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Bridge Supplies

Bridge Supplies

Boards; metal and plastic, Cards; paper and plastic, Bridgemates, Dealing machines, paper supplies, card tables, & computer accessories.

Do you ever wonder where all the supplies go when a director retires or a club disbands???? Odds are, itís in my garage! Now it time for me to retire. (And my wife wants her half of the garage back).


text: 661-886-1940

July 2, 2024
Open Pairs
Agile Bridge Club 10:00am
July 2, 2024
Open Pairs
Joshua Tree Bridge Club 12:30pm
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NAP Info
NAP Information

North American Pairs (NAP) set

The date and place of the District finals has been set for 16th of January 2022 at the Long Beach Bridge Center.

A flyer will be posted giving start times and COVID requirements soon.

North American Pairs (NAP)

This highly prestigious “grass roots” event starts at the club level in June, July and August. Club-level qualifications may be earned at any club in any unit in any district. A player may qualify as often as desired and with as many different partners as desired. Unit-level qualifiers are optional and held after Sept. 1 and before the district final, which may be held after the unit final until the third week in January. At the district final, both players must have qualified at the club level and must be members of the parent district. A fixed amount prize will be awarded in all flights as follows:

  • Districts are entitled to three pairs in Flight A (Open) and four pairs in Flights B (0-2500) and C (under 500 Non-Life Master).
  • First place qualifiers will receive $700 per person; second place qualifiers will receive $300 per person; third and fourth place qualifiers will be invited to participate in the national level finals, but will not receive a prize.
  • In the event of a tie at the district finals, the qualifiers will receive the total of the awards for the tied places, divided by the number of players involved with the tie.
  • Invited defenders will receive $700 per person.
  • No individual may collect two concurrent prizes.

The determining masterpoint number is the one from this month's processing cycle. It's the number that will appear on the back of each player's June Bridge Bulletin. (So points earned in May onward won't affect the flight selection.) I'm going to squirrel away a copy of this month's database download.

Clubs may hold as many as two qualifying games per month for each sanctioned session during June July and August. It's also possible to schedule special games outside of your regular sanctioned events with permission of your unit. The sanction fee is $5/table, paid to ACBL in your regular monthly report.

Send your qualifier game schedule as soon as you can to the D23 webmaster ( so it can be posted on the district calendar. Being on the calendar is a Good Thing! Players look to see who's holding NAP qualifier games and will travel to play in them.

When you hold a game, send the game file from ACBLscore to Morris Jones. You can email it to me as an attachment, or (soon) upload it to my information site. I'll be working on getting my site up to date for 2018 over the next couple of weeks.

Read over the Conditions of Contest if you can -- most every question I've had is answered there.

Have some great games! See you at the table.
The monetary award will be available on site. Qualifiers must play in the national level event until eliminated to receive the award. There will be no entry fee for the national level of the event. Some districts do provide additional funding. Check with your district to learn whether or not they provide additional funding. Latest Conditions of Contest.


  • Club qualifying games 50/50 red and black at sectional rating
  • One-session unit qualifying games sectional rated red
  • Two-session unit qualifying games include percentage of gold for overalls.
  • District finals award gold for section firsts and overalls. Flight C is 25% gold for overalls. Other masterpoints in all flights are red.