ACBL Unit 112
Release 2.19n
Welcome to ACBL Unit 112

Welcome to Unit 112

In keeping with the spirit of Social Distancing in the face of this Global Pandemic, our bridge clubs are closed.
Playing areas are participating in virtual games and Support your Club Games (SYC) provided by ACBL on BBO.
For up-to-date details please check with you local playing areas.
Results for games can be found on our website.  
Stay healthy.

Pat Stadelmaier


Triple Silver Points!

The last week in May; 5/25 - 5/31

the Virtual Club games will be issuing

Silver Points at triple the normal rate.

The directors will pay ACBL $6 per table during this time,

so players should expect a higher fee for games that week.

Play well, and get that silver!

Play online at BBO!

Click here to try Bridge Base Online

Log in and look for "Featured Areas" - select Virtual Clubs / ACBL Virtual Clubs

At the top of the list of pending games is a search box. Enter a word that will point to the game you want e.g. Ithaca

Registration opens two hours before game time. Both you and your partner must be logged in to BBO when you register.