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Welcome to ACBL Unit 146
  Selected Williamsburg Regional Results for Unit 146 Members

Monday 2/26

  • Open Pairs
    • 5th in A:  Brian Schoenfeld and Joel Weintraub
    • 6th in A:  Muh-Sha Crawford (with Kent Massie of Lexington, VA)
    • 5th in C:  Hazel White (with JoAnn Olson of Suffolk)

Tuesday 2/27

Wednesday 2/28

Thursday 2/29

Friday 3/1

All Williamsburg results can be found on ACBL Live:

Last updated : Feb 27, 2024 09:31 EST
  Unit 146 Board of Directors Meeting - March 7 2024

Unit 146 President Judi Passerini has scheduled the First Quarter 2024 meeting of the Unit 146 Board of Directors for Thursday March 7 at 4 PM via Zoom.  Unit members who want to attend may send an email to Peter Haglich and he will provide the link.

Last updated : Feb 26, 2024 10:49 EST
  January Advancement in Rank

Congratulations to New Bronze Life Master

♣  Herb Hurst  ♠ 

Last updated : Feb 8, 2024 16:45 EST
  February Advancements in Rank

Welcome New Members:

Bernice Field

Congratulations to New Ruby Life Master

♣  Susan Chambers  ♠ 

Last updated : Feb 8, 2024 16:44 EST

Know someone who would appreciate a get well or condolence card.
Select the "Contact Us, Sunshine" from left menu and fill in form.
A card will be sent to the person by the Unit.

Last updated : Jun 25, 2023 17:13 EDT
  Unit and Club Emails

Many of you are receiving email from club owners about upcoming events and other bridge topics, even if you never signed up for them.  The club owners probably obtained your email from the ACBL roster.  The ACBL terms of use (found at allow them to send information about ACBL-sanctioned bridge events and announcements and newsletters discussing activities of the respective club, Unit, or District.  If you don't want to receive their emails then send them a note to direct them to remove you from their mailing list.  If they won't honor your wishes then let me know.

Emails from the Unit will be sent using the database we maintain on BridgeWebs, which is also updated with the ACBL roster.  If you want to opt out of those, you can either use the Contact Us form on the web page or else you can update your member profile in the Member Area (under Membership).  If neither of those work then contact the webmaster, Wrus Kristiansen, or myself.

P. Haglich

Last updated : Apr 27, 2023 16:18 EDT
  Web Master - Any issues or suggestions about Website
Web Master - Any issues or suggestions about Website
Last updated : Mar 10, 2023 08:13 EST
  Bylaws : Membership - Rights

There has been some confusion in the past on the rights of the membership in regarding the participation at Board Meetings.

Article IV Membership Section 2. Rights
Each member shall be entitled to:

(a) Attend all membership meetings, meetings of the Board of Directors, and Committee Meetings with the approval of the Committee Chairman;

(b) Participate in the nomination and election of Unit Directors, and all business of the membership. Participation at a Board Meeting, by a non-board member, is limited to discussion of an issue already on the floor. A new subject may be introduced by obtaining permission of the President, prior to the Board Meeting;

(c) Participate in all Unit tournaments and other activities, subject to any proper rules that may be duly established therefore.

Last updated : Jan 24, 2023 14:57 EST
2024 and 2025 Norfolk/Virginia Beach Locally Directed Sectional Schedule


 April 5-7, 2024 - Spring Sectional

July 12-14, 2024 - Summer Sectional

October 18-20, 2024 - Fall Sectional


January 24-26, 2025 - Winter Sectional

Tue February 27, 2024
Bob's Closed for Williamsburg Regionalnal
Bridge Center 10:15 AM
Wed February 28, 2024
Wednesday Morning Pairs Education Foundation $
Bridge Center 10:15 AM
Wed February 28, 2024
Barb's Bridge Battalion
BBO 2:45 PM
Wed February 28, 2024
Marssan BC 999er Wed 4:00 PM
BBO 4:00 PM
Thu February 29, 2024
Bob's Closed for Williamsburg Regional
Bridge Center 10:15 AM
Thu February 29, 2024
Barb's Bridge Battalion
BBO 6:30 PM
Marssan BC 999er Tues 9:45 AM
Marssan BC 999er Mon 9:45 AM
Bob's Bridge Club
Barb's Bridge Battalion
Barb's Bridge Battalion