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Jim Groves
Sharon Groves

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Gold Life Master
Barbara Hopewell
James Maniscalco

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Larry Graves
Lisa Lampen

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Lisa Lampen
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Lu Ann Beckloff
Elgin Zelinski

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Clifford Chirls
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Richard Weber
Ona Wexler

(*joined ACBL before/after 1-1-2010)


Kudos to All!


Our friend Fred Theurkauf passed away on November 19, 2023. Fred loved bridge and he loved to travel so it was only natural that he would found Finesse West Tours.  Over a period in excess of 36 years he led fellow bridge players on land tours around the world where, in addition to seeing the attractions, they would meet, dine and play bridge with the locals. From the moment he met his cherished wife, Bev, she was his companion on these tours.  Fred was a Diamond Life Master (closing in on Emerald)--an excellent bridge player.  He also loved history and was an avid and accomplished pilot.  In addition to Bev, Fred is survived by a son and his wife and their twin sons and numerous other family members and friends.   We send our sympathies.  We will all miss Fred's smile, wit, caring and intense appreciation of his most important value, integrity. 

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Unit 533's Annual Awards

Unit 533 presents its Annual Awards in the Spring of each year. To see the complete list of this year's winners, click on the "Awards and Races" tab on the upper right side of our home page.  You'll find the winners of the Mini-McKenney Award, Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs Award, Unit 533's unique "W.I.N." Awards, and our Volunteer of the Year Award, along with a description of the basis for each award.

Welcome to ACBL Unit 533
Palm Springs Unit 533 of the ACBL
Palm Springs Unit 533 of the ACBL


Our website has all the information you need about the duplicate bridge community across all nine cities in the Coachella Valley.  Please use the page links on the left side of our home page to navigate the website.

Holiday Party Unit Game Winners


1st Overall - Fredy Minter & Lulu Minter, N/S
1st E/W - David Sackett & Darcy White

1st Overall - Robert Martin & David Hirshberg, E/W
1st N/S - Ron & Lorraine Berube

For complete results Click here
Look forward to our next Unit Games in Clubs
Friday, December 29!
Unit Games in Clubs November 30th

Congratulations to our Winners
November 30th Unit Games in Clubs

Duncan Bridge Center
1st Overall - Fredy Minter & Lulu Minter, N/S
1st E/W - Lou Goldsmith & Marty Blain

The Reserve Ladies
1st Overall - Cindy Paul & Marcia Page
2nd Overall - Barbara Franklin & Nella Berry


Harvest Silver Sectional


Unit 533's

Harvest Silver Sectional

November 10 -11 at Duncan Bridge Center

Our top masterpoint winners among Unit members were Abe Pinelas and Jim Weeks in the Open and Steven Troy in the 0-499.
Congratulations to them, and to all 212 players winning a total of over 600 silver points!

Click here for the complete list of masterpoint winners.

Click here for Full Tournament Results

November 8th Unit Game Winners

Congratulations to our November 8th
Unit Game Winners!

!st Overall - Jim Walker & Ted Runstein, N/S
1st E/W - David Kane & Noel Hanford

1st Overall - Ellie & David Gross, E/W

1st N/S - Ken Grissinger & Judith Montoya

Your 2023 Bridge Bucket List
Your 2023 Bridge Bucket List




Palm Springs Regional

December 11 - 16

Westin Rancho Mirage Golf Resort and Spa

Click here for the flyer




Unit 533's
Scott Magged Memorial

Non-Life Master Sectional

January 12 and 13

Duncan Bridge Center
Palm Desert

Click here for the flyer




Unit 533's

Sun & Fun Silver Sectional

February 16 and 17

Duncan Bridge Center

Click here for the flyer


Duncan 0-1500 9:30 PST
(Duncan BC)
BBO 9:30 AM
Director: Cookie Ostrow
Duncan 0-2500 12:25 PST
(Duncan BC)
BBO 12:25 PM
Director: Alyssa Kennedy
Duncan Open 12:30 PST
(Duncan BC)
BBO 12:30 PM
Director: Alyssa Kennedy
Duncan O-1000 12:50 PST
(Duncan BC)
BBO 12:50 PM
Director: Alyssa Kennedy
Sun City PD Pairs
Director: Mick Riccio
DBC Open and 0-750 FTF Pairs Royal Stac
(Duncan BC)
Duncan Center 1:00 PM
Director: Sean Lui
Marrakesh Pairs
Director: David Goetz
Fri Dec 29, 2023
Unit Games in Clubs
Big Point Unit Games in Clubs are Back at Face-to-Face Clubs in the Valley! Friday, December 29th, 1:00 p.m. at participating clubs in our Unit.
MHDBC at Cathedral Center

Mission Hills Duplicate Bridge Club

MHDBC offers Face-to-Face games

 Sundays at 1:00 PM
Cathedral City Senior Center
37171 W Buddy Rogers Ave, Cathedral City

Mondays at 1:00 PM
Mizell Senior Center
480 S Sunrise Way, Palm Springs

Click here for the MHDBC website

New Classes with Mick Riccio

Mick Riccio's Intermediate Bridge Classes begin Wednesday, October 25, at Duncan Bridge Center in Palm Desert. Classes are from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.  Take them all, or select single classes; $20 per class.

Click here for the flyer. Contact Mick at

Duncan Offering Face-to-Face and BBO Games

Duncan Bridge Center
is Open for Face-to-Face Play
at the Wernick Family Building

34202 Cook St, Palm Desert
Open games at 1:00 PM Monday thru Saturday
0-750 games at 1:00 PM Monday thru Friday
0-20 game with facilitator at 12:45 Friday 

DBC continues its schedule of online games on BBO:

 Open Game - Every day at 9:25 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.
0-1500 Game - Every day at 9:30 a.m.
0-2500 Game Every day at 12:25 p.m. and 6:25 p.m. 
0-999 Game - Every day at 12:50 p.m.

Zoom Play&Learn
499er - Friday at 12:10 p.m.

Click here  for the Duncan website

CVBF Acquires Desert Cities Bridge Club

The Coachella Valley Bridge Foundation (dba Duncan Bridge Center) has acquired the Desert Cities Bridge Club and Foundation, effective November 1, 2023

Guy Brackett, CVBF President, made the announcement stating he believes this decision will strengthen and enhance sanctioned duplicate bridge in the community that the Duncan Bridge Center serves.

DCBC was founded by Scott Magged, who loved the game and promoted bridge within the Coachella Valley duplicate bridge community. His wife, Susie, believes Scott would agree that the time was right, and combining the two organizations will benefit bridge in the Valley.  CVBF’s Managing Director of DBC Operations, Sean Lui, coordinated with the DCBC team, Randy Bissett, Arleen Harvey and Nancy Spelke to achieve a smooth and seamless transition. CVBF and Duncan Bridge Center welcome all Desert Cities Bridge Club players.

70% Honor Roll
          Face-to-Face Club Games    
71.44% Fredy Minter & Lulu Minter DBC Dec 3
74.38% Cliff Goodrich & Phillip Robzyk MHDBC Oct 15
71.62% Fredy & Lulu Minter DBC Sep 28
71.78% Karol Monroe & Bev Hartin DBC Sep 20
70.00% Darren Scott Palmer & Sue Pattillo MHDBC Sep 17
71.67% David Goetz & Bob Mahan MBCICC Sep 8
72.14% Randy Bissett & Phil Robzyk DBC Sep 2
70.83% David Lodge & Bob Price DBC Sep 1
70.83% Marsha Kraushaar & Diana Seeb DBC Aug 26
70.98% Randy Bissett & Bob Wernick DBC Aug 11
70.60% Janice Randles & Marilyn Loesberg DBC Jul 24
70.54% Don Freeland & Abigail Wright DBC Jul 19
72.16% Barbara Hopewell & Clayton Sands DBC Jul 7
71.37% Karol Monroe & Bruce Korter MBCICC Jun 30
70.95% John Howarth & Frank Beard MBCICC Jun 29
72.40% John Nugent-Patten & Gail Roche MBCICC Jun 23
71.25% Valerie Katz & Wilma Finmark DBC Jun 5
71.27% Taewoong Kim & Carlene Williams DBC Jun 3
70.47% Alan Stanley & Pat Moran DBC May 9
71.36% Lou Goldsmith & Marty Blain DBC May 8
          BBO Virtual Club Games    
71.00% Tony Glynne & Chip Graves DCBC Oct 2
74.07% David Dierks & Carolyn Coffin DBC Sep 25
70.50% Christine Haedt & Melanie Haddad DBC Sep 13
70.44% Sue Blom & Bettina Brill DBC Sep 5
70.83% Cathy Bacon & Karen Bylski DBC Sep 4
71.49% Carol Hanson & Sara Corey MBCICC Sep 1
75.16% Jana McCormack & Jane Witous DBC Aug 30
72.45% Jane Witous & Jana McCormick DBC Jul 25
77.08% Carol Van Court & Steve Goldstein DCBC Jul 20
70.62% Sherry & Woody McHarg DCBC Jul 9
72.69% Cathy Ross & Marilyn Fisher DBC Jul 8
71.36% Brad Beland & David Kane DBC Jun 27
70.63% Patricia Sullivan & Carol Hanson DBC Jun 27
75.00% Sherry & Woody McHarg DCBC Jun 23
70.12% Brad Beland & David Kane DBC Jun 20
72.22% Kathy Russler & Judy Brown DBC Jun 19
71.24% Andrea Ventris & Harry Tileston DBC Jun 17
71.00% Karen Brandt & Chip Graves DCBC Jun 16
73.69% Jana McCormick & Jane Witous DBC Jun13
70.14% Carol Van Court & Steve Goldstein DBC Jun 8
73.00% Marilyn Taketa & Tony Glynne DCBC May 19
71.91% Aly El-Selehdar & Lynne Castoldi DBC May 9
74.40% Jane Witous & Jana McCormick DBC May 3
75.69% Lulu Minter & Lou Goldsmith DBC May 1
74.58% Tony Glynne & Chip Graves DCBC May 1
As reported by Club Directors