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Our Goal is to bring the

World's Greatest Game

to old or new friends

in a vibrant  social setting

that rewards skill and builds

 friend;y relationships,

tolerance and unity

- with love from our heart

and a smile on our face. 

Our  success is based  on  us.
Do us proud.
Welcome to. or thanks for being

 the B R Bridge Center


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Welcome to Baton Rouge Bridge Center

Many of the 0-750 players have not played in and are not familiar with Swiss team games. Jan Galey is offering a Swiss team game on Wednesday, September 28 at 10 AM, in lieu of the regular 0-750 game. Playing in a team game at tournaments is a good way to earn masterpoints at tournaments, so use this game as a way to become familisr with Swiss team procedures.

To play in the Swiss game, you must have a team of 4 players, so plan to find another pair to team with and join us for a fun experience with Jan guiding you,. The entry fee for this game is $5 per player.  REMEMBER THERE WILL NOT  BE A PAIR GAME ON WEDNESDAY,  SEPTEMBER 28.

Last updated : 17th Sep 2022 09:15 CDT
New 0-99 Game on Sundays

We will have a new 0-99 game beginning on Sunday, September 19 at 1:30pm, concurrent with the established Open game.  Janet Grace will direct.  Please note that the game on Sunday (0 - 99) will only take place if there are at least 5 teams (2 1/2 tables).  Janet will play if we have an odd number but whomever I play with will not be eligible for any Masterpoints.  So, it would be best if you play with another 0 to 99 player.  Hope to see you there. Please let Janet know if you can come and playby emailing her at, so she can plan accordingly. Janet will email again if it looks like we don’t have enough to play. If rhere are not enough players, you are welcome to play in the open game taking place at the same time (1:30pm). 

Last updated : 17th Sep 2022 09:16 CDT
BRBC Participation in Virtual Club Games
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Our club has agreed to pool with other clubs, mainly the Louisiana Bridge Association (Metairie Club) and LBC (Memphis club) in order to participate in Virtual Club Games online through Bridge Base Online (BBO).  Games are currently being held daily and cost $5 per player with a portion of the proceeds (approx. $3. ..........

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Last updated : 9th Oct 2020 09:24 CDT
I heard an expert say there are less than 10 truly gifted bridge players on earth that were capable of teaching  the game perfectly.  
Isn't it  just awesome how often we all get one as our partner !!!
Friday Morning Pairs
Thursday Morning Pairs
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Friday Morning Pairs
Thursday Morning Pairs
Wednesday Morning Pairs