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  Minutes of Board of Governors meeting-7-15-2020

SWMO Bridge Center, Unit 101 of ACBL, District 15

1675 E. Seminole Suite F, Springfield, MO


The regular Board of Governor’s meeting of the Unit 101 ACBL bridge club was called to order by president Rod Smith on July 15, 2020 at 10 am at the bridge center. In attendance were president Rod Smith, vice president Connie White, secretary Joan Hunter, and treasurer Al Hunter. In attendance were board members: Nora Burgess, Joanne Howell, Zola Harper, and Mary Giles.

Rod Smith thanked all for coming and noted that there was a quorum.

Joyce Easson resigned as club manager by email effective July 31, 2020. Her resignation was accepted unanimously by the board. She intends to remain a game director until then.

 David Giles has been offered and accepted the manager position effective August 1, 2020. Motion made by Connie White to hire David Giles as the new manager, seconded by Zola Harper. Motion passed unanimously.

Joyce Easson will be removed as a signatory on the “manager” account at Simmons Bank, account number: ######## and also relinquish her debit card for that account. David Giles will be added as a signatory to the above referenced account and be issued a debit card.

            Rod Smith negotiated payment for the manager position at $300 per month to be increased by $50 at the end of this trail period. After an additional three months it will be increased by another $50.

There was some discussion of the duties for the manager.  Connie White requested that she no longer be in charge of Baron Barkley orders.

            There was discussion of ways to show appreciation of Joyce Easson’s years as club manager. The board decided to collect thank you cards at the club and encourage members to text her.

            Connie White made the motion that as masks are required per the city of Springfield the club will require that compliance following those guidelines. Initial temperature taking and sign in will continue.


            Tournaments: Sectional tournaments are usually held annually, gaining about $1,000 for the club. A lot of work for members. Silver points are awarded at sectionals.

Regional tournaments are held every other year.  The club gains about $3,000.  It is a full week and a lot more work for the club. Gold points can be awarded. ACBL prohibited tournaments for 2020. To have a venue, reservations need to be made in advance. We have a commitment on paper for a sectional In March 2021. Mary Giles made the motion to not have the sectional in March 2021.  Seconded by Joan Hunter. Motion passed.  Discussion on Regional Tournament tabled. The board needs to discuss with all club members the need to find an organizer for tournaments.

            Joan Hunter volunteered to compile a list of cleaning duties for the cleaning service.  The list will be given to the new manager to implement.

            The treasurer’s report was given by Al Hunter.  He will ask Wooten if there is any possibility of rent reduction. There are funds for approximately 20 more months to stay open. Motion made by Connie White to accept the report.  Seconded by Joan Hunter.  Motion passed.

Online virtual games have been tabled for discussion.

            Next board meeting in October.

Motion made by Connie White to adjourn.  Seconded by Al Hunter

Meeting adjourned.

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