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Unit 533 Annual Awards

Unit 533's Annual Awards Program and Unit Game takes place every Spring. This year we held an Annual Awards Party and Royal STaC Game and a number of awards were presented, while others are on hold until next year. 
To see a list of the 2021 Winners, click on Awards and Races  at the upper left of this page, and visit the Annual Awards page, and the Mini-McKenney, Ace of Clubs, and WIN Awards pages.

Read the D22Connection Magazine Online

Access the online D22Connection magazine by clicking the link above or at the upper left of our homepage. See the latest D-22 news, Tournament information and results, Unit newsletters, helpful bridge tips and more!

Welcome to ACBL Unit 533
About our Website
About our Website


Our website has all the information you need about the duplicate bridge community in the Coachella Valley, from Palm Springs to Indio.  Please use the page links on the left side of our home page to navigate the website.

Annual Holiday Party on December 4th



Sunday, December 4, 2022
at Duncan Bridge Center

Luncheon Served at Noon 
1PM Game Time

Big MPs! Door Prizes! Fun!

Click here for the Flyer

Unit 533's Fall Harvest Sectional


Our Top Silver Masterpoint Winners

Jim Darvey - 16.61
Abe Pineles - 16.61
Sue Tripp - 15.64
Janice Randles - 15.64
Guy Brackett - 12.96

Palm Springs Unit 533
Fall Harvest Sectional

November 11 & 12

Duncan Bridge Center

Click here for the complete list of Masterpoint Winners

We all came for the Fun and over 150 players took home Silver!

Click here for Complete Tournament Results

October 31st Unit Game Winners



October 31st Halloween Party Unit Game Winners

at Duncan Bridge Center

1st Overall -
Lou Goldsmith & Abigail Wright, N/S

1st E/W - John Hanley & Bob Victor

for Complete results:  Click here

Mick Riccio hosted a fabulous pot-luck luncheon.

Enid Herbstman won the $100 prize for best costume - a blushing pregnant bride!

As always, it's fun to see friends and play face-to-face.


Are you NAP Qualified?

The North American Pairs is an annual ACBL-sponsored competition that begins with players qualifying in a local club game designated as a "Qualifying" game.  Check the ACBL website here  to see if you have qualified in Unit 533 (scroll down the list to find Unit 533).

Anyone who qualifies in Flight A, B, or C (flights are based on current MPs - A: unlimited, B: up to 2500, C: non-life master under 500) is eligible to compete in the District 22 NAP Finals (at the PS Regional) on December 18. 

The top finishers there are then qualified for the National NAP Finals at the Spring NABC Tournament in New Orleans in March 2023, and will receive cash travel stipends from ACBL, D-22, and Unit 533 to offset travel expenses incurred going to New Orleans.

Participate in the District 22 Finals and you could end up representing our Unit and District in New Orleans,
and enjoy a fun-filled trip to the Big Easy - Paid for in part by our ACBL organizations!

Your 2022 Bridge Bucket List
Your 2022 Bridge Bucket List





North American Bridge Championships

Fall 2022

November 24 - December 4

Phoenix, Arizona

Click here for complete tournament info




Palm Springs Regional

Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa

December 12 - 18

Click here for the Flyer




Adobe-Duncan-Barr 0-999 9:30 PST
(Duncan BC)
BBO 9:30 AM
Director: Cookie Ostrow
Adobe-Duncan-Barr O-750 12:50 PST
(Duncan BC)
BBO 12:50 PM
Director: Barbara Rosenthal
Adobe-Duncan-Barr Open 12:30 PST
(Duncan BC)
BBO 12:30 PM
Director: Jonathan Holmes
Adobe-Duncan-Barr 0-2000 12:55 PST
(Duncan BC)
BBO 12:55 PST
Director: Jonathan Holmes
DBC F2F Open Pairs
(Duncan BC)
Duncan Center 1:00 PM
Director: Mick Riccio
DCBC - Friendly Bridge 1:45PM
(Desert Cities)
Adobe-Duncan-Barr O-1500 6:25 PST
(Duncan BC)
BBO 6:25 PM
Director: Cookie Ostrow
Adobe-Duncan-Barr 0-999 9:30 PST
(Duncan BC)
BBO 9:30 AM
Director: Cookie Ostrow
Adobe-Duncan-Barr 0-299 P&L 12:10 PST
(Duncan BC)
BBO 12:10 PM
Director: Barbara Rosenthal
Adobe-Duncan-Barr 0-2000 12:55 PST
(Duncan BC)
BBO 12:55 PM
Director: Alyssa Kennedy
Sun Dec 4, 2022
Holiday Party
Unit 533's Annual Holiday Party and Unit Game - Sunday, December 4th. Luncheon begins at 12:00 Noon, Game at 1PM.... and a drawing for door prizes!
Desert Cities Bridge Club

DCBC open for Face-to-Face games

1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

 Temple Sinai
73251 Hovley Lane West
Palm Desert

DCBC continues to offer daily online games through Bridge Base Online

Online games - Every day at 9:45 AM and 1:45 PM

Click here  for the DCBC website

MHDBC at Cathedral Center

Mission Hills Duplicate Bridge Club

MHDBC offers Face-to-Face games on Sundays at 1:00 PM

Cathedral City Senior Center
37171 W Buddy Rogers Ave, Cathedral City

Click here for the MHDBC website

Duncan Offering Face-to-Face and BBO Games

Duncan Bridge Center
is Open for Face-to-Face Play
at its new Wernick Family Building

34202 Cook St, Palm Desert
Open games at 1:00 PM Monday thru Saturday
499er games at 1:00 PM Monday, Wednesday & Friday

DBC continues its schedule of online games:

 Open Game - Every day at 12:30 p.m.
0-2000 Game - Every day at 12:55 p.m.
0-1500 Game Every evening at 6:25 p.m. 
0-999 Game - Every day at 9:30 a.m.
0-750 Game - Every day at 12:50 p.m.
0-399 Game - Tue & Thur at 9:20 a.m.

Zoom Play&Learn
299er - Friday at 1:10 p.m.

Click here  for the Duncan website

Classes, Seminars and Workshops

MEETINGS, CLASSES and SEMINARS are being offered:

Duncan Bridge Center:  Click Here

Desert Cities Bridge Foundation:  Click Here


70% Honor Roll
          Face-to-Face Club Games    
72.92% Marty Blain & Bob Wernick DBC Nov 23
70.24% John Archer & Mike Hankin DCBC Nov 22
73.67% Avi Schneller & Bill Lietzow DBC Nov 21
73.11% Martin Blain & Patti Hartley DBC Nov 21
70.47% Lou Goldsmith & Janice Randles DBC Nov 2
71.47% Lou Goldsmith & Steve Goldstein DBC Oct 28
71.68% Ann Kepcke & Michael Schmidt MHDBC Oct 23
71.15% Larry & Vicki Graves DBC Oct 17
70.06% Ardis & Bud Crist MBCICC Oct 13
71.25% Noel Hanford & Valerie Aron DBC Sep 15
71.67% Gary Delestine & Sue Pattillo MHDBC Sep 11
70.00% Lucy McBain & Carol Finnane MBCICC Sep 7
71.59% David Kane & Bob Wernick DBC Aug 29
71.02% Lou Goldsmith & Janice Randles DBC Aug 25
70.64% Barbara Hopewell & Bev Hartin DBC Aug 19
71.67% Carol Van Court & Steve Goldstein DBC Aug 15
75.33% Don Freeland & Abigail Wright MBCICC Jul 28
70.60% Angela Davies & Dewey Green DBC Jul 26
70.63% Marlene & Ron Wiseman MHDBC Jul 17
          BBO Virtual Club Games    
75.94% Randy Bissett & Chip Graves DCBC Nov 4
71.83% Norm Hooper & Diana Seeb DBC Oct 28
71.00% Karen Brandt & Chip Graves DCBC Oct 27
73.33% Neil Stern & Martin Gellman DCBC Oct 26
71.64% Constance & Richard Leichner DBC Oct 21
73.15% Constance & Richard Leichner DBC Oct 15
73.50% Lynne Castoldi & Aly El-Selehdar DCBC Oct 5
75.19% Taewoong Kim & Pieter Bax DBC Sep 30
72.82% Tricia Walter & Martin Frank DBC Sep 30
73.46% Constance & Richard Leichner DBC Sep 28
70.80% Constance & Richard Leichner DBC Sep 19
70.03% Richard Frank & Martin Frank DBC Sep 19
75.00% Jon Wittes & Jim Weeks DBC Sep 15
72.53% Jana McCormick & Jane Witous DBC Sep 14
76.92% Frances Polley & Marianne Kersten DBC Sep 9
70.30% Daryl Krepps & Gordon Link DBC Sep 9
70.94% David Kane & Brad Beland DBC Aug 23
78.57% Karen Brandt & Chip Graves DCBC Jul 21
72.05% Marty Frank & Bill Walter DBC Jul 20
73.50% Lynne Castoldi & Ali El-Selehdar DCBC Jul 3
75.00% Mary Bird & Jay Kane DBC Jul 1
As reported by Club Directors