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May 2, 2021
District 23 499er Pairs
BBO 3:15pm
May 3, 2021
Unit 556+ Open Pairs
BBO 12:15pm
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ACBL - Yellow Card
ACBL - Yellow Card
The Yellow Card (SAYC) is a convention card filled with what
ACBL, at one time, thought were the 15 essential conventions
required to play a good game of bridge.
Wheather or not you agreed with this list, if you play in a SAYC
event you must play the Yellow Card. Playing a convention not
on the Yellow Card will result in an adjusted score. (Usually
Average- or less.)
Listed below are four links to the ACBL website for printable
versions of the ACBL Yellow Card.

      Both sides in one PDF file

      As two single pages

      Instructions for SAYC conventions

      Instructions for SAYC para Espanol

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