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Welcome to ACBL Unit 351
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Under Construction


NEW SILVER LIFE MASTERS: Bonnie Butler and Anne Newman


JB and Shari Smart of Gilbert, AZ placed 3rd in the North American Online Bridge Championships 0-1500 Pairs event, Sunday March 21st. Third overall in this event was worth a whopping 22.47 gold!

Our bridge clubs came to a screeching halt this past March due to that dreadful word "COVID". I am immensly grateful to the powers of technology (Zoom, Facetime, Skype, BBO, etc) for helping me stay connected with bridge friends. However, communicating via phone or laptop is poor consolation for seeing you and competing at the tables. 

There are those I am sad to say we will never have the opportunity to visit with (albeit 2,3 or 4 boards) at the games again. I can't let their deaths go without mention. They were friends and we shall miss them. (Please "Read More")

If you know of someone I have excluded please email me. 

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