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Welcome to ACBLUnit240
Who We Are
Who We Are

We are a nonprofit corporation under the laws of the State of Florida. Unit 240 is a subsidiary corporate organization of ACBL District 9.  Our Unit supervises and supports the activities of registered ACBL clubs located within the following five Florida counties: Brevard, Indian River, Osceola, Orange, and  Seminole.  It is the second largest unit in Florida with 1773 ACBL members.  Our purpose is to foster community welfare in the furtherance of the game of contract bridge in its various forms of competition. We provide organized bridge activities and services to satisfy the social, recreational, and competitive needs of the membership and the community. We promote tournaments and other competitive events as permitted by the American Contract Bridge League.

Unit Championship Games

Unit 240 is offering our clubs the opportunity to hold Unit Championship Games on days nearest to National Holiday dates the remainder of 2023. We believe tying most of these to holidays will greatly benefit those who work, giving them the opportunity to attend, earn more points, and increase attendance. 

Here are the scheduled dates:

  • Memorial Day - Monday May 29
  • Independence Day, Monday July 3rd
  • Labor Day - Monday September 4th
  • Columbus Day - Monday October 9th
  • Veteran's Day - Friday November 10th
  • Thanksgiving - Friday November 24th
  • Christmas - Friday December 22nd
  • New Year's - Friday December 29th


Those Unit 240 clubs offering afternoon games on these dates will be automatically registered to participate.  If your club does not have an afternoon game on these days, you may request to hold a Single Unit Championship game that same week by sending an email to Glen Martin, Unit 240 Board Member ( and we will attempt to register your club for the day and time requested, provided there are no conflicts with higher-rated events. 
For Single Unit Championship games, registered clubs will physically conduct the​ir own​ game.  These games are scored as Unit Championship games awarding 63.6% of the sectional-rated points.  Multiple sections may be included in this ​game ​rating.  Masterpoint Open, ​Limited, or Invitational pair games are set up as championship events with the appropriate upper masterpoint limit and strata as determined by the club. ​Please note: The results from the participating clubs will ​NOT ​be combined​ as is done for a STaC.  All points will be Black.  All games must be uploaded to ACBL Live for Clubs​ where ACBL will issue overall and section awards separately for each site.  T​able ​fees are $2.35 per ​table and will be charged by ACBL in place of the normal $1.10 ACBL Table Fee.
 When we have more than three clubs interested in participating, we can offer a Unit-Wide Championship Game which may award significantly more masterpoints.  However, this requires slightly different requirements for those clubs participating. Similar to a STaC, participation in a Unit-Wide Club Championship requires each club to report its results to the Unit's Director-in-Charge (DIC) within 24 hours from the end of the game. Score corrections should also be done within 24 hours from the end of the game. Multiple games with the same upper limit will be combined for higher overalls. In such cases, lower strata may be changed by the DIC to allow combination with games from other clubs. Invitational clubs may be combined with open clubs. All points will be black. The Unit DIC in this case is Unit Board member Glen Martin with the assistance of ACBL director Jesse Laird. For the Unit-wide Championship games, fees are also $2.35 per TABLE but you will not be charged by the ACBL.  An email will be sent at the end of the tournament to the Club Manager of fees owed.  At the conclusion of the tournament, make a check payable to ACBL Unit 240 and send to: John Moschella, ACBL Unit 240, 104 Cherry Creek Cir, Winter Springs, FL 32708.

We will be using the same hands as the Common Game for either type of Unit Championship.  If you don't normally use the Common Game hands, let us know and we will send you these as soon as these are made available.    






May 27, 2023
Unit Championship Game
Indian River Estates 12:45 PM
May 29, 2023
Unit-wide Championship Game
Check with Your club
July 3, 2023
Unit-wide Championship Game
Check with Your club