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District 4 Regional Great Success
District 4 Regional Great Success

Rochester's District 4 Regional has come and gone;

and what a great regional it was!

Attendance was up (again) and everyone had great

things to say. Mark your calendar for next summer in

Syracuse, and 2021 in Rochester.

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Our Hospitality Hostesses are "Retiring"
Our Hospitality Hostesses are

For several years, the District 4 Regionals in Rochester and Syracuse have featured the highest quality hospitality following the afternoon sessions every day.

As a result of efforts by two ladies, Sandy Stockton and Kathy Landon,  players have offered their highest praise , and have shown their appreciation by returning to play in ever-increasing numbers.

They have decided to turn over their duties to someone else, and we all give them our deepest thanks for all their hard work.



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Unit 112 Central New York is District 4’s northern most unit – stretching from the Canadian to Pennsylvania borders. Unit 112 is largest geographical unit and boasts 27 active bridge clubs.

Bridge is a remarkable game that you will enjoy for a lifetime. Courteous behavior is an important part of that enjoyment and Unit 112 supports ACBL’s Zero Tolerance Policy.

Bridge is also competitive and tournaments offer a larger venue to test your skills and advance your rank. Unit 112 offers eight sectional tournaments in different parts of the state each year.

Our website is designed for bridge players. Interested in improving your skills enroll in a class or workshop. Check out our club and tournament schedules and play often!

Enjoy the game and I’ll see you at the table!

Pat Stadelmaier


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Cicero Sept. 14 - 15
STaC Weeks: Aug. 26 - Sep. 1; Nov. 18 - 24