Baton Rouge Bridge Center
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We the People - - -

Our Goal is to bring the

World's Greatest Game

to old or new friends

in a vibrant  social setting

that rewards skill and builds

 friend;y relationships,

tolerance and unity

- with love from our heart

and a smile on our face. 

Our  success is based  on  us.
Do us proud.
Welcome to. or thanks for being

 the B R Bridge Center


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 Game Results Instructions              -                    Print this Page

                Here's how to get started  in Game Results: 

1). Open your browser Chrome, Firefox, EDGE, Internet explorer and type (or cut {CTRL+C} and paste {CTRL+V) ) the following in the URL Window Then bookmark the home page so you won't have to type the URL in the future. You might want to pin the Bookmark

on the Browser favorites bar.


2). From the Home Page - click on Game Result which shows a listing of past games


3). if the results are posted for a specific game, a small hand icon to the left of the Game description/   Click on the underlined game.


4) This will open the Rankings Report showing the highest to lowest Percent scores by pair or teams for the event.  In pair games, Rankings are 
based on % match point scores indecending order. To see your score in detail, click on your Pair. This will assemble an integrated composite:for 

all boards color coded from top (green) to botton (red)in five gradations, a pbn (Portable Bridge Notation) display of the four hands and what they
are capable of with an optimum lead and 
defense.. If the Opening lead is entered , it can also tell you what impact that has on the contracts that
can be made. I am recommending that we enable the opening lead to be prompted by the Bridgemates but I don't know if our members want to
record the info. This feature is very valuable in anylzing our bidding and defense, but only if we want to use the features of the program.. I am trying

to provide enough info in this note to claim what this systyen can do – but not assume you will know how to use it. Other notes wil follow up on its
actual set-up and use. The composite assembly display also includes a traveller so you can see which pairs reached the optimum contact, and how

the field) contracted.


5). The scorecard also has BOARD 1 in pbn format showing the 4 Hands, Vulnerability, Dealer Opening Lead ( If is Available) a Deep Finesse analysis
of the board showing the number of tricks that can be made in each suit and NT by both N/S, and E/W WITH best LEAD and Accurate Defense . There

 is also a block of numbers used to select any board.

6} Under the hand display is a button that allows you to "Play it Again" Pressing this button opens the selected hand in a bridge player of your choice- 

with  some options.. Those of you who have experience at OK Bridge or BBO will appreciate the capability of playing the hand but the system here is
substantially more
powerful in play and defense as it can tell you every time you play a card - if that play inceased or decreased your trick taking ability.

7) Setting the options to color, and number offers the greatest help in play of the hand and to best defend, while setting both to off is normal

unassisted play. Other features can be explored as well.  


Last updated : 28th Oct 2019 18:25 CST