Wegener
300-500 MPs: Phillip Robzyk 
500-1000 MPs: Frank Rappaport
1000-1500 MPs: Laura Gherman 
1500-2500 MPs: Lou Goldsmith
2500-3500 MPs: Steve Goldstein
3500-5000 MPs: Noel Hanford 
5000-7500 MPs: Janice Randles
7500-10,000 MPs: Martin Blain
Over 10,000 MPs:  Ross Grabel

The McKenney Trophy, named after ACBL Executive Secretary William E. McKenney, was first awarded in 1938. It went to the player who won the most masterpoints during each calendar year.  In 1986, the competition was renamed the Barry Crane Top 500, after Barry Crane, the top masterpoint winner of his era.  The Mini-McKenney Awards were created in 1974 to annually recognize top masterpoint winners in 15 categories based on number of masterpoints held at the beginning of each year, from 0-5 up to over 10,000.  Masterpoints won at all ACBL-santioned events, excluding online points, are counted - including local club games, STaCs, Sectionals, Regionals, NABC tournaments, and Special Events.

Pictured below: The McKenney Trophy with eight-time winner Charles Goren.