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Welcome to ACBL Unit 146
  Making Life Master is Like Graduating from Kindergarten, by Anne Graves

Nowadays, children who finish kindergarten don a cap and gown and they receive a “diploma.” Earning the Life Master Certificate feels much the same. 

If you accept the analogy, before kindergarten, I could barely crawl. Once I began to walk, I stumbled regularly and took some falls. In preschool, I learned to read handouts and books on bridge. I was lucky enough to play with and learn from teachers and advanced players. Most of my playmates were patient and supportive.

At the beginning of kindergarten, I began to count to 13, then to 40, and finally to see the 3,3,3,4 pattern as weak and the 5, 5, 2, 1 pattern as strong. I learned the word “pass” and understood it more deeply than before.

During kindergarten, I took field trips to exciting places earning gold and silver points.  I played with my peers while the older kids did more advanced things in the other rooms. Taking other field trips regularly to the beach, my partners and I built sandcastles only to have the upperclassmen tear them down or the waves wash them away. Nevertheless, sometimes our castles were beautiful and lasted—to be admired by upperclassmen--which was the best feeling in the world. 

The lessons I embrace now that kindergarten is behind me are:  1) to swing as high as I can (with my partner beside me) pressing the limits of the swing set feeling that it could fall over because we are both so high in the sky; 2) to collect beautiful and unusual shells on beach field trips (which represent conventions and good plays); and 3) to see the beauty in the game by bidding the hand and playing the hand as dealt.

First grade and the grades beyond promise exciting challenges. Among them are finding and keeping partners with similar goals and temperament. I look forward to the future.

Last updated : Apr 19, 2024 16:04 EDT
  The Dummy Speaks - Directors are Human

Directors are Human Too

Yesterday I was called to a relatively simple director’s call and I made the wrong decision.  I am human.  All directors are human although there are one or two of them of which we have our doubts.  What can you do if you believe the director made the wrong decision?

First - don’t tell them they are wrong because they are human and it does no one any good to devolve into an adversarial relationship.  If you are familiar with this situation, you can say, can I… giving the director a chance to change the ruling.  If the director does not take the opportunity to adjust then

Second – tell the director that you would like to discuss it further after the game (or if the director is not playing and you have a sit out then during your sitout) You should have enough time for both of you to fully and calmly discuss the issue.

Third – there are  no official appeals of director rulings.  But we want to get it right. Sometimes we need to consult other players, other directors or the ACBL. 

In my Wednesday game there are frequently five directors playing in addition to me.  Directors tend to call the director more than other players because they realize the role of directors in keeping the game going and in keeping the game fair for all.  

 When I first started directing in Virginia Beach I had a director call.  I had the rule book in my hands and made the ruling which did not seem right even to me.  The players who called me over strenuously objected.  I said I would research further and get back to them but play on for the moment.  I read and read and read.  Four times I read the pertinent section and came up with the same seemingly twisted answer.  The fifth time I read the section, it said something different.  This answer made sense.  Why did I read something wrong four times in a row?  I hate to admit I might be human.

In summary call the director whenever it is appropriate.  Do not make a ruling at the table to save the director effort.  Do not just accept the ruling if you do not believe it is correct.  But, do not make comments as to the director’s character.  It will not help.

I have had numerous what I believe were incorrect director rulings, even in the Nationals.  One of my partners never questioned a ruling and did not want me to.  I disagree, but question it politely and calmly and at the appropriate time. Remember the director is a human being like you and you are well on the way to a productive director/player experience.


Last updated : Apr 12, 2024 17:16 EDT

A few of us managed to find our way to Louisville.  Tracy Brines  19.9 and Maureen Brines  10.5 were winners of note.  Also playing were Jim and Judy Fox, and James Oliver

Last updated : Mar 27, 2024 22:28 EDT
  New Face-to-Face Game for Intermediate or Novice Players

NLM-Only Game Starts April 2, 2024

Anne Duty and Kerry Weil are delighted to announce the launch of a new game just for players who are not yet Life Masters.  This game will be held at the Bridge Center on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 9:30 AM, starting on April 2, 2024.  The entry fee for the game will be $10/person.  Please come and join us!

Last updated : Mar 18, 2024 12:07 EDT
  New Unit President

Bill Mannschreck resigned as Unit 146 President on March 13th, 2024.  Vice President Judi Passerini has assumed the office of Unit President.  The Unit Board will elect a new Vice President at their next meeting.

Last updated : Mar 14, 2024 21:25 EDT
  Unit 146 News for March 2024
  1. On March 7th 2024 the Unit Board of Directors elected Unit Officers.  The new Unit President is Bill Mannschreck.  The Vice President is Judi Passerini.  Louise Gordon will continue as Treasurer.  Kerry Weil is the new Recording Secretary and Wrus Kristiansen is the new Membership Secretary.
  2. Please make your plans to attend our Spring Sectional April 5-7.  See the item on the home page for details.
  3. The Sunday Unit Game has a wealth of special games and events in the next few months:
  • March 17th:  Charity Club Championship.  Join us for some Irish tea and baked goods at 12:30 before the game.
  • March 31st is Easter, so there won't be a game.
  • April 14th's game will offer 50% Red points, 50% Black points.
  • April 21st will be a Charity Club Championship.
  • April 28th will offer 25% Gold points, 75% Black points.
  • May 5th will offer 50% Red points, 50% Black points
  • May 12 is Mother's Day, so the game is cancelled.
  • May 19th will be a Grass Roots Fund special game
  • May 26th will also be a Grass Roots Fund special game.
  • June 16th is Father's Day, so the game will be cancelled
  • June 23rd we will do fund-raising for the Alzheimer's Association in conjunction with the Longest Day.  Details TBD.
  • June, July, and August will feature two NAP qualifying games each month.
Last updated : Mar 7, 2024 18:25 EST
  March 2024 Advancements in Rank and New Members

Welcome to New Member

♣  Lynn Feigenbaum  ♠ 

Congratulations for Leveling Up

New Junior Master

♣  Glenn Palmer  ♠ 

New Club Master

♣  Stephen Grimes  ♠ 

New Regional Master

♣  Janet Tranter  ♠ 

New Bronze Life Master

♣  J.D. Oliver  ♠ 

New Gold Life Master

♣  Liz Hendriksen  ♠ 

Last updated : Mar 7, 2024 10:31 EST
  Selected Williamsburg Regional Results for Unit 146 Members

Monday 2/26

  • Open Pairs
    • 5th in A:  Brian Schoenfeld and Joel Weintraub
    • 6th in A:  Muh-Sha Crawford (with Kent Massie of Lexington, VA)
    • 5th in C:  Hazel White (with JoAnn Olson of Suffolk)

Tuesday 2/27

  • Open Bracketed Teams Bracket 2
    • 1st: Beth Reshefsky, Martha Dennis, Lynnette Regan, Shary Schlain
  • Open Bracketed Teams Bracket 3
    • 1st: Doug Lahammer (playing with Bill Grewe of Front Royal, VA, Sheryl McEwan of Summit Point, WV, and Brenda Egeland of Haymarket, VA)

Wednesday 2/28

  • Mid-Flight Pairs
    • 1st Barbara Duer and Fred Kovner
  • Gold Rush Pairs
    • 1st  Deborah Line and Stephen Rose
  • Online Gold Rush
    •  2nd Teresa and Dennis Haynes
  • Open Bracketed Teams Bracket 3
    • 1st: Doug Lahammer (playing with Bill Grewe of Front Royal, VA, Sheryl McEwan of Summit Point, WV, and Brenda Egeland of Haymarket, VA)​​​​​​

Thursday 2/29

  • Open Pairs 
    • 2nd in B  Barbara Duer and JoAnn Tucker
  • Online Gold Rush
    • 2nd  in B Teresa and Dennis Haynes
  • Open Bracketed Teams Bracket 2
    • 3rd Peter and Kathy Haglich, Maureen Brines, and Allen Moon of Carroliton, VA

Friday 3/1

  • A/X Swiss
    • 4th  H. Joel Weintraub, Brian Shoenfeld, Muh-Sha Crawford, with Charles Sadowski of Yorktown, VA
    •  3/4 in B Tracy Brines with Joyce Nevell of White Marsh, VA, Maureen Brines with Allen Moon of Carroliton, VA
  • Bracketed Swiss Teams 1
    • 1st  Barbara Duer, JoAnn Tucker, Linda Ankers, and George Holliday
  • Bracketed Teams Bracket 2
    • 1st   Doug Lahammer (playing with Bill Grewe of Front Royal, VA, Sheryl McEwan of Summit Point, WV, and Brenda Egeland of Haymarket, VA)​​​​​​

Unit 146 Members winning significant masterpoints



Barbara Duer Virginia Beach, VA 


Douglas Lahammer Chesapeake, VA 


Brian Schoenfeld Virginia Beach, VA 


Muh-Sha Crawford Hampton, VA 


Maureen Brines Smithfield, VA 


Frederick Kovner Virginia Beach, VA 


H Joel Weintraub Norfolk, VA 


Joann Tucker Norfolk, VA 


Tracy Brines Smithfield, VA 


Shary Schlain Virginia Beach, VA 


Lynnette Regan Norfolk, VA 


Martha Dennis Virginia Beach, VA 


Beth Reshefsky Virginia Beach, VA 


Linda Ankers Virginia Beach, VA 


George Holliday Chesapeake, VA 


Peter Haglich Virginia Beach, VA 


Kathleen Haglich Virginia Beach, VA 



Alll Williamsburg results can be found on ACBL Live:

Last updated : Mar 1, 2024 21:58 EST
  Unit 146 Board of Directors Meeting - March 7 2024

Unit 146 President Judi Passerini has scheduled the First Quarter 2024 meeting of the Unit 146 Board of Directors for Thursday March 7 at 4 PM via Zoom.  Unit members who want to attend may send an email to Peter Haglich and he will provide the link.

Last updated : Feb 26, 2024 10:49 EST

Know someone who would appreciate a get well or condolence card.
Select the "Contact Us, Sunshine" from left menu and fill in form.
A card will be sent to the person by the Unit.

Last updated : Jun 25, 2023 17:13 EDT
  Unit and Club Emails

Many of you are receiving email from club owners about upcoming events and other bridge topics, even if you never signed up for them.  The club owners probably obtained your email from the ACBL roster.  The ACBL terms of use (found at allow them to send information about ACBL-sanctioned bridge events and announcements and newsletters discussing activities of the respective club, Unit, or District.  If you don't want to receive their emails then send them a note to direct them to remove you from their mailing list.  If they won't honor your wishes then let me know.

Emails from the Unit will be sent using the database we maintain on BridgeWebs, which is also updated with the ACBL roster.  If you want to opt out of those, you can either use the Contact Us form on the web page or else you can update your member profile in the Member Area (under Membership).  If neither of those work then contact the webmaster, Wrus Kristiansen, or myself.

P. Haglich

Last updated : Apr 27, 2023 16:18 EDT
  Web Master - Any issues or suggestions about Website
Web Master - Any issues or suggestions about Website
Last updated : Mar 10, 2023 08:13 EST
2024 and 2025 Norfolk/Virginia Beach Locally Directed Sectional Schedule



July 12-14, 2024 - Summer Sectional

October 18-20, 2024 - Fall Sectional


January 24-26, 2025 - Winter Sectional

Mon April 22, 2024
Bob's Bridge Club
Bridge Center 10:15 AM
Mon April 22, 2024
Barb's Bridge Battalion Stardust 25% GOLD $$
BBO 2:30 PM
Mon April 22, 2024
Barb's Bridge Battalion Stardust 25% GOLD $$
BBO 6:30 PM
Tue April 23, 2024
Marssan BC 999er Tues 9:45 AM
BBO 9:45 AM
Wed April 24, 2024
Wednesday Morning Pairs Charity Fund $
Bridge Center 10:15 AM
Wed April 24, 2024
Barb's Bridge Battalion Stardust 25% GOLD $$
BBO 2:45 PM
Marssan BC 999er Mon 9:45 AM
Barb's Bridge Battalion
Unit 146 Sunday Pairs
BCD's Bridge Club
Bob's Bridge Club (EX)