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March 29, 2023
Open Pairs
Downey Bridge 10:00 am
March 29, 2023
Open Pairs (NLM on demand)
Long Beach Bridge Center 12:30pm
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Five Minute guide to Swiss Teams on BBO
Five Minute guide to Swiss Teams on BBO

Five minute (or less) guide to registering for BBO Swiss Teams
1. Before getting on BBO, organize your team. Decide who will partner whom and who is which direction. Warning! You can not change direction once registered or inbetween rounds. You can not have a five or six member team. It's the way the program is written.
2. Everybody log into BBO. Find your event in the BBO lobby by clicking 'Competative" then "All Tournaments" and searching by what ever method is convienant for you.
3. North invite your partner, South accept.
4. West invite your partner, East accept.
5. North wait 30 seconds and navigate back to the registration page.
6. North, click on select teammates and invite the West player. West accept.
7. Your team is now registered for the event.

For your information.
The first round is not seeded, it is a random draw.
East-West your score will show under 'They'.
You will not be able to see results at the other table until all table are finished with the round.
You might play the same team twice. (This is technically Danish Teams, not Swiss.)