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Welcome to ACBL Unit 146
  Virtual Club News

Special Games

  • April 24-30 – Silver Linings Week; 150% regular club points, 100% silver
  • August 7-13 – Silver Linings Week; 150% regular club points, 100% silver
  • June 1 - August – North American Pairs (NAP) Club-level Qualifying, 2x points, half red and half black

There are also extra point weeks and games scheduled  The first extra point  game is Feb 13-19  Double black points.  Extra 2$$.

Nothing in March and Charity Foundation Week April 10-16  Double black points Extra $$ and then the first really special silver lining week above,  That’s far enough in the future for this email.  Towards the end of the year there is potential for GNT qualifiers. 

Last updated : Jan 25, 2023 18:01 EST
  Message from President

“I encourage all Unit Members to attend Board meetings and to share your ideas for improving the Unit with us.  Although we only meet quarterly as a Board, I encourage you to share your ideas with myself or other Board members at any time.  

Peter Haglich, Unit President”

Last updated : Jan 24, 2023 14:48 EST
  Bylaws : Membership - Rights

There has been some confusion in the past on the rights of the membership in regarding the participation at Board Meetings.

Article IV Membership Section 2. Rights
Each member shall be entitled to:

(a) Attend all membership meetings, meetings of the Board of Directors, and Committee Meetings with the approval of the Committee Chairman;

(b) Participate in the nomination and election of Unit Directors, and all business of the membership. Participation at a Board Meeting, by a non-board member, is limited to discussion of an issue already on the floor. A new subject may be introduced by obtaining permission of the President, prior to the Board Meeting;

(c) Participate in all Unit tournaments and other activities, subject to any proper rules that may be duly established therefore.

Last updated : Jan 24, 2023 14:57 EST
  Unit 146 Board of Directors Meeting February 5th Noon

The regular quarterly meeting of the Unit 146 Board of Directors will be held on Sunday, February 5th at noon Eastern at the Bridge Center.  This meeting is open to Unit Members and will include a question and comment period them.  

Following the Board Meeting we have the regular Unit Game at 1:30 PM.  That game will be a Unit Championship, which pays 3-4 times the master points of a club game with no additional entry fee.  As always, non-life master players and their partners receive a $2 discount on entry fees for the Unit Game.  We hope that you'll come out and play.

Peter Haglich, Unit 146 President

Last updated : Jan 22, 2023 10:28 EST
  January News

Greetings and Happy New Year to you all.  I'm excited to let you all know that ACBL has recently rebranded the Downgraded Sectionals (as we have been running since 2021) as Local Sectionals.  What does this mean for you?  Full Sectional master point awards, with 80% Silver and 20% Black.  Our Downgraded Sectionals were limited to 65% of the full Sectional awards.  Our next Sectional is the last weekend of January and will benefit from this change.  Our entry fees will remain at $12/player/session and will include a bag lunch between sessions.  Please find partners and teammates and plan to attend.

Some other items:

  • The Unit Game for January 15th has been canceled due to expected insufficient attendance.
  • The Unit 146 Quarterly Board of Directors meeting has been changed to Monday, January 16th at 1:30 PM or after that game ends, whichever is later.  These meetings are open to Unit members and there is a public comment period at the end of each Board meeting.
  • (Added 1/17) The minutes for the 2021 Annual Membership meeting, which were approved by Membership in the 2022 meeting, were incomplete.  A corrected version has been posted and will be proposed for approval at the next Membership meeting.  The approved minutes omitted the names of the Board of Directors who were elected in 2021:  Louise Gordon, Peter Haglich, Marshall Hutto, Jack Mallery, and Jim Vroom.

Hope to see you at the table soon.

Pete Haglich

Last updated : Jan 22, 2023 10:28 EST
  Norfolk/Virginia Beach Locally Directed Winter Sectional

Date: January 27-29, 2023
Location: Unit 146 Bridge Center
                4966 Euclid Road
                Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Menu (may be subject to change):
January 27:  Chicken salad croissants, chips, and cookies
January 28:  Turkey or ham and turkey subs, chips, and cookies
January 29:  Ham, turkey or roast beef croissants, chips, and cookies

The sectional will start at 10:00am each day.

Please come join us!

Click on this item to download flyer.

Last updated : Dec 12, 2022 13:27 EST
  Special Events in November, December, and January

Greetings everyone.  Here are some things to take note of as we end 2022 and move into 2023


  • Annual Membership Meeting and Holiday Party is scheduled for Sunday, December 4th 2022.  Lunch will be provided.  Look for a flyer to be posted soon.
    • One of the items we do at the Membership Meeting is to elect members of the Unit Board of Directors.  The Nominating Committee has nominated the following individuals:
      • Michael Fairbanks (new)
      • Kathy Haglich (current)
      • Pete Haglich (current)
      • Herb Hurst (new)
      • Deborah Line (new)
      • JoAnn Tucker (current)
      • Betty Willis (current)
  • Goodwill Nominations.  Nominations for the Goodwill member of the year for the Unit will be open until November 15th.  Nomination slips are available at the Bridge Center.  For those members who don't regularly go to the Bridge Center you can submit your nominations directly to Goodwill Chair Betty Willis.  The Goodwill member for 2022 will be announced at the Annual Membership Meeting
  • Sectionals.  We had 72.5 tables in our October Sectional, thanks to all of you who attended.  We have 4 Sectionals scheduled for 2023, with the first happening January 27-29.  Please plan to attend!
  • Unit Game.  We have a nice faithful cadre of players who participate in the Sunday Unit Game and we'd love to have more.
    • Starting with the November 6th game we will be raising the entry fee to $10/person as are the other clubs, but with a twist.   Players who are not yet Life Masters will receive a $2 discount and will only have to pay $8 to play .  Furthermore, even if you're a Life Master but your partner is not then you get to enjoy the discount as well.  Summarizing, it's $20/pair if both are LMs, $16/pair if either player is NLM.
    • Throughout the year, 12 of our Unit Games are Unit Championships, which pay about 4 times as many master points but don't have an increased fee.  Our next scheduled Sunday Unit Championship Game is November 13th, so please plan to attend.
Last updated : Nov 3, 2022 14:55 EDT

Know someone who would appreciate a get well or condolence card.
Select the "Contact Us, Sunshine" from left menu and fill in form.
A card will be sent to the person by the Unit.

Last updated : Jul 12, 2022 17:45 EDT
  Web Master - Any issues or suggestions about Website
Web Master - Any issues or suggestions about Website
Last updated : Jul 12, 2022 17:45 EDT
2022/2023 Norfolk/Virginia Beach Locally Directed Sectional Schedule

January 27-29, 2023 - Winter Sectional
April 28-30, 2023 - Spring Sectional
July 28-30, 2023 - Summer Sectional
October 20-22, 2023 - Fall Sectional

Sat January 28, 2023
Barb's Bridge Battalion
BBO 1:15 PM
Sun January 29, 2023
Unit Game - No Game due to Sectional
Bridge Center 1:30 PM
Sun January 29, 2023
Virginia Beach Local Sectional Swiss Teams
4966 Euclid Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 10:00 AM
 More Info
Mon January 30, 2023
Barb's Bridge Battalion
BBO 2:30 PM
Mon January 30, 2023
Barb's Bridge Battalion
BBO 6:30 PM
Mon January 30, 2023
Marssan BC 999er Mon 9:45 AM
BBO 9:45 AM
Virginia Beach Local Sectional Session 4
Virginia Beach Local Sectional Session 3
#83526 Pairs Barb's Bridge Battalion
Virginia Beach Local Sectional Session 2
Virginia Beach Local Sectional Session 1