Baton Rouge Bridge Center
Release 2.19n
We the People - - -

Our Goal is to bring the

World's Greatest Game

to old or new friends

in a vibrant  social setting

that rewards skill and builds

 friend;y relationships,

tolerance and unity

- with love from our heart

and a smile on our face. 

Our  success is based  on  us.
Do us proud.
Welcome to. or thanks for being

 the B R Bridge Center


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Monday Noon Pairs
Friday Morning Pairs
Thursday Morning Pairs
Welcome to Baton Rouge Bridge Center

This week (July 20-26) at the virtual club, our schedule will be:

9:00 - 299er game - Monday & Thursday only - 12 boards/6 min. bds. - $4

10:15 - 499er game - Monday-Sunday - 18 boards/ 7 min bds. - $5

10:30 - Open game - Monday-Sunday - 18 boards/ 6 min. bds - $5

1:45 - 299er game - Monday - Sunday - 18 boards/ 7 min. bds - $5

2:00 - Open game - Monday - Sunday - 18 boards/ 7min.bds - $5

7:15 - Open game - Tuesday and Thursday only - 18-21 Bds/ 6 min bds - $5

Last updated : 19th Jul 2020 20:46 CDT
BRBC Participation in Virtual Club Games
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Our club has agreed to pool with other clubs, mainly the Louisiana Bridge Association (Metairie Club) and LBC (Memphis club) in order to participate in Virtual Club Games online through Bridge Base Online (BBO).  Games are currently being held daily and cost $5 per player with a portion of the proceeds (approx. $3. ..........

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Last updated : 3rd May 2020 15:54 CDT
Club Games Temporarily Suspended

The Board of Directors has voted to suspend all games, effective Tuesday, March 17th, based on the latest recommendations from the CDC.  The Board will continue to monitor the situation in order to determine when games can be reinstated.

Stay safe.

Last updated : 16th Mar 2020 17:48 CDT
I heard an expert say there are less than 10 truly gifted bridge players on earth that were capable of teaching  the game perfectly.  
Isn't it  just awesome how often we all get one as our partner !!!
Monday Noon Pairs
Friday Morning Pairs
Thursday Morning Pairs
Monday Noon Pairs
Friday Morning Pairs
Thursday Morning Pairs