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Welcome to ACBL Unit 112
Online Virtual Clubs and Results


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Rochester Area Games

Guests welcome

Doug Bradley

Bruce Toder

Daily at 1:30 pm

Bridge Club of Ithaca

Guests welcome on Tuesday

Sue Manning

Mon. 10:00 
Tue. 6:45 pm
Thur. 11:15
Sun. 11:15


Elmira-Corning group

Patricia Stadelmaier

Tue. <300 6:30 pm
Tue. Open 6:45
Wed 2:45
Fri. 9:05 

Vestal Bridge Studio

Guests welcome

Mary Poplawski

Mon.  10:30 and  7:15
Thur.  1:30

Fri     7:15

Mohawk Valley Bridge Assoc.

Ann Smallen

Tue.  11:45
Thur. 11:45

Fri.   11:45*

Canandaigua-Seneca DBC

Guests welcome

Jim Carroll


Wed. Eve 499'er 6:15

Open 6:30 


*Mohawk Valley's Friday games will alternate Open/NLM; the NLM games will accept guests.


Welcome to Unit 112

In keeping with the spirit of Social Distancing in the face of the Global Pandemic, our bridge clubs are closed. Playing areas are participating in Virtual  Club Games and Support your Club Games (SYC) provided by ACBL on BBO. For up-to-date details please check with your local playing areas. Stay healthy.

Pat Stadelmaier

Club Appreciation Games

Every year, in October, clubs can hold Club Appreciation Games. These are good deal, because your points are already rated at 1.5 their customary value. Now they will be increased by a third, - almost twice what you get in face-to-face combat. This year these games are held at our Virtual Clubs from October 25 to November 1.  These games are only offered by virtual clubs, so set dates with your favorite partners and come to the 'table.'

Sectional Free Plays

Did you receive a Free  Play certificate for advancing in rank? In the past, these were dated, and were required to be used within the following year. Your Board has decided not to place dates on them from now on, and also to honor those which would have expired because of this year's inactivity. So - if you have a Free Play that looks expired, don't toss it - it will be honored when we get back to having actual sectionals.

Play online at BBO!

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You will automatically see clubs that you are eligible to play in, providing it is less than two hours to game time.

Both you and your partner must be logged in to BBO when you register.