UNIT 112

Junior Master
(5 Masterpoints)
Claire Boyce Fairport
Rola Cottran Fayetteville
Joanne Giuffrida Webster
Jean Klem Tully
Keith McEwen Painted Post
Kathleen F. Whitmarsh Canton
Club Master
(20 Masterpoints)
Nandini Joshi Fairport
Charles W. Newman Fly Creek
Marina M. Nudo Victor

 Sectional Master
(50 Masterpoints including 5 Silver Points)

Paul Hager Maryland, NY
Manjula Mehta Pittsford
Regional Master
(100 Masterpoints including 15 Silver, 5 Red, Gold or Platinum)
Shawna Sanders East Rochester

NABC Master
(200 Masterpoints including 5 gold, 15 red or gold and 25 silver)

Advanced NABC Master
(300 Masterpoints including 50 black, 50 silver, 50 red and 25 gold or platinum)
Life Master
(300/500 Masterpoints including 75 black, 75 silver and 100 red/gold/platinum)
Bronze Life Master
(750 Masterpoints)
Jane H. Fuller Cazenovia
Silver Life Master
(1,000 Masterpoints, including 200 silver, red, gold or platinum)

Ruby Life Master
(1,500 Masterpoints, including 300 silver, red, gold or platinum)

Gold Life Master
(2,500 Masterpoints, including 500 silver, red, gold or platinum)
Platinum Life Master
(10,000 Masterpoints, including 2000 silver, red, gold or platinum)