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Bridge Supplies

Bridge Supplies

Boards; metal and plastic, Cards; paper and plastic, Bridgemates, Dealing machines, paper supplies, card tables, & computer accessories.

Do you ever wonder where all the supplies go when a director retires or a club disbands???? Odds are, itís in my garage! Now it time for me to retire. (And my wife wants her half of the garage back).


text: 661-886-1940

July 2, 2024
Open Pairs
Agile Bridge Club 10:00am
July 2, 2024
Open Pairs
Joshua Tree Bridge Club 12:30pm
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Virtual Clubs
D23 clubs online
D23 Clubs Online
Club Pooled with: Link to Schedule
750 Club    
Agile BC none Agile BC Schedule
Beverly Hill BC Allianace BC Alliance Schedule
Bridge 41 PPDVBC PPDVBC Schedule
Casatic Unit 556+  
D23 Club none Sunday 3:15 499ers only
Downey-Whittier BC PPDVBC PPDVBC Schedule
Friendly BC Unit 556+  
Joshua Tree BC Unit 556+  
La Fetra BC PPDVBC PPDVBC Schedule
Long Beach BC    
Renency Bridge Center Unit 556+  
South Bay none South Bay BC schedule
Unit 551 PPDVBC PPDVBC Schedule
Unit 556+ D23 Club  
Valencia Bridge Studio Unit 556+  


Agile (265546) Games on BBO
Agile Games on BBO
Day Time Boards Class
Monday 10:30am 18 Open
Tuesday 10:30am 18 Open
Friday 10:15am 18 0-300
Friday 10:30am 18 Open


D23 Club (277202) on BBO
Day Time Boards Class
Sunday 3:15pm 18 0-500


Day Time Boards Class
Monday 11:30am 18 Open
Monday 7:00pm 18 0-1000
Wednesday 11:30 18 Open


South Bay BC (216952) Games on BBO

Day Time Boards Class
Monday 10:35 18 Open
Monday 6:30pm 18 Open
Tuesday 10:35 18 Open
Wednesday 10:20 18 0-500
Wednesday 10:35 18 Open
Thursday 10:35 18 Open
Friday 10:20 18 0-500
Friday 10:35 18 Open


Unit 556+ (266882) Games on BBO
Day Time Boards Class
Monday 12:15pm 18 Open
Tuesday 6:15pm 21 Open
Thursday 10:15am 18 Open
Friday 12:15pm 18 Open