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Game File Uploads
Start of club gamefile upload.
Select your club
 AZ Valley(Venture Out)
 Crescent Run
 Las Palmas DBC
 Las Palmas Grand
 Leisure World
 Mesa Spirit
 New Hope CC
 Tempe DBC(Pyle Center)
 Show Low
 Sun Lakes DBC


---- HELP ------

  This is the beginning of a sequence required to upload game files via the
  home web site.

  A file is configured internally that denotes which files you can upload.

  When you hit the buttpn with your club name a list of all games for your
  club appears unless you only have one game for the club.

  You will select the desired game from that list.

  If you have only one game, that menu will be skipped and that game will
  be selected by default

  The final menu gives you directions on how to upload your game information.