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  • Face to Face Games at  5101 California Avenue-Bistro Ballroom -- Tuesdays and Wednesdays -- Game time 12 Noon to 3:30 pm -- Doors open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
  • Online Open Games Every Mon, and Sat. 1:10 p.m.
  • Online 499er Fridays 11:15 a.m.
  • Every Monday through Thursday 6:20 p.m. All-Western 99er Nite Club Online Game is held - two divisions: 0-20 and 0-100

Open, Wednesday Aft Session
Director: Rebecca Pilshaw
Open, Tuesday Aft Session
Director: Shirley Eide
#13235 Bakersfield Monday Online Open Pairs
Director: BBO
Scorer: Live for Clubs
Fri Jul 30, 2021
CANCELED #35982 Bakersfield Friday Online 499er Pairs
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Sat Jul 31, 2021
#42335 Bakersfield Saturday Online Open Pairs 1:10pm
Double Points 25% Gold
Director: BBO
Scorer: Live for Clubs
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Mon Aug 2, 2021
#53632 Bakersfield Monday Online Open Pairs 1:10pm
Director: BBO
Scorer: Win Lievsay
Welcome to ACBL Unit 514
Sad News Sad News

Our dear friend Sharon Runyan has passed away.  There will be a service for her Friday, July 30th at 11:00am at Valley Baptist Church, 4800 Fruitvale Ave, Bakersfield, CA  93308.  There will be a lunch reception at the church, following the service.

"Sharon was kind, light-hearted, quick witted and fun to be with.  She will be sorely missed."   Linda Wong, President

Online BBO Gold in July Online BBO Gold in July


This game is for bridge “Newbies”  (Those with fewer than 100 Masterpoints).  Districts 17,19,21,22 and 23  and Unit 526 compete here 4 evenings per week, Mondays through Thursdays at 6:30PM.

 Email with any questions.   For a description of these games click HERE.

Basic rules for the 99ers: The game is open to any 99er in the D17/D19/D21/ D22/D23 (and Unit  526), both partners must be a member of one of these districts and no guests are allowed. Furthermore, you must have played in a VACB game, which will mean you have minimum necessary experience in the BBO world.   After the game there is an educational Zoom session analyzing the hands.   BBC gets about half of the the $6 Fee.  

For 12 board games 90% Masterpoints awarded. 

Click Here for June Regional Results
You Can Support our Club playing Online Bridge with any ACBL Partner

The ACBL and BBO have 7:00am, 2:10pm and 4:30pm (pst) daily 18 hand duplicates costing $6 where Black  Masterpoints are awarded .

In order to play you need to:

  1. Create a free account with BBO at then

  2. deposit $10 (the minimum) as BB$ with a credit card or paypal

  3. contact and get a partner: at our club with a fellow BBO  member or any ACBL/BBO  member or through the BBO  partnership desk

  4. Both you and your partner should log into BBO anytime 2 hrs before the game in order to register for a game.    Click on "ACBL World" then scroll and click on “Support Your Club ACBL Black Point Game”.  (Note: the game will not appear until exactly two hours before game time).  Register early to avoid last minute issues.  (Master points are awarded for each section of around 15 pairs on each of stratified ABC levels, plus points for overall winners).

  5. Now that you are registered, you can take a break until just prior to the game (be a few minutes early!) both of you should login to BBO and click on “ACBL World” in the left column.  If you have done all of this correctly,  at game time, your first hand will pop up automatically and you're off and running.  Good Luck.

Read BBO’s instructions online. on what to do next

When you play in one of these games,  80% of the $6 fee will be given back to our club. This way, you can help to support our club while also having the opportunity to win black masterpoints. 


Or Support the Club - At Your Leisure -- By Yourself
Click Here to see how to Support Your Club  and win Black Points any time of day. This is a solo 18 board tournament with robots, awarding ACBL Black Masterpoints. You can register, play at your own pace, leave the table, then resume the game later during the day without losing your results. Entry fee is 6 BB$ and the majority of proceeds goes back towards supporting your club.

Face to Face Games Resume

We now have face-to-face games in addition to our online games.   Meet us at Four Points by Sheraton-Bistro Ballroom located at 5101 California Avenue at Mohawk  Click Here for Directions.  It is a large, well maintained facility with ample parking and accessibility for those with mobility problems.  We have face-to-face games on Tuesdays and Wednesdays soon to be with early lessons then a game  Our online open games continue on Mondays and Saturdays.  Rebel continues her online 499ers games. 


Click Here for Details

Judy Moseley Helps Find a Partner
Judy Moseley Helps Find a Partner

Judy Moseley has kindly offered to provide a live partnership desk for our games.  If you need a partner for any of our games, email Judy at, or call her at (760) 376-3138.  Judy will respond directly to whomever writes to her with names and email addresses of all others looking for a partner for that day.  Contacting and agreeing to the partnership will be directly  between the two players.  Once they have agreed to play, Judy will need another email from them so she can remove their names from the list for that day/game.  Thank you Judy.  You are kind to offer your time to do this.

Join us at the Bakersfield Online Virtual ACBL Club

The ACBL awards a 25% Black Point bonus in all of our Virtual Club games.  Choose a partner from our growing list of 112 registered BBO players.   Open games are Monday, and Saturday at 1:10pm.  A 499er game is on Friday at 11:15  am.  (Registration opens 2 hours before gametime).   The fee is $5,  80% of which goes to our club.   In each open game, a total of 21 boards are allotted 7 minutes each,  and a round will be 21 minutes.  You can access our BBO player list at  If you are not on the list, then email with your BBO handle and full name.

Here is how to play.

First enroll in Bridge Base Online (BBO) and have at least 5 BB$ in your account. Also, if this is your first time playing in the Virtual Club, you must first send your BBO user name  (handle) to Win at so that he can enter your user name into the BBO Virtual database for our club.

You cannot register until 2 hours before the scheduled game. We recommend that you register as soon as possible, but no later than a half hour before the game’s start time. This will give the Director time to rectify any potential login or registration problems.  This is the internet after all.  It is heavily loaded in these 'Stay at Home' times.

  1. Log in to BBO. No earlier than 11:10am nor later than 1:00 p.m.
  2. Select 'Virtual Clubs' under featured areas.
  3. Scroll down to 'All Clubs' – both partners on the team do this.
  4. Search for our game using the search box in the top right corner.  Type in "Bak" and you will see our virtual game listed in the main window.
  5. Click on the title of the game.   A little Partner selection box will appear where you invite your partner to play in the game. Enter your partner’s BBO user name.  If your partners is online he will accept your invitation.  You're all set.  If your partner isn't online call  or text them go login.  When your invite is accepted you will see a note that you have successfully entered the tournament.  Click on "Entries" at the top of this screen and scroll down to see if you are there.  
  6. If you do not have a partner, click on the Partnership Desk and then in the bottom left corner click on the Add your Name “I will only pay for myself”  -- scan the list for someone you would like to invite to partner with – wait a minute or two and they will accept or not.  Keep trying and/or keep waiting there – someone will hopefully come along.
  7. No later than five minutes before the game, log back into BBO. Go to Virtual Clubs.  Then Scroll down to the bottom 'All Clubs'.  After you click that, let the list load and then go to the top right corner and enter 'bak' in the search line.   Click on that game,  and then at game time the cards will pop up. Note: you may need to “refresh your browser” by hitting the back button once and then get back into the 'bak' page. For instance, if you have not touched your computer since completing steps 4 and 5, you will likely need to go back one screen and go back to the 'All Clubs'  page.  And reselect 'bak'.
  8. Notes:
  •     The system uses self-alerting. If your bid is alertable, you should alert the opponents. Your partner will not see the alert.  Here is a video on how it works
  • In the left hand corner, there are three white lines. If you want to call the Director, click on the white lines and you will see an option to call the director.
  • You will see a clock in the left hand corner which gives you a gauge on how much time you have left

 Lastly, and most importantly, have FUN!!!!!!

Click on this for a Tutorial on using BBO


The results for game  will pop up on the screen for you a few minutes after the last board is completed.  You  can also find  your results by clicking on the history tab.  And your results will be online on Live4Clubs (through Live.Acbl.Org)  In addition, here is a link to your specific Virtual Club Results: