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     It is with sadness and a heavy heart that we learned of the passing of long-time Unit 533 player, Fran Blowitz. Fran passed away November 30.  She had been recently diagnosed with advanced stage four brain cancer, inoperable and growing aggressively. Hospice was started a week ago and she passed peacefully at home with her family.  Fran was active in golf, bridge at our local clubs four to five times a week, socializing with girlfriends, etc. One of our outstanding Non-life Masters, she was a tenacious, friendly competitor, and her sense of humor was enjoyed by all those she encountered. There are no services planned but a donation to your favorite animal rescue organization in Fran's name would be appreciated. The Unit extends its deepest sympathy to her family and bridge partners.


     Sadly, Unit 533 has also lost Lloyd Hanford, who was not only a dedicated bridge player but a person committed to helping the Unit and the Coachella Valley Bridge Foundation. Lloyd passed away at his Rancho Mirage home on November 25. His prior expertise in real estate management in the San Francisco area was further utilized in assisting the Foundation with its leases for several locations of the Duncan Bridge Center. He and his wife, Noel, also underwrote the DBC players' directory.
     The Hanfords loved to cruise and visited many ports of call during their 66 years of marriage. Lloyd played tennis and was an avid downhill skier. He also played social bridge for years at Tamarisk Country Club and eventually became a regular at the duplicate bridge tables in the valley. Lloyd embraced all the aspects of the game and competed at club games, Sectionals, Regionals and NABCs with a host of partners. He was a good friend to all he met, and Noel beamed with pride as he achieved success mastering the game she loved. The Coachella Valley bridge community expresses its deepest sympathy to Lloyd's wife, Noel, his two sons and his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Rank Changes


Silver Life Master

John Stokdyk

Life Master

Hugh Meeks

NABC Master

Jerome Halperin
Matt Oclarit

Club Master 

Ron Macdonald

Junior Master

Arthur Stancliffe
Lorna Thompson
Sally Wright

(*Joined ACBL before/after 1/1/2010)

Congratulations, Everyone!


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Unit 533 Annual Awards

Unit 533's Annual Awards Program and Unit Game usually takes place every April. This year the Awards Program was postponed indefinitely, but the Annual Awards were announced in April. To see a list of all 2019 Winners, click on  Awards and Races  at the upper left of this page.

Welcome to ACBL Unit 533
About our Website
About our Website


Our website has all the information you need about the duplicate bridge community in the Coachella Valley, from Palm Springs to Indio.  Please use the page links on the left side of our home page to navigate the website.

Play Bridge Online Supporting Local Clubs


Local clubs are now offering their own virtual games on Bridge Base Online (BBO), where play is just with players and visitors at that club, and black points are awarded. Check the news on the right side of our home page, and your local club's website for more info.

In addition, BBO is offering daily games that support our local clubs, with black points awarded. Go to the BBO website information page by clicking here to learn how to use BBO and play in these games at 7:00 am, 2:10 pm and 4:30 pm.



Unit Games Are Coming Back! 

Your Unit 533 is sponsoring its first Online BBO/ACBL sanctioned Unit Game for only Unit 533 members. We intend to have the game on the second Saturday of each month at 6:30 PM starting on December 12th. For our first game we plan to have a 0-750 MP game at 6:30PM and an Open game at 6:40PM.

Each section has to have a minimum of 3 tables to be viable. We hope we can achieve adequate attendance in both games to benefit all players.  We will start with a $5/player card fee (you'll need a BB$ account). Registration opens 2 hours before game time on BBO; register at BBO Virtual Clubs, North America, Unit 533.
A Unit Member Roster will be prepared by ACBL in advance of the game. 
Arleen Harvey of the ACBL will direct our first game.

For this to be successful, we need the support of all our Unit 533 Members and Clubs. Please get the word out! A great opportunity for everyone to "get together" no matter where you play on a daily basis.



Play in the 99er NiteClub
Districts 21, 22 & 23 along with our local virtual clubs are sponsoring evening 99er games on BBO. Win masterpoints, and then participate in a post-game analysis on Zoom.
Click here to read the flyer



The Nominating Committee is seeking candidates to serve on the Board of Directors of Unit 533.

If you are interested in being considered for one of the three (3) open positions, you can obtain an application from Nance Lodge, Nominating Committee Chairperson, 219 Loch Lomond, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270 or at Board Members will be elected at the Unit 533 Annual Meeting to be announced.

Elected candidates will serve for a 3-year period expiring in 2024. Please give serious thought to serving our duplicate bridge community. The Nominating Chairperson will present the slate of candidates to the Board of Directors on Monday, December 21, 2020.

Please complete and deliver the application by Friday, December 18, 2020.

Note: Delivery by email is acceptable.

Please be advised that as required by our bylaws ARTICLE VI UNIT BOARD OF DIRECTORS Section 3(b) and Section 3(c), additional nominations may be made by petition from the general membership. A nominating petition must contain the approval of the nominee and twenty-five (25) signatures of members in good standing. No nominations from the floor are permitted. Nominations made by petition from the general membership must be received by the Board of Directors by January 5, 2021. Only validated nominations shall be publicized in the Notice of the Annual Meeting and in absentee ballots requested by and mailed to members.

Thank you.

Nance Lodge, Nominating Committee Chair
Teri Bratt, Member
Vicki Graves, Member

Sandy Hertz Named to D22 Goodwill Committee

     Sanford (Sandy) Hertz has been named to the District 22 Goodwill Committee for demonstrating the qualities associated with the standards of the ACBL Goodwill Award. Sandy exemplifies how a partner or an opponent should act at and off the bridge table (or these days behind the computer). In addition to his sportsmanship while playing, Sandy has worked hard for the membership of Unit 533.

     As Unit Vice-President, and now President, Sandy has provided Unit members with increased subsidized unit games, successful sectionals and enhancements to the bridge-playing experience. Sandy’s gentle demeanor and quick smile extend the branch of friendship whether you are a first time duplicate player or a seasoned pro. He is always there to answer a question or offer encouragement to a “newbie.” Sandy's dedication to our bridge community was demonstrated when he and Unit member Chaya Venkat worked together to create and fund the "WIN" Awards (Welcome Intermediate and Novice players) to encourage new and intermediate players by awarding 25 free game passes every six months to the Unit members who earn the most masterpoints in 0-299 and 300-499 categories in games at any club within our Unit.

Our Unit is fortunate to have someone of Sandy's caliber on its leadership team.
Congratulations Sandy! 

NEW D22 Monthly Online Magazine

ACBL District 22 presents its new monthly online magazine


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Annual Awards for 2019


Unit 533's Annual Awards Program and Unit Game usually takes place every April. Sadly, this year the Awards Program was postponed indefinitely, but the Annual Awards were announced in April. To see a list of all 2019 Winners, click on  Awards and Races  for the Mini-McKenney Awards, Ace of Clubs Awards, Annual Sectional and Regional Awards, "WIN" Awards and more!


Your 2021 Bridge Bucket List
Your 2021 Bridge Bucket List


DECEMBER 13TH - 19TH, 2021


Also in 2021


April 5th - 11th


*    *    *    *    *


Adobe-Duncan-Barr 0-499 Pairs
(Duncan BC)
BBO 9:30 AM
Director: Sean Lui
Adobe-Duncan-Barr Open
(Duncan BC)
BBO 9:45 AM
Director: Sean Lui
#25653 Adobe-Duncan-Barr 0-499 9:30 PST
(Duncan BC)
#25681 Adobe-Duncan-Barr Open 9:45 PST
(Duncan BC)
#13811 DCBC Plus! OPEN game 9:45 am (PST)
(Desert Cities)
Adobe-Duncan-Barr 0-299
(Duncan BC)
BBO 12:35 PM
Director: Cookie Ostrow
Adobe-Duncan-Barr 0-999
(Duncan BC)
BBO 12:40 PM
Director: Sean Lui
Adobe-Duncan-Barr Open Pairs
(Duncan BC)
BBO 12:45 PM
Director: Sean Lui
#25829 Adobe-Duncan-Barr 0-299 12:35 PST
(Duncan BC)
#25830 Adobe-Duncan-Barr 0-999 12:40 PST
(Duncan BC)
#25831 Adobe-Duncan-Barr Open 12:45 PST
(Duncan BC)
#14005 DCBC Plus! OPEN game 1:45 pm (PST)
(Desert Cities)
Sat Dec 12, 2020
Online Unit Games
Unit 533's ACBL/BBO sponsored virtual Unit Game at 6:30 p.m. (0-750) and 6:40 p.m. (Open). Sign up with your partner within 2 hours of game time on BBO by clicking on "Virtual Clubs", then "North America", then "Unit 533". Only Unit 533 members are eligible to compete in this new monthly event.
Sat Jan 9, 2021
Online Unit Games
Unit 533's ACBL/BBO sponsored virtual Unit Game at 6:30 p.m. (0-750) and 6:40 p.m. (Open). Sign up with your partner within 2 hours of game time on BBO by clicking on "Virtual Clubs", then "North America", then "Unit 533". Only Unit 533 members are eligible to compete in this new monthly event.
DBC Offers BBO Games

Duncan Bridge Center on BBO

Offering daily online games through Bridge Base Online

 Open Game - Every day at 12:45 p.m. and
Mon thru Fri at 9:45 a.m. and
Tue, Thu at 6:30 p.m.
999er Game - Wed, Fri at 12:40 p.m.
749er Game - Tue at 9:30 a.m. and
Mon, Tue, Thur, Sat, Sun at 12:40 p.m. and
Mon thru Sat at 6:25 p.m. 
499er Game - Every day ex. Tue at 9:30 a.m.
299er Game - Tue at 9:20 a.m. and
Every day at 12:35 p.m.
0-99 Game - Fri at 9:15 a.m.

Click here for more information.

DCBC Offers BBO games

Desert Cities Bridge Club on BBO

Offering daily online games through Bridge Base Online

Open game - Every day at 9:45 a.m. and 1:45 p.m.

Click here for more information.

MBC/ICC Offers BBO Games


Marrakesh Bridge Club and Ironwood CC
offering online games presented by Karol and Guy Monroe's
Bridge with the Monroes

Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun at 1:45 p.m. on BBO

CLICK HERE for latest game results

For more information about MBC/ICC's games and schedule,
Click Here.

New Classes Offered by Duncan Bridge Center

"Improve Your Bidding" 

"25 Conventions You Should Know"

"Beginning Bridge"

Classes are sponsored by Adobe Bridge Center
For details, Click here

A New Class With The Monroes

Bridge With The Monroes

is offering an online New Player Class Series with virtual classes
beginning on November 30th and January 4.

Click here for the details.

Classes, Seminars and Workshops


MEETINGS, CLASSES and SEMINARS are being offered:

Duncan Bridge Center:  Click Here

Desert Cities Bridge Foundation:  Click Here

Bridge With The Monroes:  Click Here



Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, all of our local club locations have closed until further notice, including Desert Cities at Temple Sinai, Duncan Bridge Center, PSCC at the Mizell Senior Center and MHDBC at Joslyn. Please check the clubs' websites for updates:  Click on
Desert Cities,   PSCC,   Duncan Bridge Center,   MHDBC at Joslyn.

70% Honor Roll
            BBO Virtual Club Games    
70.62% Ali El Selehdar & Lynne Castoldi DCBC Nov 26
70.49% Susan Diamond & Rosemary Hertz MBCICC Nov 25
70.14% Jamie Alperin & George Green TCC Nov 22
71.46% Mary Willis & Gail Roche MBCICC Nov 18
70.26% Linda Lane & Hugh Meeks DBC Nov 13
70.31% Peggy Bailey & Karen Brandt DCBC Nov 12
72.22% Nancy Erickson & Zora Bain MBCICC Oct 30
71.39% Guy & Karol Monroe DBC Oct 29
71.43% Patricia Sullivan & Carol Hanson MBCICC Oct 26
70.63% Noel Hanford & David Kane DBC Oct 14
70.83% Agnes O'Neill & Karol Monroe MBCICC Oct 11
71.61% Jim Weeks & Jon Wittes DBC Sep 17
70.00% Bob Feinberg & Deann Young DCBC Sep 16
71.53% Patricia Hubbard & Sandra Satlin TCC Sep 13
71.58% Sandra & Robert Carroll DBC Sep 6
76.07% Bill & Tricia Walter DBC Sep 5
72.00% Rob Pierce & Charlotte Blank DCBC Sep 5
70.37% Roberta Lyon & Charlotte Blank MBCICC Sep 2
71.94% Angela Davies & Jan Duncan DBC Aug 30
70.00% Woody McHarg & Gerdur Kristjansdottir DCBC Aug 19
77.08% Jerry Astrove & Karen Michael DCBC Aug 17
71.30% Sanford & Rosemary Hertz MBCICC Aug 16
73.57% Susan Servais & Sharon Riddle DCBC Aug 15
74.07% Charles Johnson & Michael Isserman DBC Aug 10
72.92% Frank Rappaport & Louise Kermode DCBC Aug 10
70.83% Darrick Chee & Nancy Alvarado DCBC Aug 10
70.00% William Woodfine & William Burns DCBC Aug 9
72.22% Cydney Osterman & Patricia Hubbard TCC Aug 9
70.49% Susan & Robert Diamond TCC Aug 9
70.00% Susan Servais & Sharon Riddle DCBC Aug 8
74.17% Jamie Alperin & Art Evans DCBC Aug 3
  As reported by Club Directors