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Congratulations, Everyone!


Sadly, we note the passing of William "Bill" Hartin, who died peacefully in his sleep on May 24th at age 85.  Bill was well-known and well-loved by all who knew him in our bridge community.  He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and married his wife, Beverly, 52 years ago.  Together they raised four sons and a daughter in La Cañada Flintridge, California, before moving full-time to Rancho Mirage in 2001 after his long and successful career as a pharmaceutical executive.  A devoted husband and father, Bill’s greatest joy was his family. He had an affinity to inspire younger family members (or those around him) and tell unforgettable stories.  Bill loved any reason to celebrate.  A party with Bill was always legendary and not to be missed. His zest for adventure encouraged all generations to live life to the fullest. His laughter and fun-loving spirit will be deeply missed by all who knew him.  He is survived by Beverly, their five children and three grandchildren, and his brother, Bob.  Commemorations can be made to the Coachella Valley Bridge Foundation in Palm Desert, or to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation (T2T).

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Welcome to ACBL Unit 533
Palm Springs Unit 533 of the ACBL
Palm Springs Unit 533 of the ACBL


Our website has all the information you need about the duplicate bridge community across all nine cities in the Coachella Valley.  Please use the page links on the left side of our home page to navigate the website.

May 24th Unit Games in Clubs


Congratulations to Our Winners!

May 24th Unit Games in Clubs

at Duncan Bridge Center

1st Overall -
Fredy & Lulu Minter, N/S
1st E/W -
Bob Pollack & Don Freeland

1st Overall -
Clifford Chirls & Marc Grunseth
2nd Overall -
Judith Montoya & Ken Grissinger

Look forward to our next Unit Games in Clubs at participating clubs!

Unit 533 Annual Awards Announced

W.I.N. Awards

David Marks (0-5)
Jared Trexel (5-20)
Ellie Pynes (20-50)
Frank Beard (50-100)
Steve Carlson (100-200)
Bill Wegener (200-300)
Joy Barron (300-500)

Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney Awards

0-20 MPs: Rebecca Kenary (A-C), James Levitas (M-M)
5-20 MPs: Jared Trexel
20-50 MPs: Ellie Pynes
50-100 MPs: Frank Beard
100-200 MPs: Steven Carlson
200-300 MPs: Bill Wegener
300-500 MPs: Joy Barron (A-C), Phillip Robzyk (M-M)
500-1000 MPs: Frank Rappaport
1000-1500 MPs: Chip Graves (A-C), Laura Gherman (M-M)
1500-2500 MPs: Lou Goldsmith
2500-3500 MPs: Steve Goldstein
3500-5000 MPs: Valerie Aron (A-C),  Noel Hanford (M-M)
5000-7500 MPs: Janice Randles
7500-10,000 MPs: Martin Blain
Over 10,000 MPs:  Jon Wittes (A-C), Ross Grabel (M-M)

Volunteers of the Year

Nance Lodge and David Lodge

Sun & Fun Silver Sectional


Unit 533's

Sun & Fun Silver Sectional

Was held on February 17 & 18 at Duncan Bridge Center

Over 230 players took home Silver!

Congratulations to our Unit's top MP winners:
Marilyn Taketa, Jim Darvey and Clayton Sands

Click here for the full list of MP winners

Click here for Complete Tournament Results

Thanks to all who participated, especially our Volunteers and Directors!



Your 2023 Bridge Bucket List
Your 2023 Bridge Bucket List




District 23

Long Beach, California

July 3 - 9

at the Hilton Inn

Click here   for the Flyer


Summer NABC

North American Bridge Championships

July 13-23


Click here  for Complete Tournament Info


Duncan Affiliated Clubs 0-1500 9:30 PST
(Duncan BC)
BBO 9:30 AM
Director: Cookie Ostrow
DCBC - Beat The Expert - 9:45 AM
(Desert Cities)
Duncan Affiliated Clubs Open 12:30 PST
(Duncan BC)
BBO 12:30 PM
Director: Jonathan Holmes
Duncan Affiliated Clubs O-1000 12:50 PST
(Duncan BC)
BBO 12:50 PM
Director: Jonathan Holmes
DBC Open and 0-750 FTF
(Duncan BC)
Duncan Center 1:00 PM
Director: Sean Lui
DCBC - Friendly Bridge 1:45PM
(Desert Cities)
Duncan Affiliated Clubs O-1700 6:25 PST
(Duncan BC)
BBO 6:25 PM
Director: Susan Bristol
Duncan Affiliated Clubs Open 6:30 PST
(Duncan BC)
BBO 6:30 PM
Director: Susan Bristol
Duncan Affiliated Clubs 0-1500 9:30 PST
(Duncan BC)
BBO 9:30 AM
Director: Cookie Ostrow
#74696 Duncan Affiliated Clubs 0-2500 12:25 PST
(Duncan BC)
BBO 12:25 PM
Director: Don Freeland
Desert Cities Bridge Club


DCBC offers daily online games through Bridge Base Online

Every day at 1:45 PM and Monday & Friday at 9:45 AM

Face-to-Face games on Summer Break until October 2023

Click here  for the DCBC website

MHDBC at Cathedral Center

Mission Hills Duplicate Bridge Club

MHDBC offers Face-to-Face games on Sundays at 1:00 PM

Cathedral City Senior Center
37171 W Buddy Rogers Ave, Cathedral City

Click here for the MHDBC website

Duncan Offering Face-to-Face and BBO Games

Duncan Bridge Center
is Open for Face-to-Face Play
at the Wernick Family Building

34202 Cook St, Palm Desert
Open games at 1:00 PM Monday thru Saturday
0-750 games at 1:00 PM Monday thru Friday
0-20 game with facilitator at 12:45 Friday 

DBC continues its schedule of online games:

 Open Game - Every day at 12:30 p.m., Mondays at 6:30 p.m.
0-1500 Game - Every day at 9:30 a.m.
0-1700 Game Every evening at 6:25 p.m. 
0-999 Game - Every day at 12:50 p.m.

Zoom Play&Learn
499er - Friday at 12:10 p.m.

Click here  for the Duncan website

Classes, Seminars and Workshops

MEETINGS, CLASSES and SEMINARS are being offered:

Duncan Bridge Center:  Click Here

Desert Cities Bridge Foundation:  Click Here


70% Honor Roll
          Face-to-Face Club Games    
71.40% Fredy & Lulu Minter DBC May 24
70.47% Alan Stanley & Pat Moran DBC May 9
71.36% Lou Goldsmith & Marty Blain DBC May 8
77.60% Chip Graves & Jeffrey Reid DCBC Apr 20
72.05% Lou Goldsmith & Janice Randles DBC Apr 18
70.83% Diane Jobin & Shelley Mann MHDBC Apr 16
71.83% Maida Hastings & Mike Harper MBCICC Apr 14
73.22% Janice Randles & Sue Tripp DBC Mar 17
70.56% Jared Michael Trexel & Linda Hinton MHDBC Feb 26
72.62% Marybeth Higuera & Soren Kornerup DBC Feb 20
80.65% Bill & Verla Zerebesky MHDBC Feb 19
71.03% Don Knapp & David Davies MHDBC Feb 5
70.68% Gail Arnott & Adrienne Pearsons MHDBC Jan 22
74.76% Nora & Rick Craddock DBC Jan 2
72.22% Chip Graves & Karen Brandt DCBC Dec 20
72.92% Marty Blain & Bob Wernick DBC Nov 23
70.24% John Archer & Mike Hankin DCBC Nov 22
73.67% Avi Schneller & Bill Lietzow DBC Nov 21
73.11% Martin Blain & Patti Hartley DBC Nov 21
70.47% Lou Goldsmith & Janice Randles DBC Nov 2
71.47% Lou Goldsmith & Steve Goldstein DBC Oct 28
71.68% Ann Kepcke & Michael Schmidt MHDBC Oct 23
71.15% Larry & Vicki Graves DBC Oct 17
70.06% Ardis & Bud Crist MBCICC Oct 13
71.25% Noel Hanford & Valerie Aron DBC Sep 15
71.67% Gary Delestine & Sue Pattillo MHDBC Sep 11
70.00% Lucy McBain & Carol Finnane MBCICC Sep 7
          BBO Virtual Club Games    
75.69% Lulu Minter & Lou Goldsmith DBC May 1
70.03% Faye & Gary Gilraine DBC Apr 5
70.53% Sean Lui & Theodora Friedman DBC Mar 4
71.28% Tony Glynne & Chip Graves DCBC Feb 27
71.43% Jamie Alperin & Chip Graves DCBC Feb 20
76.19% Sherry & Woody McHarg DCBC Feb 12
76.39% Jana McCormick & Jane Witous DBC Jan 18
71.09% Jon Wittes & Jim Weeks DBC Dec 28
71.25% Karen Brandt & Chip Graves DCBC Dec 26
70.41% Mary Watson & Suzanne Martin DBC Dec 19
70.83% Stephen Weiss & Martin Frank DBC Dec 17
72.14% Sherry & Woody McHarg DCBC Dec 8
72.27% Donald Powell & Jeffrey Reid DBC Nov 28
70.73% Nancy Thompsen & Jane Witous DBC Nov 25
70.45% Stephen Weiss & Marty Frank DBC Nov 5
77.04% Tom & Anne Lund SCPD Nov 4
75.94% Randy Bissett & Chip Graves DCBC Nov 4
71.83% Norm Hooper & Diana Seeb DBC Oct 28
71.00% Karen Brandt & Chip Graves DCBC Oct 27
73.33% Neil Stern & Martin Gellman DCBC Oct 26
71.64% Constance & Richard Leichner DBC Oct 21
73.15% Constance & Richard Leichner DBC Oct 15
73.50% Lynne Castoldi & Aly El-Selehdar DCBC Oct 5
75.19% Taewoong Kim & Pieter Bax DBC Sep 30
72.82% Tricia Walter & Martin Frank DBC Sep 30
As reported by Club Directors